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PicSay Pro Old Version (Full Unlocked) Ad Free, Free Download

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Watch the full video of PicSay Pro Old Version (Full Unlocked) Ad Free, Free Download

PicSay Pro Old Version – The old version of PicSay pro and the new version have no significant difference. Both can be used to edit photos for free, to get old-style PicSay Pro files, you can download them via the Internet.

PicSay pro is one of the best mobile editor apps for Android which can be used instead of editor apps on your computer. This app is not only easy to use but also offers a variety of interesting effects and filters.

Then there are various types of differences between the old version and the new version only in the PicSay Pro TTF font import function. This feature allows you to later change the default font to the one you want.

So, below are some types of information about the PicSay Pro Old Version (Full Unlocked) Ad-Free application, Free Download. Please refer to the following reviews !!

What is PicSay Pro?

Picsay Pro is a popular type of imaging application used by Android users. In fact, in this type of application, you can say the Photoshop Mobile version.

This is due to the variety of available features that can be accessed in editing a type of photo. This application is often used by YouTubers to create video thumbnails.

This photo editing application can be used on Android in a paid way and can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Want to use a paid application?

Of course there are many who will answer no. Therefore, this review refers to PicSay pro which is available in a very free way to use. Free? How about the functionality?


For you to be more comfortable accessing it, you can still use all the available features. Now there is a modded version of PicSay Pro which you can download unlocking all the features and for free which is locked from the link in this review.

By using an old version of the PicSay Pro type of application it is really the best choice for some photo editing mobile phones.

Because the latest version of PicSay Pro still has many shortcomings, one of which is the Pro feature which can only be enjoyed by users who have purchased premium features.

PicSay Pro is a type of photo editing application for Android that comes with features such as blur, crop, bokeh, and image filtering. Photos edited with PicSay pro apk also look cooler and prettier.

Despite this, the latest version of the PicSay Pro app has lost a lot of users. This is because some PRO features can only be used if you have purchased them.

So, users prefer the old version of PicSay Pro Apk which is unlocked for free. Another reason is that the old version is more stable and lighter than the latest version. Although the latest version of PicSay Pro is also more complete and improved.

Features of PicSay Pro Old Version

In today’s modern era, photos no longer need to be edited with a laptop or computer. Almost everything is only possible with a smartphone. Meanwhile, there are also many Android users.

For this reason, developers create special software or applications for Android devices, including photo editing applications. You can download PicSay Photo Editor Pro apk for free.

Why PicSay? Yes, because with this type of photo editing application it can be very simple. In addition, its relatively small size will definitely not slow down your Android device.


In this type of application Picsay Pro has become one of the best options for editing photos using your favorite Android device.

There are various types of features in the PicSay pro mod apk and of course you can use all of that in editing your pictures or photos to make them more attractive.

For those of you who have used this type of Photoshop application, you will definitely know the features of this application, including:

1. Unicode + Emoji

When you download PicSay Pro Mod, you will see various unique emojis and stickers. Of course, you can decorate the photo you are editing with the stickers already available in the application.

With these features, you can bring your images to life beautifully, especially for poster or cover production.

2. Multi-Line Text (Font)

This feature will allow you to add text to a unique font. Of course, you can easily import fonts downloaded from the Internet manually.

Apart from that, you can create simple and elegant designs by relying on a feature of the latest PicSay Pro mod. Apart from that, you can easily add more than one type of text or font to the photo you are editing.

3. Shadow & Light

Using the newest type of PicSay Pro application, you can easily make a type of shadow. Of course, these things are very important when it comes to editing an image because it’s so real.

In this type of application, you can use the Shadow & Luminaire feature to add a shadow effect so that your images look more realistic.

4. Can Resize and Scale

In the latest version of PicSay Pro there are also resize and resize functions which can allow you to change the scale size of images and even photos.

There you can easily reduce the pixel size and also the size in a type of photo and image. Generally this type of stage is referred to by editors as photo cropping.

You no longer have to adjust the image size with your computer. With the PicSay Pro application installed on your Android device, you can easily manage everything.

5. Insert Image + Perspective Editor

Besides you being able to easily rotate images, photos, Striker also allows you to add images that can support the main photo.

Let’s say you’re editing your main photo pose using a blue sky as a backdrop. So, there you can add a cloud image so that it can complement the main photo.

6. Rotate Photos

Besides being able to adjust the size and pixel size, you can also adjust the position of the photo with the free PicSay pro feature. In this way you can rotate images or photos. It lets you create both portrait and landscape photos.

7. Filter Function

Finally, this type of the best photo editor application also has different filters or effects that you can use. This feature allows you to provide various filters to enhance your photos or images.

If you want to make very funny pictures of your friends using several types of filters, effects and strikers you can’t find a good photo editor for this purpose.

Here we will help you in getting various types of applications that are very appropriate for this purpose and the name of the application is Piscay Pro.

This application has millions of users around the world and this is due to the existence of the best platforms on all types of platforms. You will be able to easily use this application, of course.

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Thus the review that we have explained about PicSay Pro Old Version (Full Unlocked) Ad-Free, Free Download, that’s all and thank you!!

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