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Minangkabau Tribe – Definition, Origins, and Their Culture

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Minangkabau Tribe – Tribes in the archipelago that represent and represent Minangkabau traditional values. The Minangkabau tribe is one of the most famous and largest tribes in Indonesia and is located in the West Sumatra region.

The uniqueness of this one tribe is also known in various parts of the world. Whenever you hear the name of the Minangkabau tribe, you will immediately remember 2 legendary culinary delights.

In this discussion, we will explain in full and clearly, namely the Minangkabau tribe, its origins and characteristics. For a full review, come on… Check it out as follows.

What is the Minangkabau Tribe?

Minangkabau tribe or Minang is the existence of an archipelago ethnic group that can speak of a Minangkabau custom and defend it.


The Minang cultural area covers the area of ​​West Sumatra, half of mainland Riau, western part of Jambi, northern part of Bengkulu, west coast of North Sumatra, Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, and southwest of Aceh.

The Minangkabau tribe has had a proto-democratic system since pre-Hindu times, with the aim of determining matters that are very important to the tribe as well as issues with the law.

The Origin of the Minangkabau

Minangkabau include the descendants of Iskandar Zulkarnain, who lived approximately in the 4th century BC. While the ancestor of the Minang tribe is the brother of Emperor Alif, who is called the Royal Emperor of the Emperor Dipang from China and the Roman state.

The Minang people are known as immigrants like the Jews. The difference is that they migrate to study while earning a living without colonizing or controlling their new location.

The Minang people live in the province of West Sumatra, which stretches across the Bukit Barisan region, namely in the mountains that stretch across the island of Sumatra. According to a 2015 census data, the number of ethnic Minang fluctuated between 4.2 million, half of whom are overseas.

Minangkabau culture

The Origins of the Minangkabau

There are several cultures of Minangkabau, among them are the following:

a. Minangkabau Traditional Clothing

Clothing from Bundo Kanduang or Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang. This outfit is a symbol of greatness for married women. Clothing is a symbol in the important role of a mother in her family. Limapeh can be interpreted as the main pillar of the traditional house of West Sumatra.

b. Minangkabau Traditional Clothing for Men, West Sumatra

For men it is referred to as a headdress. As the name suggests, the dress is only used by the traditional elders or those people, where the manner of wearing it is also regulated by common laws. This outfit consists of various accessories, including Deta, black clothes, Sideways, Cawek, Sarawa, Tungkong, clothes, and Kris.

c. Padang Traditional Wedding Dress

Apart from the canduang bundo and headgear, there are other types of traditional clothing from West Sumatra that are usually worn with the bride at the wedding ceremony. This wedding dress is usually red with a head covering and more decoration.

So far, in this garment it is still widely used, but of course with a little addition to modernization in a style or design that is so more unique.

d. West Sumatra Traditional Clothing

Minangkabau traditional clothing that can be recognized on the national scene is called Limpapeh Rumah Nan Gadang or Bundo Kanduang clothing.

This traditional dress has the biggest uniqueness in the headgear which resembles the roof of a gadang house or the shape of a buffalo horn.

Bundo Kanduang clothing includes traditional Minangkabau clothing worn by married women. While for men and for some brides, there are also other traditional clothes.

e. Minangkabau Women’s Traditional Clothing

There are types of clothing worn by women from this tribe, among them are:

Limpapeh clothing of the Nan Gadang House

  • Baju Batabue
  • Tingkuluak (Tengkuluak)
  • Worried
  • Jewellery
  • Valley

Minangkabau Men’s Traditional Clothing

  • Data
  • Blouse
  • Girl
  • Sarah
  • Clothing
  • Until
  • Dagger and Staff

This tribe is one of the most famous and largest tribes in Indonesia and is located in the region of West Sumatra. The uniqueness of this one tribe is also known in various parts of the world.

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Thus the discussion that we have conveyed in full and clear, namely regarding the Minangkabau Tribe, its meaning, origin, culture and traditional clothing. Hopefully this review can be useful.

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