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One of the functions of dance accompaniment in dance performances is

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One of the functions of dance accompaniment in dance performances is – – There are many types of art which experts divide into several types according to their form and function. One of them is dance which functions as entertainment, performance, educational communication. There are several supporting elements in dance that need attention, such as make-up and clothing. And what role do make-up and clothing play in a dance performance? Here’s the review.

Dance is an art that expresses inner values ​​beautifully through body movements with expressiveness to express intentions, feelings and thoughts. In the art of dance, energy is needed to express creativity with feelings and emotions. So that dance movements create a deep impression when they are arranged and taught with energy that is in accordance with the rhythm.

One of the functions of dance accompaniment in dance performances is

In a dance performance, apart from movement and energy, there are other supporting elements that are important and will make the meaning or value of the dance performance conveyed better. Supporting elements include:

Development of Selat Segara Dance Learning Video at State Vocational High School 3 Sukawati

One of the main elements in a dance performance is the movement of the head, face, hands, eyeballs, hips to the feet which can give its own meaning and significance to the dance.

The property in question is the same as that of a plate, that is, it requires a plate and glass crumbs. This is what distinguishes one dance from another.

A dance performance will not be complete without clothes, because with clothes such as shirts, pants, scarves and others the audience will know the meaning of the dance and of course besides the performance.

These accessories include makeup tools from lipsticks, powders and more that will create the perfect color effect.

Contemporary Dance: Definition, Characteristics, Purpose and Examples

In accordance with our title about the function of make-up and clothing in dance performances, here are the functions.

The following is a brief description of the role of make-up and clothing in dance performances. Hopefully useful and add information to all of us.

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Privacy and Cookies: This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website, you agree to use Music for dancing is one of the supporting elements needed for dancing, because dancing is body movement that follows the rhythm.

Supporting Elements of Dance and Explanation of Their Functions, Know the Main Elements

Dance music is also used to support messages or expressions that dancers want to convey. Musical accompaniment for dances is usually adjusted to the type of dance that will be performed.

Music is the main part of the dance. The music used for dancing is called dance music.

According to Ayu Rahmavati in her study entitled “The Impact of Dance Music in Media Reality and Audio Recording of Motion Performances”, dance music is a form of musical accompaniment that is regulated by time, harmony, tempo, dynamics, rhythm. , and melodies.

Many parts are used to form the music for the dance. The components commonly used are a set of musical instruments, both instrumental and vocal, to accompany dance moves.

The most popular typical dance from West Java

Music as a dance accompaniment is closely related to aspects of form, style, rhythm, atmosphere, or a combination of these aspects.

Adapted from the Class XI SMA/MA/SMK/MAK Cultural Arts book by Tati Naravati et al, dance music has the following functions:

The music used in this dance is divided into several types. The grouping of types of dance accompaniment music is based on the origin of the sound or the music used.

Dance accompaniment music is divided into two types based on the sound source of the music, namely indoor music and outdoor music. Photo credit: Pexels.com

Peacock Dance: History, Function, Meaning, Complete Basic Movement

Inner music is one of the musical accompaniments of dance originating from the human body, which includes clapping, clapping of other body parts, snapping fingers, stomping feet on the ground or floor, and so on.

This type of inner music can be found in various dance productions in the area. An example is the Saman dance from Aceh, the Kechak dance from Bali, etc.

External music is a type of musical accompaniment in which sounds, music and sounds come from objects outside the human body. For example like musical instruments and so on.

The musical instrument used to accompany the dance is the gamelan. Gamelan is a musical art consisting of various types of musical instruments that are played simultaneously.

Cultural Art Question

Examples of dances that use external music are the Kandagan dance from West Java, the Gandrung dance from Banyuwangi, etc. Dancers performed outdoor dances and a fashion show at Grand Smesco Hills Cisarua, Bogor, Sunday (4/11/2021). The dances that will be performed are the Jigrik Ndat Mask Dance from Betawi, Legong Mesatya Dance from Bali, Papua Dance, Bajidor Kahot Dance and Pakarena Fan Dance (/JohanTallo)

, Jakarta The auxiliary elements of the dance are less important than the main elements of the dance. The auxiliary elements in the dance are make-up, costumes, floor patterns and the props used. If the main elements of the dance must be present in the dance performance, then not all of the auxiliary elements of the dance will be present.

The Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia explained that dance is an art form that has a way of expressing or expressing the nature of movement and movement, similar to human movement. This is where the function of the supporting elements of the dance is to have a stronger value for the human movement that is performed and easily understood by the audience.

As the name implies, especially the complementary elements of dance play a role in increasing the expression of the soul in the form of movement. Such as make-up and costumes, which can strengthen the souls of the dancers. Dances are movements that differ from everyday actions and are performed as accompaniment.

Examining the History, Functions, and Characteristics of the Gambyong Dance

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The Gandrung Sewu Festival was held again on the shores of Bum Beach, Banyuwangi, East Java on Sunday (10/08/2017) featuring stunning performances from 1,286 dancers. (/Dian Kurniawan)

Makeup and costumes are important supporting elements in dance performances. Make-up and costumes as auxiliary elements of the dance will become the identity of the characters played by the dancers. These supporting dance elements contribute to the creation of a dance atmosphere and directly convey character and messages.

The floor pattern is part of the auxiliary elements of the dance. Dance performances will look smoother and more beautiful if the dancers can master the supporting elements of the dance, namely lines. In addition, there are several design patterns that are important for dancers to understand as part of the supporting elements of the dance, namely:

Dance accompaniment music is very important because it functions as follows except

Floor formations are floor lines followed by dancers, or floor lines made by a group of dancers. There are two types of floor lines, straight lines and curved lines.

Straight lines can create V, inverted V, triangle, T, inverted T and diagonal shapes. At the same time, curved lines can be made in the form of a circle, semicircle arc, spiral, figure eight and snake.

The superstructure is a structure that consists of limbs and sits on the floor. This design is visible from the viewer. The superstructure has a different shape. Each design gives its own impression to those who see it.

Musical design is a rhythmic pattern in dance. Rhythmic patterns in dance arise because of the relationship between dance movements and melodies. Dance moves that match the harmony and dance moves that match the musical phrases.

Pendet Dance A Welcome Dance for Gods and Humans

Dramatic designs are emotional episodes that culminate in dance. This emotional stage must exist in the dance so that the dance becomes interesting and does not seem monotonous.

Props are tools, such as scarves, plates, umbrellas, candles. That is why the property is called the auxiliary element of the dance. Although not all dances use props, the supporting elements of the dance must be considered to support the visualization of the dance. For some dances, without supporting elements, the dance may not look perfect.

One of the main elements of dance is movement. The elements of dance movement come from style. Among the main elements of dance, the movement itself is divided into two types, namely real (representative) movement and meaningful movement.

Real movement in the main element of dance is a movement that imitates daily activities. Meanwhile, meaningful movement is movement that has meaning, and often the basic movement originates from everyday movements, but is perfected or modified in such a way that it does not look like the real movement.

Number 4 What is the answer

Furthermore, the main element of dance is space. The main element of this dance is space. A moving place in the literal sense is a stage or platforms where you can dance, both closed and open stages. But there is also room for imagination in dancing.

The main element of the dance is time. Timing in the main element of the dance is the time it takes the dancer to make the movement. The time in a dance depends on the speed (tempo) of the dancer when doing the movement, the shortness of the beat (rhythm) of the movement and the duration (duration) of the dancer in doing the movement.

Members of the Indonesian Cultural Conservation Women perform Balinese dance during a virtual fashion show in Jakarta, Saturday (21/11/2020). With the theme #BalikemBali, this event aims to explore, especially the revival of interest from local and foreign tourists visiting Bali. (/Faisal Fanani)

The element of the dance is the body or it is called wiraga. These dance elements imply that dancers must display gestures in a sitting or standing position. Viraga comes from the Javanese word for body and is known as a dance move.

Types of Dance in Indonesia: Definition, Types, Functions and Purposes of Dance

During the dance, dancers must highlight all rhythmic, dynamic, and aesthetic body movements. In the art of dance, all movements, dance does not have a specific purpose. There is a movement that is meaningful, the movement has a specific purpose and goal.

Every movement of the dance elements performed by the dancers has a certain meaning and can be guessed by the audience or dance connoisseurs. An example of an element of dance is when the dancer rotates the wrist, which means the dancer is showing flexibility. Meanwhile, the swaying of the waist performed by the male dancers signifies courage or strength.

The art of dance has elements of rhythmic dance, meaning that every dance movement must be in rhythm with the music that accompanies it. The rhythm or music used in the dance elements often comes from recordings of songs or directly from

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