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Lir Ilir Words Have Meaning

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Lir Ilir Words Have Meaning – LIR-ILIR Song Meaning – Hello everyone, here again Admin Aarti of the Duniya Song. This time I will review a typical and famous song that comes from the country of Java, namely the meaning of the song LIR-ILIR.

This song comes from Java, Central Java to be precise. The source of the song LIR-ILIR was a major Islamic figure in the archipelago at that time, who was included in Wali 9 (Walisongo), namely Sunan Kalijaga, whose full name was: Sira Engang Sinun Gancheng Susuhunan Kalijagan Khalifatullah Tana Javi Longeng Eng Bhawana.

Lir Ilir Words Have Meaning

This LIR-ILIR hymn was used by Sunan Kalijaga to spread Islam in Java in the 15th century. So what is the message that is rare and still memorable in the song LIR-ILIR?

It’s like you will find happiness, it’s like a song written in a sentence. 5.

In general, LIR-ILIR’s songs speak of the voice of Islam that all listeners must embrace and pay attention to, just as Walisongo did in the 15th century.

LIR-ILIR means “wake up”, meaning a call to everyone to wake up, be aware, improve themselves, rise from adversity, darkness and stupidity of life and then always draw closer to Allah by worshiping and doing good deeds. .

The second line reads “Thak ijo royo-royo, tak senguh is a new friend”. This refers to our self-awareness whether we want the plant of life to wither and die in order to attain happiness such as the happiness of newlyweds, or whether we want to nurture it until it flowers and bears fruit. refer new friends).

In the next LIR-ILIR song, the moral message reaches the line “Cah angon, cah angon, penekno blimbing kuwi”. Kah Angan means Shepherd’s son. Here the shepherd means that we humans are given something in life that is owned by the shepherds, namely “heart”.

Tembang Dolanan: Definition, Character, and Examples

Namely, how to control ourselves from unlimited emotions. In this second row, the shepherd boy is asked to ride a starling. Why starfish? Because this fruit is usually five-toothed.

The meaning of “five” in starfruit teeth is always a suggestion and an order to perform the 5 daily prayers and pillars of Islam. That is, we are commanded to pray since childhood.

Then what is the use of this starfish? Let’s go to the “slippery benegno, too wash tototiro” part. That is used to wash and wash the whole body (dototiro) from the dirt of sin and acts that violate its commandments.

Even though it seems difficult to climb a starfruit tree, it is slippery and there are lots of insects, but we have to reach it and take it, which means that we must always pray five times a day and follow the pillars of Islam.

Sanskrit Dictionary By I Made Yuda Asmara

Let’s enter the line “Dodotiro, dodotiro, kumitir barda ing fringe” in this LIR-ILIR song. This means that we as ordinary human beings must still have many wounds or sins in our bodies. For that it needs to be cleaned and maintained.

To change from past sins into a healthy and clean body, there are ways of dontonono and zlumatono (sewing and blessing). Then proceed with the lyrics “Congo Sebo Menko Sore”.

It means “evening dress”. Here the word “midday” refers to the hereafter. We realize that every human being will surely experience death. And the provisions that are brought are only our deeds of worship.

So, before Allah SWT calls to meet us, we should prepare all preparations to deal with it. Therefore, we must always cleanse ourselves from sin.

B Java Class 2

The meaning of the song LIR-ILIR boils down to the line “Mumbung Bandung Rembulane, Mumbung Jember Kalange” which means that even though death is only known to Him, time and opportunity are still open to get closer to Allah SWT. .

So use the remaining time to do good deeds, be pious, help others and other commendable activities and prepare for the afterlife.

Finally, cheer enthusiastically “yo surak surak come on” or “yes”. If someone reminds you, say yes. After all is done we are happy or happy or happy.

Now this is the meaning of the song LIR-ILIR, I have explained the verse wisely. I hope you can understand. Here are the lyrics and translation of the song LIR-ILIR.

Book Manuscripts 600 1 10 20200915

So, that’s the meaning of the Lir-Ilir song and the translation of the lyrics of the Javanese and Indonesian Lir-Ilir songs. Hopefully understandable and useful, thank you. Did you like this book? Publish your book online for free in minutes! Create your own flipbook

Learn Javanese Unen-unen Unen-unen (Indonesian expression) Words with special meanings. It is often taken from literary retellings, but is also frequently used in everyday language. There are three forms, verb, independent and verb. Liberation and freedom are real words, with only a few differences. In the form of proverbs, proverbs and proverbs, Tithikane unen-un: 1) how to form words, vis kumathok (fixed, unchanged), 2) between meanings (symbolic), ana means negation. 3) Legal forms or groups of words (words). 4) Javanese literature includes the Pinatok language. 5) The proverb Surasa or Gareb is also kumatok, which relates to legal issues, usually in the form of a group of words: detantingon (comparison), pebiton (parable), or pepridon (baseman’s room “name”). Examples of modern poetry or poetry of Sunan Kalidjaga, more: the unen-unan is luku karebe, the song care-at-large swara pawarta kangawat, the song of orang butti kepura chinampevar bepakulan spreading journals everywhere, marthagake the chappakulan board, the chinnake board is beautiful because the light is gone, Gold the most attractive gilded.

Lumaku wells take lumaku water smart people who draw jujugane fountains people become old people dinghy maguru water (ngangsu) After reviewing the descriptions, answer these questions! 1) Kaprie banyusune tedumeng sajerone unen-unen? ……………………………………………………… ………………………… 2) What is meant by conflict? ……………………………………………………… ………………………… 3) The proverb of caprie veujutane sajerone unene-unene? ……………………………………………………… ………………………… 4) What’s wrong with the irreplaceable arrangement of words? ……………………………………………………… ………………………… 5) How many conflicts were there in unen-unen? Try to tell one side and the other! ……………………………………………………… ………………………… Gladen 3 : Unen-unen is also used in proverbs, songs (Mahapat, and Sappanungalen) and tembang (tolanan song). Lir-ilir lir-ilir, lir-ilir, tandoor refreshing, no ijo royo-royo, no new friends, kah freehand, kah freehand, benegna plumbing qui, lunyu-lunyu benegane, glass 43 tantri base grade 6

The porridge is big. Tototira, Tototira, kumitir surgery on the edge, dondomana jalumadana, sometimes in the afternoon, moonlit. : Ngathep Rani/Bangkakeng, Bangeran Bye, have you all heard this lyrical song? Of course yes. Because this song is very famous throughout the world from time to time. Diamond is good, material is good. Many people have memorized the words (lyrics) of this song. yes or no There are many people who like to sing. Jaring said that the song was also the work of Gancheng Sunan Kalijaga. Apart from being fun to listen to and sing with, the content is also very good. Using the language is easy, not difficult, but not too easy. Interestingly, if you check, this song has a lot of twists and turns. 1) Try to find something you like! 2) Explain the meaning of each kong tekdemoka unen-unen. 3) After completing this exercise, write it down in your notebook as a reminder. Bhubar KV, Tantri Basa Class 6 Glass 44

Chat Dolanan: Meaning, Types, Features, and Examples

To understand the use of proverbs, see the explanation below. Study 2 Discussing Proverbs Together In this lesson, students are invited to read descriptive texts about Javanese proverbs. I wonder if you all can see the difference between one and the other. With your friends in the group, you can explain and compare proverbs, sayings and rich words in discourse. Gladden 1: The Meaning of Idioms in Reading After you have seen all the idioms, their types and elements, read the explanation below to learn the meaning and usage of the idioms! To know the meaning and usage of idioms, see examples of idioms below, how they mean and when they are used. Details about the desired chapter can be taken from the summary of the story or fairy tale below. Gabison: For example, the proverbial nut leaves its victim. This conversation continues with the story of Bhima and Rini’s parents last week: Ana is rich, moves to the village, falls in love with a man and is still married. The rich man asked the boy: “Dhole, whose son are you?” Wangsulain who did not see his father’s name because his parents were too old, because they were old and no one wanted to take care of him. Glass 45 Tantri Basa grade 6

The rich man took pity on the boy and took him home. The boy was named Tide because he was found on Sunday. Next it’s up to the teacher, let’s study. Sue-Sue served as captain and was later appointed village head. In his five years as village head, Si Diet was sued by villagers for his naughty behavior towards other people. Wusanane C Tide was killed and removed from office. C Diet is actually the son of a thief. The thief wanted to be speared by the villagers. Due to my husband’s age and neither wanting to babysit his kids, yes, Tide wanted one. That’s why the saying is true: the sacrificial nut drops the chain. Tide, the child, like a madman, does not behave differently from his father. My father called a briber, a seed board and a thorn. Collaro: The Proverb Chapter: The more thunder and the less rain, taken from a story book of a village boy who wants to keep his promise. A boy named Chi Tukul likes to prank his friends. But no strength

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