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KPK investigates allegations of Lukas Enembe’s flow of funds to OPM

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Watch the full video of KPK investigates allegations of Lukas Enembe’s flow of funds to OPM

Immaku.com – The KPK (Corruption Eradication Commission) will investigate allegations of a flow of funds from Lukas Enembe to the OPM (Free Papua Organization) group. Support continues to arrive for the KPK so that it can thoroughly investigate the corruption case committed by the Governor of Papua.

The KPK took months to arrest Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, until finally Lukas Enembe is now wearing an orange vest.

It is known that the number one person in Papua was caught in a bribery and gratuity case of IDR 11 billion. Cases of alleged bribes worth IDR 1 billion and gratuities worth IDR 10 billion.

https://www.ayovaksindinkeskdi.id/kpk-usut-dugaan-aliran-dana-lukas-enembe-ke-opm/(opens in a new tab)

Lukas’ arrest was sparked by public criticism of the KPK, because it had not arrested Lukas even though he had been named a suspect. The process of arresting this official was complicated, just to check on Lukas’ health.

The doctor from the KPK had to go to Papua because Lukas was often absent when the KPK wanted to examine him. After the arrest, the status of Governor of Papua Lukas Enembe was deactivated.

Now, the KPK is continuing to collect evidence as to whether Lukas Enembe could be charged with another article because of the alleged flow of funds to OPM. The alleged flow of funds was triggered by an OPM figure named Benny Wenda, who uploaded a message on his social media.

OPM Figures Defend Lukas Enembe

After the arrest of Lukas Enembe by the KPK which was in the public spotlight, one of the OPM figures, Benny Wenda, showed his defense of the Governor of Papua.

After Lukas was detained, Benny Wenda expressed his defense for the governor through his social media. He said that Lukas Enembe was now in a dangerous condition. He urged the Indonesian government to release Lukas.

Benny said that now Lukas is in a paralyzed condition and has to be in a wheelchair. Therefore, Benny asked related parties to immediately release Lukas.

The Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD admitted that he did not care about the tweet in defense of the Papuan separatist figure. Mahfud emphasized that Lukas Enembe was detained because he was involved in a case that had been under investigation for a long time.

Regarding the flow of funds in the Lukas Enembe case, the KPK stated that they are currently focusing on gathering evidence regarding the flow of funds from Lukas to OPM.

The information that develops will continue to be investigated by the KPK, including the possibility of disguising or transferring assets from the proceeds of corruption committed by the Governor of Papua.

In this case, Lukas Enembe has been named a suspect on suspicion of bribery and gratuities. Lukas has been detained for the first 20 days until January 30th.

Lukas is said to have received a bribe worth Rp. 1 billion from the Director of PT Tabi Bangunan Papua, Rijatono Lakka. The bribes were related to the procurement of infrastructure projects at the PUTR Office of the Papua Provincial Government. Rijatono Lakka has already been arrested.

Lukas was charged with Article 12 letter a or b, or Article 11 and Article 12B, regarding the Law on the Eradication of Corruption Crimes or the Corruption Law.

KPK Floods Support to Investigate the Flow of Funds to OPM

Now, the KPK is flooded with support from the government and the public to investigate allegations of Lukas Enembe’s flow of funds to the OPM (Free Papua Organization). Support continues to come from various parties.

One of the supports came from Member of Commission 3 DPR RI Jazilul Fawaid. He supports the KPK which will investigate the alleged flow of funds from the Governor of Papua to OPM.

According to Jazilul, support is given objectively, especially if the procedures and legal processes are carried out according to applicable law. He said that the support given should not seem to have something to do with politicization and so on.

Jazilul is very confident that the KPK can work professionally to investigate the Lukas Enembe case. Jazilul said the DPR would not interfere in law enforcement affairs at the KPK.

He considered that if it were true that the flow of funds to OPM was a danger. Therefore, he supports and encourages the KPK to seek strong evidence in this regard.

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