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How to View Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Laptops & Cellphones (Free)

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Like to listen to music with the Spotify application? If so, surely you already know that there are new features in the application. So, for that, below we will convey to you important information about how to view Spotify Wrapped 2022. You are curious, right?

The more people use an application, the more new things will be in the application later. The purpose of making various kinds of features in this application is to make it easier for users to do many of these things.

Yes, what if in the application you don’t find its features, of course the application cannot be run and also used, please? Therefore, here we will tell you a few things. Of course, regarding one of the new features that are already in this Spotify application.

Readers of the Immaku.com article, of course, are looking for a discussion about this newest feature, right? Okay, if that’s the case, we’ll tell you the discussion, okay? Don’t miss it, you know, the various kinds of discussions, because all things are important.

Detailed Reviews About Spotify


Before entering into this next discussion, we will tell you some important things about this application first. Because in this one application you will be able to find out and understand about the newest features if you already know about this application. Is not it?

Therefore, we will discuss the application in detail, OK? You really have to listen really, you know, the discussion that we provide here. Do not you skip okay, this discussion. So, come on in, come on.

Spotify is one of the most popular music and podcast provider services. If you use this one application, later you will be able to get a lot of interesting things, you know. In this application you will also be able to use various kinds of features.

Where the features that are already provided in this application will make it easier for you, you know. For using this one application, you will not make any payments. But indeed, later you will get some ads in it.

You could say that there are very few ads, so they’re not that annoying. Anyway, in this application you will be presented with lots of amazing things. In this application you will meet lots of singers and also cool songs, you know.

You can get all kinds of songs from within this application. You can even find songs that are old, you know, in this application. It’s really fun to use this app. Or, if it’s not an old song, you’ll also be able to listen to a new song, you know.

Indeed, this application provides lots of things that people will like. How are you going to try using the app right away? Immediately, listen to another discussion again, OK?

What the heck is Spotify Wrapped 2022?


Right, above, we already discussed this Spotify application, right? So, now you should know about the latest features of the Spotify application. We have already said that the more users of an application, the more new things there will be.

Of course, in this application there will be lots of the latest features that will make this application user even more comfortable. In addition, the existence of these latest features will be able to make users even more curious. Even many users who have never used this application are also curious, yes.

So, just like the newest Spotify feature, it’s called Spotify Wrapped, you’re curious about this feature, aren’t you? If so, here we will convey to you the discussion. Don’t miss it for the discussion of this feature. Okay?

This Spotify Wrapped feature is a feature whose contents are notes about your favorite songs that you have listened to in the past year. Later in this song, you’ll be able to get straight to it, you know, using a number of things. You will also easily see or use this feature.

Not only songs are included in the notes in this feature, later you will also be able to see the genre of music, artist or singer that you like to listen to and so on. The point is that the Sopify Wrapped feature is one of the features that records all activities carried out in the application for one year.

The notes given in this feature use interesting graphics, you know. That’s why, a lot of people are curious about this one feature. Are you also curious? If you are really curious, use it right away. This one feature is really, really eagerly awaited, you know, every year. Later you will know what this one feature is like, let’s see.

How to View Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Various Platforms Easy and Fast


Do you understand what this new feature on Spotify is? Well, if that’s the case, we’ll tell you again about how to see it. Surely you are also still confused about how to be able to see this Spotify Wrapped.

The reason is, even though you already have this application, you will feel confused about how to see it. Therefore, here we will tell you how to see it below. There are several ways you can do this.

Not only can you use one platform, you know, but you will be able to use several platforms later. So, if you want to use a platform from one of them, then you can see the discussion. There are several ways, namely through a laptop and also smartphone.

Don’t just miss the discussion below. All the ways that can be done are very easy, you know. Okay, then below we will convey the discussion to you, OK?

How to View Spotify Wrapped 2022 on a Laptop

First, we will tell you how to view Spotify Wrapped on your laptop. To use these steps, later we will tell you some important things first. So, watch it, don’t miss it.

To see this one feature, it can only be done using a mobile phone, yes. However, you can also see it using a laptop, yes. The way to do or see it is also very, very easy. Immediately, see the steps below.

  1. You access first browser that is in your laptop device.
  2. When it’s done, you can just go straight to the link https://www.spotify.com/us/wrapped/.
  3. Later you will be able to log in directly using Spotify account what you have, yeah
  4. You can just wait until Spotify Wrapped appears on your laptop screen.
  5. After everything is done, later the order that is at the top, that will be Spotify Wrapped 2022.
  6. Done.

How To View Spotify Wrapped 2022 On iPhone And Android

Do you already know how to view Spotify Wrapped on your laptop? So, now you will be able to see the newest feature on Spotify using your smartphone. Yep, you can use various devices, you can use iPhone and Android too, you know.

To use the application on iOS cellphones and also iPhones, it’s the same. There is no difference. So, don’t miss some of the things that we will tell you. Moreover, you missed one step that we provide. Later it will take wrong steps and it won’t work.

  1. Can directly open the application Spotify that you are used to listening to songs.
  2. Later you will be taken to the main page of the application. Immediately click on that search icon.
  3. You can click that Your Top Song or buttons that have a color pink.
  4. After that, you can click Let’s start.
  5. When it is, there will be statistics that appears on your mobile screen.
  6. That’s it, done.

How easy is it to do or view this Spotify Wrapped? Therefore, you will be able to do it right away without any more trouble, huh. Just follow all the steps that we have given you above. How about we move on to another discussion?

Tutorial for Making and Sharing Spotify Wrapped 2022 on Social Media


After seeing this Spotify Wrapped, now you will be able to do it right away share on his social media. Because there are already a lot of people who want to do it share or share their Spotify Wrapped on social media. For that, below we will tell you how.

To do this, the methods that you will be able to do are very easy, you know. Therefore, below we will tell you the steps to easily share Spotify Wrapped to your favorite social media.

  1. Opens the application Spotify beforehand on your device.
  2. After that, in the main menu, you can click which Flamingo or icons for 2022.
  3. You can wait Spotify Wrapped appears on your mobile screen.
  4. Just choose which Listen to 2022 highlights here.
  5. If so, you can click versi List Spotify Wrapped available.
  6. Immediately you click share deh.
  7. Select social media that you want to share.
  8. Done.

That’s it, there are several ways that you can do to share Spotify Wrapped that you can do. To do it is very easy right? So from that you can immediately apply it on your own social media, okay?

Do you understand this explanation regarding the Spotify Wrapped feature? For that, you can just choose which graphic you want to use and create everything to make it interesting.

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Originally posted 2022-12-01 11:47:20.

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