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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

How to Use the Latest 2023 Instagram Mute Story

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How to Use Mute Stories and Posts on Instagram – Instagram Stories first appeared in August 2016. This Instagram feature is indeed similar to the features available on Snapchat.

Periodic video recording or photo features are now being loved by Indonesian people.

Sometimes our Instagram friends often and often make Instagram Stories too often. Which sometimes makes us feel annoyed or do not like it.

For those of you who are annoyed with your friend’s Instagram story, and don’t want to see that friend’s Instagram story without blocking them.

So how to use mute Instagram stories is perfect for you to read. For that, let’s follow the steps to use mute Instagram stories below.

How to Mute & Unmute Stories and Posts on Instagram

how to use mute story instagram

1. Cara Mute Story Instagram

  • Select The Instagram story of the friend you want to mute/mute first.
  • If it is already, press or hold on the Instagram of the friends you want to Mute.
  • Then words “View Profile” appears and below it Mute your Instagram name.
  • Just choose Mute.
  • Then after that your friend’s Instagram Story will no longer appear on your Instagram homepage.

2. Cara Unmute Story Instagram

For those of you who want to restore Instagram Mute Story. Then you can follow the steps below. This way, you can review your friend’s Instagram Stories.

  • First, swipe right to your Instagram Story all the way to the end.
  • Later you will see the accounts of your Instagram friends who are on Mute.
  • Select account your friend’s Instagram, press or hold up to writing “Unmute Your Friend’s Instagram Account Name” appear.
  • After that, you choose “Unmute Your Friend’s Instagram Account Name”.

How to Delete Friend’s Posts Using Instagram’s Mute Feature

Besides being able to Mute Instagram Story. This Mute feature can also delete posts or posts on your Instagram friends.

Interestingly, this feature can be done without blocking or unfollowing your Instagram friends’ posts. So, they don’t know you deleted their post.

  1. First, open it Timeline your Instagram
  2. Then choose post Instagram your friends to Mute.
  3. If you have clicked menu that sits on top of your friend’s Instagram photo or video.
  4. Later, several menus will appear, one of which is the menu Mute.
  5. Select the menu Mute so your friend’s posts no longer appear.

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So, that’s how to use mute stories and posts on Instagram, which we’ve shown in this article. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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