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NGL Link Apk Viral Application on Social Media + How to Make it

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Immaku.com – The NGL Link application is currently viral on social media. The term NGL Link often appears on social media, especially Instagram Stories.

At the end of 2023, many people expressed their impressions and messages about 2023 that were passed on social media. One that is currently being widely used to do this is by using the NGL link in Instagram Story.

NGL Link is used as a container for other people to give secret messages to you. So what exactly is NGL Link?

Ayovacsindinkeskdi will provide an explanation regarding the NGL Link below.

https://www.ayovaksindinkeskdi.id/aplikasi-ngl-link-viral-di-media-sosial-/(opens in a new tab)
Illustration. Viral NGL application on Instagram. (App Stores)

NGL Link is an application where people can ask questions without showing the name of the questioner.

The NGL Link application has a system that is almost the same as the Ask FM application, which used to be viral on social media. The application that replaces Ask FM is already available on the Google Play Store and iOS.

Instagram users are busy downloading the NGL application which has reached 15 million global installations.

What are NGL Links? NGL Link is an acronym among today’s kids, namely ‘not going to lie’ or ‘not going to lie’.

According to TechCrunch, NGL apps have occupied the top 10 positions in the App Store. For Indian and Indonesian padars, this app is driven by Android users.

In this application, users can create an inbox to accommodate anonymous questions. Users will receive a link to their inbox, which can be shared across all social media platforms.

But lately, many users are using NGL links on Instagram.

How to create NGL Links? Check out the review below.

How to Create an NGL Link to Share on Instagram Story

1. Download the NGL app at App Store or Google Play Store.

2. Open the first page in the NGL application and you will find the NGL logo.

3. After seeing the words ‘Get Question’, press the text and enter your Instagram username.

4. The NGL application will process the link for your Instagram account.

5. Then click ‘Copy Link’ and enter your Instagram account.

6. Click ‘Add Story’ on your Instagram profile page or main page.

7. Select the ‘Stickers’ icon and select the link on the page.

8. Paste the previously copied link from the NGL application to Instagram Story.

9. Send the link to all users who follow your account. You will get a secret message.

10. To see what messages have been sent to you, open the NGL application again.

11. Go to the ‘Inbox’ menu, click the heart-shaped ‘Email’ icon.

12. If you want to reply to the anonymous message, all you have to do is press reply.

Below is the meaning of other slang terms that are currently viral on social media. Check out the meaning of the word chill and the meaning of CMIIW:

Arti Kata Chill

Chill is an English word that means cold.

However, chill also has another meaning in English, which is relaxed and relaxed.

The meaning of relaxed or relaxed is a non-standard vocabulary and slang in English.

The word chill means to relax or relax under any circumstances.

Chill is commonly used to describe the attitude or atmosphere of a situation.

In addition, the word Chill is also often used to describe calming down.

And this word is often used in various social media in the context of comedy or jokes.

For example:

“chilling again, enjoying the sunset on the beach with a glass of beer.”

‘I’ll go to the top so that it’s better to chill together.’

CMIIW meaning

The meaning of the word CMIIW in slang comes from the English abbreviation, namely Correct Me If I’m Wrong. Which has the meaning of asking someone else to correct the delivery of something or a statement, which maybe the person who is told knows more about the truth.

The word CMIIW is used when we tell or give opinions on social media, but still ask to be corrected if the opinion is still not correct.

Example: As far as I know this happened because of this and that, yes, because I got information from someone close to the victim. CMIIW who might know more about the information or in other words, please correct me if I’m wrong.

Apart from the meaning, many netizens are still confused about how to read CMIIW correctly. Actually, in English, CMIIW is read according to the English alphabet.

However, many Indonesian netizens read this abbreviation like the CMIIW series of words. And it’s not wrong, friend.

The most important thing is that you already know the meaning of the word CMIIW and are not mistaken in using that term.

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Originally posted 2022-12-31 10:27:32.

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