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Link Watch Ashiap Man (2023) Full Movie, Free Indo Sub

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Watch the full video of Link Watch Ashiap Man (2023) Full Movie, Free Indo Sub

Immaku.com – For those of you who really like films with the comedy action drama genre, you can try it Watch Ashiap Man. Where the film is an Indonesian action comedy film that you shouldn’t miss to watch it. You can also see the synopsis and cast list for the film Ashiap Man after following this article to the end.

This Ashiap Man film is a film directed by Atta Halilintar. Where the film became Atta’s debut when directing the film. Not only will he be the director of the film, Atta will also play the main role in this film.

In the film, there is not only Atta Halilintar, where the film also stars many other top artists. Such as Aurel Hermansyah, Rizky Billar, Nasya Marcella, Yudha Keling and others. This Ashiap Man film will tell the story of a small boy named Zul who dreams of becoming a superhero.

Which eventually Zul grew up and got used to helping people around him and earned the nickname “Ashiap Man”. This film has been shown on Prime Video on November 17, 2023. You can watch it directly on Prime Video or you can watch Ashiap Man on the link below.

Synopsis of the film Ashiap Man

Watch Ashiap Man

To find out all the synopsis of this Ashiap Man film, you have to follow the reviews until the end. That way, you can also watch Ashiap Man on the link which will be shared for free.

This Ashiap Man film tells about the life of a small child who wants to become a superhero. Where the little boy is played by Zulkarnaen or Zul who was Atta Halilintar in his childhood.

Zul wants to be a superhero when he hears the story of a hero told by his father, Ibrahim, played by Arswendy Beneficence Swara. Because of Zul’s strong desire, his father and mother gave Zul a gift in the form of a piece of cloth that could be used as a cloak behind his back. This piece of cloth is given when Zul’s birthday.

When Zul grew up, he always helped people who were in trouble. Because indeed Zul will always be ready to help people. Where finally Zul was nicknamed Ashiap Man. Once upon a time, being a superhero didn’t go smoothly anymore, because Zul had to face bad comments from the people around him.

This film does not only tell about Zul’s struggle to become a superhero. Where the film is also peppered with a love triangle story between Zul, Kiara and Aisyah.

Aisyah is played by Aurel Hermansyah who is a female figure of Zul’s support system and will always support her to become a hero for her village residents.

Meanwhile, Kiara is Masya Marcella, who is a mysterious girl who has succeeded in making Zul amazed and curious about Kiara. What is the next story from Zul? Can Zul become a full-fledged superhero? To find the answer, please watch Ashiap Man on the link below.

Watch Ashiap Man

The film Ashiap Man, directed by Atta Halilintar, will be released on Thursday, November 17, 2023 on Prime Video. Where previously was this film at report will air on Thursday 10 February 2023, but was postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic situation. Now you can watch it directly on Prime Video or on the link below as follows:

Watch Links: “Click here”

List of actors in the Ashiap Man film


Lots of top artists have played a role in this film directed by Atta Halilintar, namely the film Ashiap Man. To find out all the cast lists in the Ashiap Man film, you can see it below:

  1. Atta Halilintar plays Zulkarnaen / Zul
  2. Fateh Halilintar plays little Zul
  3. Aurel Hermansyah plays Aisyah
  4. Nayla D. Purnama plays little Aisyah
  5. Nasya Marcella plays Kiara
  6. Yudha Keling plays Jon
  7. Rizky Billar plays the role of Nico
  8. Arswendy Bening Swara plays Ibrahim
  9. Elma Theana plays Saint
  10. Marcelino Lefrandt stars as Arid
  11. Samuel Rizal plays the role of DP Man
  12. Saleha Halilintar plays Yasmin
  13. Gritte Agatha plays Diana
  14. Ence Bagus plays Jamal
  15. Suty Karno plays Mrs. Ijah
  16. Maell Lee plays Ben
  17. Yayan Ruhian plays Mister Jamet
  18. Ferry Irawan plays Dwi Rupa
  19. Nafa Urbach plays the role of Aristocratic Mother
  20. Panji Petualang plays the role of Panji Petualang
  21. Gilang Bhaskara plays a garbage collector
  22. Qahtan Halilintar plays a child in a wheelchair
  23. Musdalifah Basri plays the role of a robbery victim
  24. Ashanty Hermansyah plays Julid’s cafe maid
  25. Arsy Hermansyah plays the role of a small child playing on a smart phone when crossing
  26. Arsya Hermansyah plays the role of a child who watches YouTube “Ashiap Man”.

Reasons You Should Watch This Ashiap Man!


There are several reasons you should know when you have to watch Ashiap Man. This reason will make you want to watch this action comedy film. For that, please refer to some of these reviews, namely as follows:

1. Superhero Characters Are More Relatable

When you watch the film Ashiap Man, you will find a superhero character who is fighting for his family and the people around him. You can watch Ashiap Man, to be able to see the character of Atta Halilintar who plays Zul.

Where Zul’s character since childhood wanted to be a superhero. In this film, Zul will see and understand the true meaning of being a superhero.

2. Light Comedy Scenes

This Ashiap Man film will be a superhero film that can entertain the audience. Where you will find comedic scenes that will make you laugh. Apart from that, this film also prepares a light superhero story that you can watch right now.

3. Moral Messages Taken from the Ashiap Man Film

This action comedy film will insert a moral message in the story. You can watch the film starring Atta Halilintar on Prime Video or Watch Ashiap Man on the link above. Where this film prepares a super hero concept that is very different from other films. Where Atta describes the character of a superhero who doesn’t have super powers but still helps the people around him.

4. Popular Stars Appearing in Ashiap Man

Not only will it feature the popular star Atta Halilintar, where you will also find other stars such as Aurelie Hermansyah, Samuel Rizal, Elma Thena, Fateh Halilintar and many others. For that, you shouldn’t miss Watching Ashiap Man.


For those of you who are bored with serious films, you can try Watching Ashiap Man. Where the film has a comedy action genre that can entertain the audience. Watch the film on the official prime video or you can directly click on the link above.

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