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Montoon Plans to Completely Overhaul Mobile Legends, What’s Changed?

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EEpicon’s vent has long ended, several announcements issued by Moonton have drawn various reactions from gamers. Through this event, Moonton officially announced a complete overhaul of their phenomenal game, namely Mobile Legends : Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends is one of the best-selling games on the mobile platform. With millions of active users and various events that are always full of participants almost every week. Some time ago Moonton as the developer of this game made several important announcements through an event called Epicon. What are the contents of the announcement? The following is a summary.

Latest Engine Updates

Moonton clearly provides information about their plan to update the game engine they use in Mobile Legends. It’s no longer a secret that the UI appearance of Mobile Legends is quite behind when compared to its competitors.

The engine used by Moonton in the Mobile Legends game is the Unity Engine, where the version used is quite an old version. According to the plan Moonton intends to replace it with Unity Engine the 2017 version which offers several improvements both in terms of performance and graphic quality.

Update User Interface

Many complaints have been filed with Moonton regarding this section. Yes, many have mentioned that the UI of Mobile Legends is not very friendly, especially for people who are trying to play Mobile Legends for the first time. In the future Moonton plans to completely change the appearance of the UI to make it look more friendly and clean. The hope is of course that it is easy to use for both old players and new players.

Realistic Map Update

At yesterday’s Epicon event, Moonton also indicated that he would make some changes to the maps that were already available. These changes include details, graphic improvements and making the map display as realistic as possible. This news is of course highly anticipated by Mobile Legends players who are tired of being ridiculed due to the appearance of the arena which is similar to the old game, Moba 8-bit.

Banned Hero Rules Become 6

So far, we know that at epic ranks and above in ranked mode matches in Mobile Legends, players are given the opportunity to ban heroes for each team of 2 characters. Given the many new heroes launched by Moonton, it seems that the old rules are no longer relevant because the number of heroes is increasing.

In the upcoming update in ranked mode we will be given the opportunity to ban up to 6 characters. With the count each team is given 3 chances. Isn’t it interesting to minimize the OP heroes who roam around a lot?

Fix Lag Issue

The latter seems obliged to be Moonton’s main focus. During the event, Moonton did not forget to convey that one of their main focuses is to provide the most comfortable playing experience for all gamers. One way is to keep trying to minimize the lag issue that Mobile Legends players often complain about. Through the new engine update, Moonton also hopes to have a positive impact, namely by reducing complaints related to this problem.

What do you think about some of Moonton’s plans above? are there still a few more parts that need attention to be given just an increase or even repair? share in the comments column yes.

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