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Link Kubra Khan and Bajwa Leaked Video on Reddit & Twitter

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Watch the full video of Link Kubra Khan and Bajwa Leaked Video on Reddit & Twitter

Pakistan’s top actress, Kubra Khan is currently a hot topic of conversation on social media, in the midst of the ongoing controversy, Kubra Khan has released a statement regarding the viral video that happened to him.

In his recent vlog, Adil Raja alleges that several actresses have worked for high-ranking military officers with an agenda.

Although Raja himself only gave the initials of the actress’ name, social media users knew who he was talking about.

So that many social media users share pictures of the actress and provide various comments on the actress.

Kubra Khan and Bajwa Leaked Video on Reddit & Twitter

The viral video about top Pakistani actress Kubra Khan has attracted the attention of many internet users, many people are curious and want to know the truth of the viral video.

Regarding the video currently circulating on social media, actress Kubra Khan has made a statement and warned Major (right) Adil Raja to retract his statement within three days or prepare for legal action for allegedly having made false accusations against him.

Not only that, he also asked for concrete evidence to corroborate his accusations or prepare for a defamation suit.

As is known, at this time there is a lot of gossip circulating with the aim of dropping someone’s name.

“At first I kept quiet as it was clear the fake video was not going to take over my existence. But ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Apko lagta hai ke koi random Mr. Adil Raja before you start heaping accusations on people, have some evidence first.” Khan wrote.

“You have a total of 3 days to present this evidence which you claim to be haq and sach. Otherwise, retract your statement and apologize publicly or I will sue you for defamation. And don’t worry, lucky for you I am not only from here I’m from England so I’ll come there if I too! Because Main SACH pe hoon, Main HAQ pe hoon” he continued again.

The Final Word

That’s the information that can be conveyed about Link Kubra Khan and Bajwa Leaked Video on Reddit & Twitter.

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