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Paid Survey Apps, Trusted Money Making Apps

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Immaku.com – Check out the recommendations for paid survey applications, money-making applications that can be done only via a smartphone. The paid survey apps that will be recommended below are proven to pay.

Currently, there are lots of money-making applications that can be done with just a smartphone and a quota. The application can be used anywhere and anytime.

Generally, money-making applications are in the form of games to video content. However, it turns out that there are also applications that can make money by filling out surveys, you know.

One of them is a paid survey application. What are paid survey apps and how do they work? For those of you who are still not familiar with this application, Ayovacsindinkes will explain it further below.

Populix paid survey app illustration. (Populix.co)

As the name implies, a paid survey application is a money-making application by filling out the surveys that have been provided. After completing the survey, the application will give a certain number of points. Which later if the points are collected can be exchanged for prizes in the form of cash to shopping vouchers.

If you have enough points or money collected, you can cash out or withdraw the money to a bank account or e-wallet.

Interested in earning extra income through the internet? You can try the recommendations for paid survey applications that are safe and proven to pay, such as Ayovacsindinkes, reported below.

List of Paid Survey Apps, Safe and Trusted Money Making Apps

1. LifePoints

A safe and truly paid survey app is LifePoints. This application can give you money in an easy way, namely filling out the surveys that have been provided.

How do I get paid for taking surveys? It’s very easy, you only need to register to be part of LifePoints and immediately take part in the available surveys.

Illustration of LifePoints paid survey app. (Personal Doc.)

How to Register LifePoints:
Visit the LifePoints Website

https://www.lifepointspanel.com/id-id/registration or you can download LifePoints on the App Store and Play Store. Enter complete data including active e-mail.

E-mail verification
After activating the account, check your e-mail to verify the account. Just click the button to verify that your registered e-mail address is correct.

Complete Profile
The next step, complete your profile. Fill out an identity profile, plus your other interests and lifestyle characteristics, to be eligible to take the survey.
That way, we can offer you the best opportunity to provide surveys. The more complete you provide, the more suitable the survey will be for you!

Check the E-mail Inbox
Survey reminders will be sent by e-mail. Once you join our community, you will start receiving invitations to participate. Survey quota fills up quickly, so make sure you check your email inbox regularly!

Take Surveys
Take advantage of all the opportunities that await in your very own survey dashboard. You will find various surveys, product trials, polls and diaries on many topics such as health, politics, recreation and more. On average it takes about 10 to 20 minutes to complete the survey. Try to always provide honest and unbiased opinions.

Get Rewards
Every time you complete a survey, you will collect virtual points! We call it an LP. These points can be exchanged for popular e-gift cards, PayPal credit and more. The more surveys you complete, the bigger prizes you can get.

How Many Points Can One Survey Get?

After taking the survey, you will get LifePoints. And the number of points earned depends on the length of the survey and/or how urgently we need your answers. Therefore, the longer or more pressing the survey, the more LifePoints offered.

We will announce the number of LifePoints earned for each survey. Points for each survey start from 1000 to 50,000 points.

How to Convert LifePoints Into Money

You can redeem your LifePoints by clicking ‘Redeem’ in the number of points menu. You can choose to exchange in various ways, from e-commerce, e-wallets, bank account transfers, to Pay Pal. For example, you can exchange IDR 50,000 in cash to OVO for a total of 56,000 LifePoints.

2. Populix

Populix is ​​a company that provides several services that can help make the research and survey process faster, easier and more affordable. Respondents who work on and complete studies on the Populix application will get attractive rewards!

Anyone can become a Populix respondent, from students, housewives, office workers, to online motorcycle taxis.

Registering as a Populix respondent is also very easy, just download and install the Populix application on Android and iOS, then fill in your personal data correctly and completely, then you can take part in the available studies.

Each respondent who participates will get an attractive reward from each study that is successfully answered.

Register according to your original personal data. Use original KTP and own mobile number.

How to Register Populix:


– Download the Populix application on the Google Play Store if you are an Android user. For iOS users, you can download it on the App Store

– Or you can click this link >> https://tinyurl.com/2k257yap and enter code 74CEE-30

– Fill in your full name, enter your email and password that you will use when registering for a Populix account. You can also register directly through your Facebook account.

– Check the inbox email which has been registered in your Populix account to get the OTP code. If you don’t find the OTP code in your inbox email, try to check the folder again junk or spam.

– Then click ‘Start Now’ then fill in your personal data correctly. You will be asked to fill in some personal data such as date of birth, occupation, domicile, and others. Make sure to fill in your personal data honestly and correctly. Then, complete and follow the instructions to complete.

– Populix requires a photo ID card to validate the respondents who joined. No need to worry, we guarantee that the privacy and security of the respondent’s personal data is maintained. Make sure the KTP that you upload has clear quality. After successfully uploading KTP, click ‘next’.

Amount of Money Earned from Filling Surveys Populix


After successfully activating the account and filling in complete data, you will be directed to fill out the study survey that has been provided.

The survey fees also vary, starting from IDR 750 to IDR 35,000.

You can withdraw funds using three withdrawal methods, namely bank transfer, gopay, and OVO.

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