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Interesting Latto-Latto Facts, Turns Out to be Good for Development

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Immaku.com – Check out interesting latto-latto facts that are viral on social media. Already know the game latto-latto?

As everyone knows, latto-latto is a viral toy that is currently trending everywhere.

Latto-latto is a toy that has two pendulums that have the same size and weight, which at the top has a ring as a balance when this game is played.

When the latto-latto is played these two pendulums will touch and collide with each other so that reflections and sounds like “clack-clack” are generated.

https://www.ayovaksindinkeskdi.id/fakta-menarik-latto-latto-/(opens in a new tab)
Illustration (Kolase Instagram/Shopee)

This latto-latto game is one of the traditional games that has existed for a long time, and is currently popular with many people from small children to adults.

The origin of this game was made viral by the tiktok account @awal.adrians, this account posted a little boy known as Arnold.

This child is a boy who lives in one of the small alleys in the city of Makassar, account @awal.adrians says that this little boy is often called Lord Arnold because of his toughness and long duration in playing this latto-latto game with various kinds of movements .

Facts About Viral Lattos

Here are some interesting facts about the tiktok viral game lattos from Lord Arnold.

1. Latto-Latto Not Derived from Indonesia

It turns out that latto-latto is not an original Indonesian game but has been known and played by Indonesians since the 1990s in the Bugis area with a name known as latto-latto. Latto-latto then developed in other areas and became known as katto-katto or etek-etek.

It turns out that another fact about these lattos is a game that originated in the United States in 1960, lattos are known in the United States as Clackers Ball Toys or Click Clacks, the shape is almost identical to lattos but what differs slightly is the rope material from Click Clacks which tend to be thicker than lattos from Indonesia.

2. Ever Eaten Victims

When a game called Click Clacks in the United States was popular, previously this game had a pendulum material made of glass. So that this game has taken its toll in its home countries, namely the United States and Canada.

When the pendulum is hit too hard, the force between the two pendulums is too strong which causes the pendulum to break and scatter and trigger the victim.

This caused production to be stopped because the broken pendulum caused serious injuries afterwards.

3. Made into a Competition

Because it is very viral and is a traditional game, currently lattos are used as competitions to enliven events in Indonesian cities.

One of them is in the area where this game is viral, namely in Binamu District, Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi (Sulsel). This competition was organized by Studio A2 Art Photography at the Sports Hall (GOR) in that area.

4. Good For Development

It turns out that there are interesting facts that are profitable for users of this game. When the user plays this game, the user will try to focus and concentrate on making the two pendulums collide and bounce.

The longer the game user wants to keep the two pendulums moving, the higher the concentration required.

In addition, if this game tends to be played by children, then this game can help children to hone their sensory and gross motor movements, as well as the coordination of these children.

5. Practicing Patience

Besides being able to hone coordination between sensory and gross motor movements, this game is also useful for training the patience of the game user.

When latto-latto is played, the user will be full of concentration and continue to be patient to keep the two pendulums in contact so that the game continues.

Besides that, if you are a beginner, of course you will keep trying and trying until you can, so a high level of patience is needed to learn to play this game.

6. Training body balance

Because this game has two pendulums that are the same weight and the same length, and has a ring or ring in the middle to support balance. So the user also has to maintain balance when the game is played.

Well, it turns out that we can learn a lot from this viral game, peepss.

Are you interested in playing this game? If so, you can buy it at your subscription store or market place. Hopefully we can be responsible and wise game users, peeps.

Thus, an explanation of interesting facts about viral lattos. Hope it helps.

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