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Number 1 Best Game In The World For Android 2022

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Playing games can really make you more fun. If you play the games that are here, you can do it very fun and also comfortably. Moreover, now we will conduct a discussion about the best game in the world.

You definitely want to play games that are really good and also popular in the world. It will be fun if you play games using the best games in the world. Even though there are lots of games that have interesting things in them, of course there are still games that are the most interesting among the ones that are interesting.

Anyway, by using this game you will be able to find some things that are very profitable. For that you can get very useful things in it. Here you will find some recommendations for game applications that can be used.

Therefore for those of you who want to make the best use of the game. You can see the information in the Immaku.com article here. Here you will definitely find all the information and you will get a little explanation.

Some of the Best Game Recommendations in the World for 2022 Offline That You Should Play

Entering vacation time, of course, many people have provided several things that can be done to fill vacation time. Vacation time will definitely be one of the most awaited things. This holiday activity will really make you feel happy.

Usually for people who have very busy activities every day. Or even being a student will definitely need a very long vacation. Well now is the time for you to use your time to do fun things.

The habit of people nowadays is to look for activities that can be entertaining and also cheap. Because not everyone can take a short vacation like this. Or maybe because there are too many activities people want to spend time at home.

So, there are lots of activities that can help you feel at home on vacation at home. Even though at home you will be able to stay happy and have a very good rest. Well, one of the activities that you can use is playing games.

Playing games will certainly make you feel happy. If you are one of those people who really need a variety of game applications. You can do very fun activities, right? Because playing games will be very fun if done using popular games.

Maybe there are some of you who don’t have their flagship game application yet. There are lots of games that you find nowadays, all of them might be useful for you. So maybe you will also find game applications that are not good enough and many others.

But don’t worry because we will give you recommendations for the best game applications in the world. Anyway, all the games that are here you will definitely be able to use very well. And many people are already using it, so don’t worry if using the application won’t run smoothly.

Among US


So, the first application recommendation is the Among US game application. By using this game, of course, you can play games that are very exciting and also interesting. This game will take you into a very strange world.

In the gameplay of this application you will find several characters whose shapes are unique. All characters are the same, the only difference is the color of each existing character. Now, to play this game, you can do it in a fairly easy way.

You will only be in this game and carry out killing activities. Later you can also carry out discussion activities to discuss who is the killer or who is the impostor. You can play this game with friends or loved ones.

Worm Zone


When discussing games that are light to play, you can definitely find them now. Now you can find worm games which have been very popular recently. So using this game is also very easy. You can definitely use this game as one of the most fun things.

This worm game is a game that has the name Worm Zone. You can easily find this game only on the Google Play Store. Anyway, this game is available on the official platform of the application provider and you can download it freely.

Everyone can play this game freely without any age limit. Apart from being a very easy game, this game is also a very fun game to play. Just play this game for you to be able to use games that are very light and get rid of boredom.

Free Fire


This game, which is very popular with children, is indeed suitable if it is played during holidays. Especially if it’s during school holidays you will definitely be able to find very interesting games in it. This Free Fire game can make you comfortable in the game.

This game is quite easy to play, even now many small children play this one game. So from that you can definitely play this game very comfortably. This unique game will help you to get rid of boredom.

If you play this game, surely you will be ordered to defeat the enemy. Which there are 50 enemies and you should be able to try to defeat them in just 10 minutes.

PUBG Mobile


Next, there is the PUBG game which has been very popular since its initial release. This PUBG Mobile game is indeed very exciting because it is a game with a very fun war concept. You can play this game together with your friends.

In here in one match there will be at least 100 players. Where every player must be able to survive in the game application until the end of the game. Which in the end at the end of the game whoever is able to survive is the one who will win.

Minecraft Pocket Edition


The game really invites the players to imagine. Because this game will invite game application users to be creative in creating new worlds. Which in this game you can use to explore very freely in the outside world.

So, for that, a lot of people like to play this one game. This game, which requires payment when playing it, has indeed attracted the interest of application users. Even though you need to make payments, not a few people still play this Minecraft Pocket Edition game.

Call Of Duty


Games by genre battle royale will be able to make you comfortable in the application. Anyway, if you play this one game, you will definitely be able to win the game very easily, OK? Many people have played this very challenging Call Of Duty game.

Everyone who has played this game will definitely feel addicted. Because this exciting and very challenging game you will definitely be able to use it easily. You can use this game only on Android, yes, you don’t have to use IOS or a PC, you can already play this very fun game.

Asphalt 8: Airbone


A fun car racing game is certainly one of the applications that belong to the best games in the world. Game Asphalt 8: Airbone is the target of car racing game lovers. By using a car racing game you will definitely be able to find interesting things in it.

The reason is if you use this game you will be able to find several types of cars. Which car will be useful for you to play the game very exciting. Easily and comfortably change the car according to what you want to use in this game.

Genshin Impact


Games that you can already play on Android are games that were previously equivalent to the Nintendo Switch. You can use this game very easily and it’s also comfortable to play. This game will also be very suitable for you to get rid of various boring things.

Genshin Impact is the most popular game among gamers. Because if you play this game you will be able to find a lot of interesting things. One of the interesting things that you can find in this game is a game that has lots of characters. Anyway, you can use all the characters and get them with an easy process.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Who doesn’t know this Mobile Legends game? Game which is one game battle royale the most popular by fans of this game is not kidding. There are lots of exciting things that you can get in this game application. Anyway, you can get everything very comfortably in this one game application.

This game released by Moonton has reached a level of world popularity. Anyway, everyone must be familiar with the game application with this one name. Anyway, all games will lose if they are paired with this Mobile Legends game application.

Stumble Guys


This last one is a really fun recommendation for you to play. The reason is that by playing this game you can find very unique things. You can make this game the right choice when you want to play an interesting game.

The reason is if you play this one game you will find a variety of excitement available in it. In here you will definitely be able to do very exciting activities. Like having to go through all the obstacles in order to get away from this one game application. The way to play the Stumble Guys game which is very easy will certainly attract the interest of game enthusiasts to play this game.

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