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Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Important News for First Class Teachers 2023!

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The following is important information regarding the four preparations for welcoming the selection of civil servants with work agreements or PPPK teachers in 2023. Read this information until it’s finished.

Both from applicants who did not get a placement as well as for P2 and P3 applicants who could not continue registration because there were still very few formation quotas that had been opened by the local government. This certainly does not rule out the possibility of registering PPPK 2023 honorary teachers.

It is also known that for P1, P2 or P3 many did not get formations due to the limited formations given.

For the PPPK selection for teachers in 2022, of course there will be those who pass and those who fail. For example, if we look at the post-rebuttal announcement for applicants who are declared not to have passed, they will get a display that reads “Sorry……, you did not pass the CASN 2022 selection (Pusdiklat 2022).

For a solution, applicants must wait for the 2023 teacher training center selection to be held this year.

The Ministry of Education and Culture will determine the need for 662,919 teachers and education staff. This means that the opportunity is very large, although later a number of needs will be focused on appointing teachers who have passed the passing grade or P1 without formation as the closing date for 2023.

Again, bearing in mind that there are still many remaining formations from the appointment of 65,954, the remainder will be used for P2 and P3 applicants.

In fact, it will be given to general applicants if later all applicants from P2 and P3 have been implemented.

  1. Make sure the Population Data is Correct

The reason is, in participating in PPPK teacher selection, the following data will be detected.

From data sourced from Dapodik data which will be directly integrated with data in SSCASN.

Therefore, from now on, make sure the population data that you have now is correct.

This includes NIK, KTP, KK and diploma data because later it will also be recorded in profile data by NIK, priority status, NPSN references for parameters for decreasing/increasing priority status.

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Immediately check the certificate validation periodically

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