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Link Una Viral Twitter, Reportedly 3 Guys Rotate This Video

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Watch the full video of Link Una Viral Twitter, Reportedly 3 Guys Rotate This Video

Link Una Viral Twitter, Reportedly 3 People Rotate This Video – The public was shocked by a video that allegedly TikTok celebrity Una took turns getting drunk by 3 men and went viral on Twitter.

This news started with one of the Asupan Viral 2023 Twitter accounts which claimed a sexy video that was allegedly made by the TikTok celebrity Una.

In his tweet, he said that Una was accompanied by 3 men who were drunk at the same time.

“[Penyebaran terbaru] Una, TikTok celebrity at The Ewe, 3 people, very loud voice, video link? Check the link in bio,” he tweeted, Monday (16/1/2023).

The tweet also includes a video showing Una’s face in several photo slides.

These images are arranged in the form of a video and music accompaniment like this without any full explanation regarding the alleged sexy video.

Facts About the Una Viral Twitter Video Link

A Viral Twitter
A Viral Twitter

Link Una Viral Twitter

Una’s popular TikTok is known to have a large following on social media.

This aroused the curiosity of many people and they tried to find links to videos that were allegedly sexy, as reported by the Asupan Viral 2023 Twitter account.

The account owner claims to own the video in question and has included it in their Twitter bio section.

After checking, it turned out that there was a link in each bio section.

It’s just that, based on information from some netizens, be aware of phishing link traps or what is known as personal data theft.

This is usually used as a scam that aims to steal other people’s personal data via the internet.

Not Proven, Just Similar To Una

Until this article was published, there was no evidence of a sexy video that was allegedly carried out by the beautiful Una.

The reason is, no one could find the video even on the account that originally made the accusation.

The person concerned only includes a link that is difficult for internet users to access and is suspected of being phishing or data theft.

This makes other internet users hesitate to click on the link listed.

This is because it relates to the security of personal data of internet users who access the link.

Hence, there is no evidence proving the existence of a sexy video that is suspected to be Una’s culprit.

Viral Videos on Twitter

A post on the Asupan Viral 2023 Twitter account about Una’s video, which is allegedly sexy, is currently going viral.

In fact, the post received exposure to 57 thousand people.

This includes going viral when the account in question sees that the upload was only posted on their account.

Internet users are then busy commenting to be wary of phishing or data theft when clicking on the link provided by the account owner.

Until now, this news remains viral and is also the talk of many people.

Even though there is no concrete evidence about the existence of this obscene video, many already believe that the TikTok celebrity Una did it.

Celeb TikTok First

As you may already know, Una is one of the top TikTok celebrities currently on the rise.

Originally known as TikTok which has a sweet and beautiful face.

Her chubby cheeks and beautiful face can hypnotize many people and get a lot of attention in a short time.

Thanks to his popularity, he is also an e-sports player.

Moreover, he is becoming more and more popular on other social media like Instagram, Twitter and others.

This proves that many people like his personality.

Therefore, when there is bad news like this, many people are curious and want to confirm the truth.

Full video link similar to Una Tiktok

For those of you who might be curious about what kind of people are in the video along with what scenes are being played, you can download the viral video for Twitter via the link below:

Link Video Viral Una Twitter
Link Video Viral Una Twitter

Una Evos Clarification Regarding Outstanding Videos

After we investigated further, it turned out that the contents of the video circulating were not the real Una. Another video link about Una isn’t where a real person does something inappropriate, but another person who looks a bit like her.

As for the old video circulating again, in which his body parts were touched by his girlfriend from Vietnam, where the video was clarified by Una herself by saying, there was an accident.

So the Evos Una video link that is circulating alongside the old video is not true, especially if it uses the name that was rotated by several Vietnamese men, it is a hoax.

Evos Esports received a lot of attention from netizens, and Una also helped provide more information.

Written by Evos with the hashtag Evos There For Una on his Instagram account, Evos also asks all parties to be careful of links that are spread, which are not necessarily true first, and hope that there will be no more similar incidents where Una becomes a victim. for fraud.

For EVOS Fams, please be careful if you receive phishing links as they are cyber crimes that target sensitive information or data of victims via email, social media uploads or text messages. Hopefully there will be no more incidents like this and we will all support ONA, Faams!” Evos continued writing.

The video link circulating on her behalf again annoyed Onna, so she returned to provide an explanation of the video currently circulating.

Clarification Una wrote, “Hey guys! I want to clarify a little, I’m afraid of misunderstanding again. Because he is already busy and makes me even more annoying.”

Meanwhile, he believes that the viral video that is being spread does not need to be conveyed by people and even exaggerated because it is not necessarily the obvious truth.

“Actually, I don’t need to do it because it’s stupid, and there’s no need to exaggerate, especially since the truth is not clear. But since it includes my name, it may be necessary to tell the truth,” he wrote. -up of clarification.

The matter of the person who posted the video on behalf of Evos Una is still unknown. It’s possible that she’s seeking attention because Una’s best friend is Vietnamese, or someone who’s so envious of her that they want to tarnish her name.

As is known, Nadia Khetna Putri or Nadia or Una is the brand ambassador of Evos Esports.

She was born in Padang on September 9, 2004. Apart from being the Evos Esport Brand Ambassador, she is a celebrity as well as a TikTok celeb who is famous for her beauty.

He also has a hobby of playing Mobile Legends and Valorant games, and has a very close friend, a fellow famous TikTok celebrity named Tien Khoi from Vietnam. *

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