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Implementing Joint Pickets Is An Example Of Collaboration In

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Implementing Joint Pickets Is An Example Of Collaboration In

Continuing the questions raised in the previous discussion. So who maintains order and security in schools? Is it the teacher’s picket or school security?… This time let’s focus on the role of the school picket teacher. Picket teachers are teachers who carry out the additional task of assisting, monitoring, and supporting the routine implementation of educational activities at school. School teachers are appointed based on the Decree of the School Director (CS). Teacher pickets are held in rotation and are scheduled according to what is determined by the school principal or determined by the school principal based on the results of the school meeting. each

Polsek Ponggok Sambang Poskamling

Each teacher holds a picket at least once a week. Picket hours are calculated from the first hour to the last hour. Teacher pickets are carried out by the teacher in collaboration with other teachers, depending on the conditions and needs of the school, at least two teachers per day. The bigger the school, the more teachers are on picket every day, more than two teachers are on picket. Equipped with a post or picket table as the teacher’s picket center and the implementation of teacher picket activities. So when visitors come to school, they report and serve at the picket table. This of course applies if the school does not have a school security officer (school security). In addition, picket posts or picket desks for students to report or ask for permission before leaving school. For this reason, picket teachers are equipped with equipment to write and record information in the form of picket books, picket notes and other equipment for picket teachers. The role of picket teachers is very important because it is a form of mutual cooperation between teachers/school staff in an effort to create an atmosphere that supports educational goals so that students learn and teaching teachers are motivated so that the educational goals of the school can be achieved. More precisely, the picket teacher’s duties are adjusted to the needs of the school which can be held in the form of a school meeting at a teacher meeting. Among the details of the duties of the school picket teacher, the picket teacher must come early in the morning to monitor the condition of the school. 6 Main Roles of School Picket Teachers: 1. Improving 9K Implementation. 9K namely Security, Cleanliness, Order, Beauty, Family, Shade, Health, exemplary and Openness. Picket teachers especially have to control and facilitate the environment in schools related to 9K. Implementation of good teacher pickets should take steps to monitor and control behaviors and actions that prevent the creation of a safe and clean atmosphere in schools. Ensuring the cleanliness of the classroom and yard, such as ensuring that all students on picket duty carry out their duties while monitoring students to prevent and take action when student conflicts and/or other behavior interferes with the creation of security and order. school atmosphere. If possible, the picket teacher can encourage students to arrange a garden or plant trees to provide shade and beautify the school.

Of course, beauty is not only a matter of the physical condition of parks and schools. Beauty must be accompanied by cleanliness of student discipline. Therefore, picket teachers try to educate their students through a discipline and exemplary approach (a role model for all school members) which refers to the rules (orders) used in schools. Here the role of the picket teacher is very important because the picket teacher also fulfills the duties of school health, school brotherhood and openness, takes care of each other and accepts assignments as well as possible.

Well. 2. Guiding students. To anticipate unwanted problems. Before the school bell rings in the morning, during recess or when students are dismissed. Picket teacher sensitivity is very important. Because they picket on time with the participation of the teacher

Problem symptoms can and do disappear because students feel watched and controlled by their teacher. Other students can also report

Members of the Candi Police Carry out Joint Mobile Patrols in Anticipation 3c

The main thing is to poke the teacher in case of fights, aggression and other troubles. So that every incident is quickly mastered by the picket teacher 3. Follow school rules. by socializing and treating other people well, useful and educating students or in accordance with the 9K principles of discipline, kinship, exemplary and openness. Today, we know that it is not difficult to find people who are not afraid to violate traffic rules, litter, indecent behavior, take the law into their own hands and easily violate public order and rules. Therefore, picket teachers try to deal with students who violate school rules. In addition, it seeks to get to know students, creates and fosters the character of discipline and the character of students who are responsible. If this training is successfully implemented, students can be trained to become good role models in the future and even become managers and legal officers with the 4th character. Gather information, keep records, complete picket lists. In carrying out picket duties, picket teachers can reprimand school members who are disobedient, violate school rules, or do not comply with 9K. Such as fights, theft, truancy, tardiness, vandalism, inappropriate uniforms and incidents

Other important events In addition, if the teaching and learning process goes well. An picket teacher can register and complete a picket card related to the duties of a picket teacher. Also resolve issues/events logged during data or service. For example, there is a note in the teacher’s picket book that is absent, so the picket teacher can follow the steps

Steps to take to fill teaching vacancies. 5. Help orderly implementation of educational process activities. Because the duty of the picket teacher is not just to supervise Tanjung (MTsN 4 Tabalong) – “The picket duty is to be responsible for cleaning the class,” said Paulina, SE, who works as a picket teacher every day while accompanying the picket staff in class. VIIG, Thursday (03/08/18) morning.

Paulina explained that cleanliness is part of faith and the school environment, especially the classrooms, must always be clean.

Tribratanews Jambi Police

“Every day the picketer must carry out his duties as best as possible, be disciplined and be responsible for the cleanliness of his class,” he said.

Furthermore, Paulina explained that like other schools, Tsanawiya Negeri (MTsN) 4 Tabalong has also announced a class cleaning picket. Picketers are divided into six groups, which are on duty from Monday to Saturday, and each group consists of 5-6 students.

“Officers are also divided into tasks, sweeping the floor, sweeping the front of the class, tidying up desks and chairs, removing trash and cleaning the blackboard,” he explained.

The head of the computer lab picket teacher added that there would be many advantages, such as creating a clean classroom environment with pickets, learning to work together with friends during the class picket, and increasing the cooperative attitude of the picket team. , and a sense of responsibility for the cleanliness of the environment around the class.

Discuss Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities as Family Members, Theme 2 Class 5

Paulina also hopes that the class cleaning picket staff will always keep the class clean and be responsible. “Maintaining class cleanliness is not only done at the beginning and end of class, but also for students in madrasas and class hours,” he said.

Grade 7 student Siti Auliya Amalia Rahma admits that she can focus more on studying if the class is clean. “Breathing air or oxygen from a clean environment improves blood circulation

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