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OMG Quota Watch For What? Explanation & Easy Activation Method

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If you are still confused and wondering what the OMG watching quota is for, then here we will tell you the discussion. Immaku.com will tell you some things that you really need to know. So, don’t leave the discussion that will be given below.

Indeed, now you will be able to get a lot of things that make it easier. Starting from you can get a lot of sophisticated electronic devices until you will also be able to get a lot of other supporting tools. Well, one of the supporting tools that will be very important in using this electronic device is a quota.

Is not it? If you don’t have a quota later you won’t be able to do anything on the electronic device. When people use electronic devices, they want to do many things, such as watching, playing and playing games, as well as other things. The point is that it’s fun.

Lately, there have been a lot of people talking about OMG quotas at Telkomsel providers. So, for those of you who really want to get a lot of discussion about the package or internet quota, see the discussion below.

What OMG Watch Quota For?


Who here is a Telkomsel provider user? If you are one of the people who actually uses this one provider, later you can refer to the discussion. It’s possible that there are still many who are confused and curious about this internet package.

Right now a lot of people are wondering about What’s the OMG quota to watch for? To get the answer, we will convey to you the discussion below. Don’t let you miss the discussion okay? Come on, listen now.

So the OMG watch package is a package provided by Telkomsel so that subscribers or users of this card can get enough of their social media needs. This OMG package is long, you know, so this stands for Oh My Gigabytes.

If you use this internet quota package, later you will be able to get a lot of benefits. You will later be able to get and fulfill your desire to watch, do chattingand do other activities.

To use this one package too, later you will make a small payment. The price for this package is not that big. So you will be able to get a lot of benefits earlier. By using internet quota, you can later open all your favorite applications as much as you like.

Actually, the OMG quota was divided into three. There is an OMG Chat quota, an OMG watching quota and also an OMG social media quota. So, this time the OMG watching quota is a combination of the three packages that previously existed. It will be more practical and get a lot of ability in this package.

How are you interested, of course, to use the OMG internet package to watch this? There are lots of them, so later you will be able to get various kinds of exciting packages that can help you access your favorite applications.

Tutorial for Activating the OMG Watch Quota Package


Before using this OMG quota, later you have to activate it first. It’s true, in using something like that, usually you have to activate it like that. Like you want to use the application, of course you have to activate it by registering and logging in, right?

If you have finished logging in and also registering, that means you will be able to more easily use this application. Just like you want to use this OMG quota package. You have to activate it so you can use it later.

It’s also easy to activate. Later you only need to do a few steps like that. That’s it, later you can’t just do one way, yes, to activate the quota package. But there are two ways you can do it.

Of course, so that it’s easier for you to activate this, below we will tell you the discussion, OK? Don’t miss the discussion below because this discussion is very important and you really need to know.

How to Activate the Telkomsel OMG Watch Quota Package with Dial Up

To activate this quota package, you can do it in two ways later. Well, the first way you can do this is to use dial up. Later you will be able to activate it in an easy and also fast way, you know.

If you use dial up, everyone can do it. Because there’s really no way to activate it, right? For that, below we will tell you some things you can do. Come on, now do the activation with easy dial up.

  1. You can activate your cellphone, then you enter the menu call.
  2. If so, you can immediately type *363# and you just click telephone.
  3. After that, you can just click Other Packages.
  4. Then you can choose which OMG quota package what do you want to use?
  5. Done.

Ways to Activate OMG Quota Packages with the MyTelkomsel Application

If you have the MyTelkomsel application on your device, then later you will be able to use the application. The way to activate an existing package is also very easy, you know. You will not have trouble in any form.

To make it easier for you to do various things, we will tell you the steps. Don’t let you miss a few things that are really important for you to do in activating the internet quota package.

  1. Open it and just do it login into the application, yes.
  2. If so, later you will be immediately taken to the main page.
  3. After that, you click on the option Shop of.
  4. You can choose which Internet.
  5. Then, you can choose to use OMG quota package which one huh. You will find everything easily.
  6. Already, you can immediately make the purchase by paying with the credit you have.
  7. Done.

Several options exist for OMG Watch Telkomsel quota packages along with prices


If this is your first time and want to use a solid internet package, then you can find out several package options that you can use. To use these OMG watching packages, you will get lots of choices.

You can choose a quota package that is in accordance with your wishes and needs. If you don’t choose the right one, you are afraid that the package you choose will be wrong. I don’t know if it’s less or even more expensive.

OK, so you can find out below, there are several package options that you can choose from the OMG quota. There is a price list that you will be able to get too, you know later. Immediately, let’s look at the details below.

  • The OMG quota package for watching 65 GB costs IDR 216,000. This one package will later give you a quota of 30 GB and 35 GB to watch and your favorite applications.
  • The OMG quota package for watching 35 GB costs IDR 166,000. This package can give you a main internet quota of 15 GB and a quota to watch and access applications of 20 GB.
  • OMG quota to watch 20 GB at a price of IDR 106,000. This package will give you 8GB of main quota and 12GB of quota to watch and access other applications.

The Profit That Will Be Obtained from Using the OMG Nonton Quota


For those of you who are already using this OMG package, later you will get big benefits. As we have explained above, right, if you use this OMG internet quota package, you will get a lot of benefits later.

So, if you already know what the OMG watching quota is for, how to activate it and also the price and choice of packages, then now this is perfect for you to find out the profit you will get later. Check out the discussion that will be presented below.

Can Be Used In Various Types Of Networks

To use the OMG quota to watch this, later you can get it and can use it on any network. Want you to use a network that is still 2G, 3G can really work too. In addition, later you will be able to use it on 4G and 5G networks.

You will be able to use all networks with this OMG watch package. Very fun, right? You will be able to use this one package for 24 hours, you know. Really fun huh?

Easily Access All Entertainment Applications

If you use this OMG quota, later you will be able to get access to entertainment applications, you know. Maybe many have questioned whether if you use the OMG package later you will be able to watch Youtube or not.

The answer to the question is it can. Later you will be able to use entertainment applications not just Youtube. You can use the TikTok application, you can also access all existing social media. Therefore, many people are happy to use this quota package.

Package Prices Are Very Affordable And Pocket Friendly

By using this OMG quota, later you won’t waste it, you know. Because the price of the packages available is very affordable. What’s more, if we see, all the habits and what is given in the package, we won’t think too much about using this package.

Unlimited Package Validity Time

In addition, the time for using the OMG package is unlimited. Usually, the packages are only limited from 01.00 to 17.00. But if not, you will be able to use this one package 24 hours nonstop lho ya.

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