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Latest & Most Popular Korean Drama Recommendations for December 2022

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Watch the full video of Latest & Most Popular Korean Drama Recommendations for December 2022

There are some of the newest and most popular Korean dramas that will be broadcast in December 2022.

It is common knowledge that Korean dramas at the end of the year usually consist of the most interesting dramas.

The Drakor for the December 2022 period seems to be a dessert that must be served nicely.

As for the most popular Korean dramas, there are several titles.

So which drakor are included in it? Here we recommend it for you.

Most Popular Korean Drama December 2022

most popular korean drama

1. Reborn Rich (2022)

This drama topped the popularity ranking for December 2022.

Starring the handsome actor Song Joong Ki, the drama is able to attract the attention of the audience.

Why not, this Drakor got a rating of 19 percent for its newest episode, namely episode 7.

This figure then dominates the latest Drakor rating standings.

It is known that the drama just premiered at the end of last November.

Carrying the revenge genre, this drama has the intrigue of a power struggle typical of a conglomerate family.

Song Joong Ki lined up to be the main character, as Jin Do Jun.

He is the youngest grandson of the conglomerate family that owns the Soonyang Group company.

His features were handsome and possessed an acumen of analysis, making him a dazzling appearance to the entire family.

But who would have thought, he was the reincarnation of a company employee who was killed while carrying out his duties.

He was suddenly reborn into a new person along with the memories of his previous life.

In short, it’s like being trapped in a child’s body with the memories and mindset of a man in his 40s.

With this ability, finally Do Jun took advantage of all available access to take revenge.

He tried to take over the company and exposed his death a long time ago.

The premise of the story seems to be able to anesthetize the audience so they feel like waiting for the latest episode.

Now the audience will wait for the continuation of episode 9 of the Korean drama by JTBC.

2. Under The Queen’s Umbrella (2022)

This royal genre Korean drama has just finished.

Starring senior actress Kim Hye Soo, the drama ended satisfactorily reaching a rating of 16 percent.

This marks a new start in a kingdom-themed drama.

The reason is, it is difficult to attract the attention of the audience to watch this kind of drama.

Stiff and flat grammar often makes the audience underestimate it.

However, this one drama can turn things around.

The Drakor is the most popular with the acquisition of high ratings every time it is broadcast.

Under The Queen’s Umbrella tells about the struggle of the Joseon queen in maintaining her kingdom.

He has 4 princes who will later ascend the throne to become the next crown prince and king.

In carrying out this mission, he must feel ups and downs.

Imagine, the princes have a variety of patterns and temperament that can not be guessed.

Some like to dress up as women, some like to play women, some are sickly, and so on.

It is not easy to make sure they are on the right path.

Because of that, he tried desperately so that his son would succeed.

Although on the way, many obstacles found him.

Starting from enmity with in-laws, concubines, royal politics, and others.

The queen is able to be a pillar equal to the king, ensuring that all domestic affairs run smoothly.

He is able to make all the antagonists side with him in the end.

In addition, his son had finally advanced to become a crown prince who was handsome and adept at carrying out his duties.

The queen finally succeeded in becoming a queen, mother, daughter-in-law, and also a wise king’s wife.

The whole affair went smoothly in his hands.

Those are the most popular and newest Drakor recommendations for December 2022.

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