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Motorcycle Handlebars – Custom, Accessories, Handles and Types

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Motorcycle Handlebar – The vehicle is certainly inseparable from the many roles of important components in it, one of which is when driving comfortably not far from the name of the handlebar. The handlebar is a vital component, the instability of the handlebars of this motorbike affects the user in driving it.


With prolonged use, of course, the components on the motorbike will experience low quality, starting from the handlebar tilts to the right or motorcycle handlebar not center, bent handlebar, a handlebar that feels heavy or unstable when driving is one of the problems that is not uncommon for every motorcycle user. If this condition is left alone it can be very risky for the safety of the riders themselves, because for a one-sided or unstable handlebar it will make the motorbike’s pace uncomfortable and difficult to control.

Causes of Heavy and Uncomfortable Motorcycle Handlebars

To find out the cause of the handlebars on a heavy and unstable motorbike, there are quite a lot of characteristics, if your motorbike has ever crossed a pothole and also often falls, this is an undoubted cause that makes the handlebars heavy and unstable. Therefore, before we make repairs, we should first know the problem.

Not Precision Shockbeker Position

The first cause is the lack of precision in the position of the shock absorber, generally the suspension is not straight or precise because the motorbike has fallen or the motorbike has passed through potholes at high speed. For cases like this, you should take it to an official motorcycle repair shop or a shock repairman

Damaged Wheel Bearings

The second cause is a damaged wheel bearing, this wheel bearing is located in the middle of the tire. Then to check whether the wheel bearing is damaged or not is to open the wheel and then see if the wheel bearing that we are checking is damaged, if you find that there is a wheel bearing that is not right, immediately replace it.

Curved or Bent Wheels

The condition of the wheels like this also includes the cause of the handlebar being one-sided or unstable, the way to check this is the part of the tire that needs to be rotated to see if there are lumps on the wheels or not. If the wheel is bent, the best thing to do is to press it for racing wheels, but if the wheel is cracked, it is advisable to replace it with a new one.

Misaligned Handlebar Triangles

The motor triangle is bent is the third cause due to the less parallel seat triangle between the right and left suspension. This also causes heavy motorcycle handlebar to the right. If your motorbike experiences this, how to straighten a bent motorcycle handlebar that is, only by straightening the two left and right forks so that they are parallel. To find out if it is aligned or bent handlebar You can use a fuller tool, but for simplicity, just bring a presser.

Uneven Tire Surface

The fifth cause is an uneven or bald tire surface. Well, as part of a motorbike with its function, which is to drive the motorbike, the condition of the tires will certainly greatly affect the stability of the motorbike itself. If the condition of the motorbike is uneven, it usually makes the handlebars shake.

Oblak Komstir

Well, the last cause is an oblak driver. This one component has a function to hold in control, of course this motorbike will experience a decrease in terms of performance. And in general, the problems that are often experienced by motorbikes, especially the Honda Beat and Jupiter Z, are that an oblong steering wheel can cause heavy handlebars to be controlled and the handlebars to shake when riding at high speeds. The way to overcome this is to tighten, For how to tighten the honda beat steering wheel and how to tighten the steering wheel jupiter z namely by first buying a new one, especially in the cup and iron balls that have steering wheels

Custom or Accessories

Here we present some custom handlebars that might be your choice if you want to replace them:

Thus the article about the handlebars from us, I hope this article can be useful for all of you and don’t forget to share it so that it can help provide information to other people and we are even more enthusiastic about making tips about automotive. Thank you.

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