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Lukas Enembe Arrested by KPK at Sentani Airport What is the result?

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Watch the full video of Lukas Enembe Arrested by KPK at Sentani Airport What is the result?

Immaku.comLukas Enembe was arrested by the KPK for alleged bribery and gratuities worth billions of rupiah. After the arrest of Lukas Enembe, riots broke out at Sentani Airport.

The mass of supporters of the number 1 person in the Cendrawasih Land, Lukas Enembe, stormed Sentani Airport. The mob allegedly attacked officers at Sentani Airport.

The attack occurred when Papua Governor Lukas Enembe was brought from Sentani Airport to Jakarta via Manado. They tried to attack airport officials with various types of sharp weapons including arrows.

Members of the police who were at the airport fired warning shots to disperse the crowd. Police deployed personnel to a number of points to anticipate the next attack. One point that is considered vulnerable is the Headquarters of Mobile Brigade Papua Kotaraja, Jayapura.


Mako Brimob Papua Kotaraja is considered vulnerable because it was the temporary detention center for Lukas Enembe, after being arrested by the KPK in a restaurant. Then, Lukas Enembe was immediately taken to Sentani Airport to be flown to Jakarta.

Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius D Fahiri stated that the situation was conducive around the Headquarters of Mobile Brigade Kotaraja. Indeed, previously there had been pelting by a mob of Lukas Enembe’s supporters. This incident occurred because the mass of supporters did not agree with the arrest of Lukas Enembe by the KPK.

Lukas Enembe was detained by the KPK in connection with a case of alleged bribes and gratuities worth billions of rupiah. Lukas Enembe’s detention period was suspended due to his current health condition. Lukas Enembe should have been held at the KPK detention center until January 30.

Health care was carried out at the Central Army Hospital (RSPAD) Gatot Subroto until Lukas Enembe’s health condition improved.

Lukas Enembe’s Health Condition at the Time of Arrest

Lukas Enembe was arrested and will undergo a series of examinations at the Gatot Subroto Army Central Hospital (RSPAD). It seems that Lukas Enembe is being closely guarded by the KPK and the police. The KPK has not been able to carry out an investigation because it is waiting for the results of the examination.

Lukas Enembe did a physical examination of vital signs, heart and laboratory. After undergoing the medical examination process Gatot Subroto Army Hospital stated that Lukas had to undergo treatment.

One mass of Lukas Enembe supporters died

When Lukas Enembe was arrested, there were times when his supporters died when they wanted to block the KPK’s arrest at Sentani Airport. Kabid Humas Polda Papua Kombes Ignatius Benny Prabowo said that the incident occurred after the attempted warning shot.

Warning shots were fired because they were considered dangerous to officers. The victim was hit below the waist and that is standard for incapacitating shooting. The victim was declared dead while being treated at the hospital.

The Empty Chairs of Leadership in Papua and the Deputy Governor Who Have Died

News related to the absence of policies taken related to the current vacant leadership chair of the Papua Province. The position of Deputy Governor has been vacant for a long time after Klemen Tinal passed away on May 21 2021.

The government and the Papuan DPR have not reached an agreement on determining who can occupy the seat of Deputy Governor of Papua until now.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (Kemendagri) said that they would observe the process and legal action against Lukas Enembe who was arrested before making a decision. The steps that will be taken by the government depend on the certainty of Lukas Enembe’s status which is being investigated by the KPK.

In accordance with Article 83 of Law Number 23 of 2014 concerning Regional Government which stipulates that regional heads will be temporarily dismissed and if they become accused of corruption or other criminal acts that are punishable by more than 5 years in prison. Because the current status of Lukas Enembe is still a suspect, the government cannot make a decision yet.

The KPK emphasized that the arrest of Lukas Enembe had no political element. The arrest of Lukas Enembe emphasized that the KPK did not have any political elements.

The KPK stated that the arrest was in accordance with legal procedures. The KPK also stated that Lukas Enembe was arrested cooperatively and that the KPK upheld human rights during the arrest process.

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