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KEMENDIKBUD CERTIFICATION, Prioritizing Teachers of the Highest Age Because…

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Watch the full video of KEMENDIKBUD CERTIFICATION, Prioritizing Teachers of the Highest Age Because…

Immaku.com – As a teacher having a certificate or educator certification is like a target that must be pursued.

The amount of allowance given to certified teachers makes teachers willing to jostle to get it.

But what can I do, the queue for teacher certification at the office is very long.

ASIK BENER, KemenPANRB Helps Honorees Who Fail PPPK 2022 So They Can Become Civil Servants In This Way…

If you have to wait, who knows when you can get it.

Unfortunately for teachers who are old enough to make their chances of tasting the certification allowance seem improbable.

Not even a few teachers who until retirement have never felt this certification allowance.

AMAZING, The Articles of Appointment of Honorary Civil Servants Are Ready, Check If You Are Included

Wow, then what is the solution.

Relax, everything will be answered in this article, so make sure you read this entire article.

The government through the Ministry of Education and Culture has made regulations to overcome this.

Hooray, Honorary Failed PPPK 2022 Given Government Assistance with…

In Permendikbudristek No 54 of 2022 concerning procedures for obtaining educator certificates for in-service teachers.

Everything has been clearly detailed starting from the requirements to other conditions.

The conditions can be seen below.

HONOR SOLUTION FOUND, These 3 Alternatives Will Determine Honorer’s Fate

Prospective students must meet the following requirements:

a. status as In-service Teacher and still active
carry out duties as a teacher for 3 (three) years

b. have an academic qualification of Bachelor (Sl) or Diploma
Draw (D-IV)

WAIT LONG, DPR: Honorary Receives Award for ASN, Ready to Receive NIP?

c. has a Unique Number of Educators and Education Personnel;

d. the highest age is 58 (fifty eight) years
relevant year

e. physically and mentally healthy

DUH, PPPK Ministry of Religion Decreases 149,435 Registrants, Graduated with Honors Listing Full Names, Check Here

f. free of narcotics, psychotropics, and other addictive substances

g. well behaved

h. registered on the Ministry’s basic education data system.

After ensuring that all of these requirements have been met, then it will be determined who is entitled to become a student position.

PAYMENT OF HONOR SALARY AGREED, All parties are ensured to be happy

The determination criteria are as follows:

a. longest working life

b. highest age

c. educational unit of a special area

d. get the highest selection score.

May be useful.***

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