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Pantun Rasa Sayange – Immaku.com

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Watch the full video of Pantun Rasa Sayange – Immaku.com

Pantun Rasa Sayange – Make a chain of 4 verse rhymes using the rhythm of the song Rasa Sayange… an example like that. Thank you.. Reply Yes, I will submit homework tomorrow

Explanation of the meaning of pantun is a literary work that is still very popular today. So pantun can be interpreted as a type of ancient poetry, each of which consists of four lines with stanzas, paraphrases and contents.

Pantun Rasa Sayange

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), pantun is a form of Indonesian (Malay) poetry, each stanza usually consists of four lines and rhymes with ABAB.

Selling the Miscellaneous Pantun Book by Wendi Widya Ratna Dewi

Pantun is one of the old poems that can be recognized by looking at the characteristics of this pantun, namely each stanza consists of four lines. Each pantone line contains a minimum of 8 sentences and a maximum of 12 syllables.

An easily recognized rhyme feature is the pattern. It consists of two patterns that are common in rhymes, namely the abab and aaaa patterns.

Pantu consists of two parts, namely sampiran and contents. The first and second lines of the pantun are called sambiran. The third and fourth rows are the contents of the trousers.

Sometimes some people make the parts of sampiran have no particular meaning, we must be able to make the parts of sampiran and their contents related to each other or a reflection of the contents of the pantun.

Pdf) Dispute Resolution of Traditional Disputes and Cultural Expressions Between Countries: Disputes over the Lagu Rasa Sayange Between Indonesia and Malaysia

Each line of poetry can contain 4-6 words, if the pantun consists of many words it will be more difficult for listeners to learn it, so the line must be filled with 4-6 words. Make it easy to understand and sound.

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