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Myanmar Currency To Rupiah How Much Is It Worth? Listen Here!

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Watch the full video of Myanmar Currency To Rupiah How Much Is It Worth? Listen Here!

If you want to know complete information about this Myanmar currency, then you should refer to the discussion below. We will convey to you a very complete discussion about this currency, you know. Don’t miss the discussion.

Indeed, yes, for us to know many things about information, now it is very easy to do. You can find lots of information on various sources. Start looking for it using books or you can search for it using the internet.

Who doesn’t know this internet. Of course, everyone already knows about the internet. On the internet later you will be able to meet a lot of information about anything. Like looking for information about this currency.

This time, Immaku.com will tell you about the currency that comes from Myanmar. For that, below you can just listen to the discussion. Don’t miss it and don’t miss any discussion. OK right?

What is the Name of Myanmar’s Currency?


So, you can’t wait to see this discussion about the Myanmar currency, right? If that’s the case, then you really have to listen to the discussion below. We will convey to you the discussion in detail, yes.

Of course, every country has its own currency. In each country, of course, it will have a different currency name too. As in this country of Indonesia, later the currency that you will be able to use is called Rupiah.

So, in the country of Myanmar, later you will be able to find a currency with the name Kyat. The Myanmar currency will later use the K code. The code in the currency will be written at the beginning before the nominal.

For example, the price of a shirt in a shop is written for K500, that is. So, if you see a nominal writing like that, don’t be surprised. Because the nominal writing in Myanmar is like that.

The currency in the country of Myanmar or named Kyat will indeed have the same shape as other currencies. Later, this existing currency will have two versions. The first form of money is paper money. Of course, this paper money has a high nominal amount.

The version of the first form of money is coins. Where later you will use these coins to pay or make transactions with a fairly high nominal amount.

It’s true, the currency originating from Myanmar is indeed the same as the currency originating from other countries. There’s no difference, you know. But, even so, the currency in a country certainly has its own history and story, right? Check out the discussion below.

History of Myanmar’s Currency From Various Versions


As we have told you, the currencies in various countries are actually the same. The form is paper and also coins, yes, but indeed the history in the formation of money in various countries is different.

Yes, of course there will be various histories involved in making this currency. This time, we will present to you a discussion of the history of the currency originating from Myanmar or the name Kyat. There are several versions of the history involved in making this currency.

So, in the making of the Myanmar currency, it will be known that there are three historical versions. So, the history of this first version is in 1852 – 1889. The history of this second version is in 1943 – 1945 and the history of this third version is in 1952 until now, yes.

You want to know about the various versions of this history? For that, below we will tell you some of the historical versions that exist. So you can find out and understand it. Immediately, let’s look at the discussion below. Okay?

History of the First Version Year 1852 – 1889

So, for this first version of history, the money that was created only lasted from 1852 to 1889. In this first period, the money that was printed or the money that was issued was only the coin version. So at this time of year, the currency is only coins which are gold coins and silver coins huh.

Each unit in the first version of Kyat is divided into 20 pes. Later every 20 pe is divided into 4 pyat for each mu and mat whose values ​​are 2 and 4 pe ya in each of them. So, if all of that is nominalized, then 1 kyat gold coin will have the same value as 16 kyat metal coins.

So, that’s about the history of the first issuance of Kyat money in this country of Myanmar. Only in the form of one type, namely coins that have the color of gold and metal. Gold coins will also be of greater value than coins.

History of the Second Version of 1943 – 1945

After the first version of the currency, then there is another version of the currency, you know, this second. Where is the second version of the currency a paper currency? So, in 1943 when the country of Myanmar was colonized by the Dutch state, this country issued money in paper form.

Where, money in paper form has a value or is divided for each unit, which is 100 cents. The country of Myanmar was colonized by the Dutch until 1945, right. Where after the occurrence of World War II, this country considered that the paper money that had been issued was useless.

So, paper money was again withdrawn from circulation and returned to using coins. However, apart from using coins, the Myanmar state also used banknotes from India. After the country of Myanmar became independent, this country began to introduce its own rupee currency.

The form of rupee money created or issued by the state of Myanmar is paper as well as metal. So, that’s it, the journey from coins to banknotes is very long, right, in this second version.

History of the Third Version in 1952 – Present

In this third version of history, the Kyat currency from the country of Myanmar was introduced, you know. Of course, in 1952 Union Bank formed a board which was assigned to take over the issuance of currency in the country of Myanmar, you know.

So, the Kyat currency has become the currency used by the Myanmar state until now, you know. Because indeed from 1952, this Union Bank worked hard to issue Kyat money in this country of Myanmar. Besides that, now it also uses the decimal system, right? Do you understand the explanation that we convey above?

Interesting Facts About Myanmar Currency


After you learn about the history that occurred in the process of making Myanmar’s state currency until the publication of this Kyat, you should also know some interesting facts about this currency. So that it is clearer and also understands more about this currency.

By knowing some interesting facts about the Myanmar currency, later you will be able to use this currency more fully. Therefore, below we will present to you a very detailed discussion of two interesting facts about the Myanmar currency.

Massive Withdrawals Have Been Done

Once at a time when there was a coup, the people of Myanmar made large-scale withdrawals of money. This incident took place in 2021 which was when it happened after the coup and also the economy of the country of Myanmar was threatened and experiencing severe chaos.

To the extent that the people of this country of Myanmar withdraw money at the bank. After that, the bank finally issued a regulation whereby withdrawing money from the bank in one day had a limit to the amount of withdrawal. So, you cannot take or withdraw money that is larger than the limit imposed.

The Kyat Currency Loses Popular With The Baht Currency

For your information, the currency of Thailand, which is called Baht, is even more famous, you know, compared to the currency of Myanmar itself, namely Kyat. With the occurrence of military coups that often occur in the country of Myanmar, many people or tourists make transactions in this country using Baht money.

Apart from that, many people think that the Kyat currency is never stable. So, the baht currency is considered to have a more stable value than the Kyat currency from the country of Myanmar itself. Even the Baht is also a popular currency compared to the currency originating from Cambodia or Laos, you know.

Convert Myanmar Currency To Rupiah How Much Is It Worth?


For those of you who really want to exchange Myanmar money, namely Kyat or if the international code is MMK, then you have to know first, how much value will you get. So that later you don’t get it wrong and confused.

Okay, then, here we will inform you about the currency from Myanmar that will be exchanged for Indonesian currency, namely the rupiah. You will later be able to get the amount of the exchange rate worth IDR 8.08.

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