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How to Use Certain XL Area Quotas in Other Areas Newest 2023

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How to Use Certain XL Area Quotas in Other Areas – In the digital era like today, cellular operators continue to compete in presenting quota distribution to make it easier for their users.

Like one of the mobile operators, XL, currently has a lot of internet quota distribution specifically for entertainment, playing games, social media, and even now, XL has introduced local area quotas.

Maybe some XL users still don’t understand what an XL area quota is and how to use it.

What is Local XL Area Quota?

how to use area quota xl

XL area local quota is a quota that can only be used in the area where it is activated. For example, if you activate an area quota in the Bandung area.

Then this quota can only be used in the Bandung area. There is no limit to the XL area quota for accessing certain applications like the iFlix quota.

But you can use the XL area quota freely like a normal regular quota and can be used on all networks, be it 2G, 3G and 4G.

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How to Use XL Area Quota?

The main requirement for you to be able to use this area quota from XL is that you must first spend the main regular quota.

After the main regular quota runs out, when you access the internet, the quota that will be automatically deducted is this area quota. As long as you are in the right area according to the quota activation.

However, it should be noted that there are several cities that can access the XL area quota on the 4G network. For more information, you can see on the official website xl

Therefore, if you are out of town, then this XL area quota cannot be used. Then how can we use this particular area quota in other regions?

So, on this occasion we will discuss how to use this XL area quota in full using the latest bugs that still work.

The method that we will use to use this XL area quota is to change the location of our cellphone to the location where the XL Area quota is activated.

To change our location, we will use the help of the free Fake GPS application, which you can directly access through Google Play. Alright, below is a full review of how to use the XL area quota in other areas with the latest bugs.

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Newest Way to Use XL Area Quota in Other Areas

1. First, please download the Fake GPS Location by Lexa application via Google Play.

2. Next, after it has been successfully installed, don’t run it yet. Please add the APN XL custom proxy first, how to enter Phone Settings > Connection > Mobile Network > AP Access Point Name.

Then please add a new APN like our description below.

  • Number : Videomax.co
  • APN : xlunlimited
  • Proxy :
  • Port : 8080
  • Username : (blank)
  • Password : (blank)
  • Server :
  • (For the bottom does not need to be filled / not set)

3. Then please run the Fake GPS location application as usual. The first time you run it you have to enable Mock Location,

please tap the OPEN SETTINGS button then look for the Copy Location Application menu then select Fake GPS (com.lexa.fakegps).

4. Next, please type in the search field the area/area for your XL Area quota activation. like for example Bandung, then after meeting you immediately tap the green Play button in the lower right corner.

5. Then let Fake GPS run in the background as long as you want to use the XL area quota.

Now when you access the internet in other areas, the quota that will be cut will automatically be the XL area quota. But with a note that the main regular quota on your XL card has run out.

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That’s all we can say about how to use the newest XL area quota in other regions. If you are still confused or still unclear, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments column below this post.

Hopefully this is useful and can add to your insight about XL internet quota. Good luck and good luck!

Source : https://www.Immaku.com/category/tekno/

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