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Link Watch Butterfly Night Lk21 Full Episode 1, 2, 3, 4

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Watch the full video of Link Watch Butterfly Night Lk21 Full Episode 1, 2, 3, 4

There is one drama series that is enough viral Lately, just like the drama series Layangan Bawah, where this series has managed to grab the attention of many people, this one drama has also managed to attract people’s attention. Maybe you need to watch the Butterfly Night Episode 1 Lk21 first and we guarantee you’ll love it.

This one drama series managed to get applause from many people where in its first episode, this series showed scenes that minors should not watch. Intrigued by this drama? see the review below.

Synopsis of the Butterfly Night Series Episode 1 Lk21

Watch Butterfly Night Episode 1 Lk21

This drama series has succeeded in attracting the attention of lovers of Indonesian drama series because this series tells the story of a woman who becomes a student and has to undergo a side job as a prostitute. Her name is Laura by nickname or pseudonym Flo which is also played by Michelle Zudith.

Laura, who is a student, is forced to work as a prostitute because she needs a nominal amount of money that is quite a lot to meet her younger brother’s medical expenses, namely Dani played by Muhammad Faqih Aladryus.

Before becoming a prostitute, Laura worked as a laborer Part Timewhere while working he met with Mami Rachel played by Dinda Kanyadewi. Mami Rachel, who was interested when she first met Laura, immediately asked her men to call Laura into her room.

There Mami Rachel invited and offered Laura a job as a prostitute, and promised that she would provide facilities and a lot of money if Laura agreed to her invitation.

Laura, who had no other choice, couldn’t help but accept the job offered by Mami Rachel with the condition that she only wants to serve one client and doesn’t want to accept an invitation a second time.

Laura requested this so that her identity and personal life would not be disturbed and remain a secret. Mami Rachel agrees to the conditions given by Laura because she respects what her foster children stand for,

Long story short, Laura was given a pseudonym, namely Flo, when she had to serve clients who chose her. To what extent does he have to serve a wealthy businessman, namely Arif played by Luqman Sardi.

Arif, who felt attracted after dating Laura for the first time, then asked Laura to re-date him. He contacted Mami Rachel asking to date Flo again.

But what Arif asked for could not be fulfilled by Mami Rachel because she adhered to Laura’s convictions. Arif, who is still curious about Flo’s figure, offers 200 million Rupiah to be able to date Flo again.

Then how is the continuation of the story? Will Arif date Flo again? So, you can only find out all of these answers if you have watched the Butterfly Night Episode 1 Lk21.

Link Watch Butterfly Night Full Episode 1 – 4 on Lk21 Apk

Link Watch Butterfly Night Episode 1 Lk21

This Indonesian drama series is very interesting to watch, but we have to make sure if you are in the old enough category, because this drama series contains scenes that children should not watch.

You can also watch this drama series originally on the We TV application with a total of 12 parts which are divided per episode, so one episode has two parts, namely A and B. But on We Tv you have to put up with the advertisements and comments that appear on the screen .

So, if you want to enjoy the drama series Watching Butterfly Night Episode 1 Lk21 more, then you can use Link alternatives that we have prepared below.

First download the LK21 application for Android & iPhone -> Download Here

After installing the application, you just type “night butterfly“in the search box, you can immediately enjoy watching it.

Link which we gave above is link which goes to the LK21 site where this site is a place to watch various films and dramas from around the world. And you can also choose the quality of the video that you feel comfortable watching.

Butterfly Night Player Episode 1 Lk21

Butterfly Night Player Episode 1 Lk21

This drama is starred by the best and well-known actors in Indonesia, therefore this is also one of the factors that is of interest to many people when watching this drama.

1. Laura or Flo (Michelle Ziudith)

The main player of this drama series is Michelle Ziudith who plays Laura or FLo. With the background of a student who has to live life as a prostitute to meet the medical expenses of her younger brother.

2. Arif (Lukman Sardi)

Arif is a wealthy businessman played by Lukman Sardi. Where Arif’s character is a person who is very interested in FLo or Laura after the first date with him.

3. Mami Rachel (Dinda Kanyadewi)

Mami Rachel is a woman who has a prostitution business who is also the person who shelters Laura or Flo. Mami Rachel loves and respects Laura’s decision, and she has a lot of character Fair.

4. Dani (Muhammad Faqih Aladryus)

Dani is a younger sister of Laura, where she has a background of a child who has a heart defect. This child also made Laura enter the dark world because she had to pay for her medical expenses.

5.Dr. Adrian (Rizki Nazar)

Dr. Adrian, who is played by Rizki Nazar, is a cardiologist who helps Dani while taking medication at the hospital. Maybe this character will also be someone who is interested in Laura, seen from the way she cares about Dani’s health and Laura’s.

6. Melina (Stefi Zamora)

Melina is the only friend Laura has on campus, where other people think that Laura is an unpleasant person to be with, but Melina thinks the opposite. Melina also has a good character and cares about Laura.

Now these five characters are characters or players who will be very influential in the storyline of the drama series Butterfly Night Episode 1 Lk21. In the following episodes, you will also be introduced by other characters.

For that you have to continue to follow and watch this drama until it’s finished. Remember that this drama can only be watched by people in the adequate age category, so if you are still underage you better give up your intention to watch this drama first.

Other Viral Drama Info:

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