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Playing Table Tennis Or Badminton Is A Sport That Utilizes Style

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Playing Table Tennis Or Badminton Is A Sport That Utilizes Style – Table tennis is a sport that is quite popular among Indonesian people, both at home and abroad. In fact, this sport has an international parent organization.

Table tennis is usually played by two players or two pairs using opposite rackets/sticks. The racket / bat used is made of wooden boards covered with rubber.

Playing Table Tennis Or Badminton Is A Sport That Utilizes Style

Then what is the history of table tennis and what is its parent organization? The following description is excerpted from Andy Casanravali’s “Table Tennis Theory and Practice Textbook”.

Table Tennis Basic Techniques That Must Be Mastered To Be Able To Clash With Punches

Historically, the game of table tennis originated in England in the 19th century with several names, namely gosima, ping pong and vhiff-vhaff. However, almost all countries know the game of table tennis as ping-pong.

The game of table tennis is taken from the game of table tennis. Initially, in 1901, ping-pong was used as a trademark of a British company owned by J. Jacques & Son Ltd.

After being officially trademarked, the name “ping-pong” was then used for a game that used equipment from a company owned by J. Jacques & Son Ltd.

For players who use equipment from other companies, they still use the term table tennis. It wasn’t until 1920 that J. Jacques & Son Ltd. sold the rights to the name “ping-pong” to the American Parker brothers.

Little Girl Playing Table Tennis Png Images Free Download

The Parker brothers also trademarked ping pong in America in the 1920s, since then the term table tennis has been used more by existing organizations than the name ping pong.

At first table tennis was not considered a sport because it was only played by the nobility to fill their free time after dinner.

The equipment used is also very simple, namely a series of books used as a barrier or net arranged on the dining table and rubber or cork balls.

After many people knew about it and continued to grow, in the 1900s table tennis began to enter Europe and Asia. Table tennis game became popular in Europe and Indonesia after 1918, when World War I ended.

Smash On Drugs Table Tennis Head of Bnn Ri with Bpk Ri Representative of East Kalimantan Province

Then on January 15, 1926, more precisely in Berlin, an organization was formed which overshadowed the game of table tennis at the international level.

The parent organization for international table tennis is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The formation of the ITTF was initiated by dr. George Lehmen from Germany. Meanwhile, the first president of the ITTF was Hon Ivor Montagu from England.

At that time, ITTF members consisted of only eight countries, namely England, Poland, Germany, Sweden, France, Czechoslovakia, India and Japan.

With the founding of the ITTF, the official table tennis competition rules were created. Then in December 1926, the ITTF held a table tennis match in London, England, which was called the European Championships.

Opening of the Kelapa Gading Cup Division 6/7/8 Table Tennis Championship in 2022

This championship is routinely held every two years. Immediately after the end of the first European Championship, on December 12, 1926, the ITTF parent organization in table tennis changed the name of the European Championship to the World Championship. They know the history of table tennis, the benefits of playing table tennis for health. and the basic techniques of table tennis, you will need to have some equipment before you can actually play it. Because if you don’t have various table tennis equipment, you won’t be able to play table tennis.

A bet is a sign of a racket in table tennis and of course this bet is a necessary equipment as a basis for table tennis games because of its function as a ping pong bat. Table tennis rackets are usually made of wood, although now some are made from a combination of wood and rubber.

How to choose a table tennis bet doesn’t need to be difficult or confusing because we can adjust it to the needs and abilities of table tennis players. Regardless of the betting material, make sure that matters of attacking playing style, defensive playing style and all-round playing style can be done correctly, perfectly and comfortably during the game. There are also some of the best table tennis brands that you can use to play table tennis and one of them is Donic table tennis betting.

In playing table tennis, of course, a ball which is also called a ping pong ball is another mandatory prop that should not be missed. However, the selection of table tennis balls should not be arbitrary because they already have a standard size.

Regional Office of Ministry of Religion :: South Sumatra

According to the ITFF, the correct size for a ping pong ball that can be used in table tennis is 2.74 cm with a round ball shape. The color of a table tennis ball is orange which is most often made from colloidal materials. But actually there are also those who use white ping pong balls when playing.

Of course it’s not enough just to have bets and balls because it’s called table tennis, so a special table must be provided. Compulsory table tennis equipment is usually made of hard materials that can make the ping pong ball bounce perfectly. As with the size of a ping pong ball, this table tennis table has a standard size.

The standard table size is 2.74 meters long, 1.52 meters wide and 76 cm high. Since it is called table tennis, whether it is played indoors or outdoors, a table has always been one of the most important pieces of equipment that you must have.

Apart from the table, the mandatory equipment on the table is a net. As in volleyball and court tennis, the net is also important in table tennis. This is because the playing field must be divided into two halves or areas. For netting, a net parallel to the end line may be used.

Complete History of the International Table Tennis Organization

The function of this net pole is as a place to tie the net which is placed in the middle and also as a spreader. Because this column exists, the grid can be a separator on the table to mark the boundaries of our playing area and the opponent’s playing.

Shoes are often an underestimated factor when beginning tennis players consider table tennis equipment. If you are going to play table tennis, running shoes are not suitable for this sport. You can slip and there is a high risk of injury. Table tennis is a sport where we move sideways, and running shoes are made for progress. To play table tennis, you need low-soled shoes that are non-slip and lightweight.

The robot is the perfect solution for playing table tennis without a partner. Although more expensive, the ping pong robot will be very effective for your daily practice. There are several robots that are still affordable and of good quality. What separates the cheaper robots from the more expensive ones is the build quality and functionality of the robots.

An affordable robot like the iPong can shoot balls in a straight line, can’t oscillate, and shoots with the slightest of twists or turns. It can also usually be programmed to do whatever exercise you want.

Kang Akur Opens the 2022 All Stars Cup Table Tennis Tournament

Accessories are a very important part. Choosing the right add-ons can improve your gaming experience significantly. In short, we recommend that you use:

A smartwatch like the Apple Watch to monitor heart rate, oxygen level, calories burned and other interesting indicators.

As the temperature rises, the top layer of rubber can expand and become elastic. This effect will give you significant spin and speed. Before you start playing, place the stick under your gym clothes and rub it gently.

After 5-10 minutes, the tires seem “alive” and ready for a quality shot. Compare cold tires and warm tires, see the difference.

Playing in front of their own supporters, the Indonesian Para Badminton Team is optimistic about winning 6 gold medals at the 2022 Asean Para Games Solo

Rubber bands can last a long time if you care for them properly. After practice or a match, drip 4-5 drops of water (or sweat!) onto the racket and wipe gently with a cloth. The dust particles stick to the rubber surface so they don’t get too sticky.

After cleaning, put a sheet of plastic and put the spatula in the box. The adhesion can be renewed with water or sweat, but it loses quickly if the tires are dirty for a long time.

“Dri fit” sportswear fabrics are especially effective at wicking moisture away from the body. They are very light and comfortable and protect us from injury. Exercising for 2-3 hours while wearing a cotton t-shirt and shorts can lead to injury as it absorbs sweat much more heavily. When sweat cools, muscles stiffen from the low temperature and humidity. After a long period of exercise, the whole body will feel sore and possibly injured. It is played on a table divided by a grid. In addition to the initial serve, the rules of the game are: players must reflect the ball to the opponent’s table, and the opponent must return it. Points will be scored if the opposing player does not return the ball. The game is fast and requires quick reactions. Rotating the ball (spinning technique) will deflect the direction of the ball so it will be difficult for the opponent to return it.

The international table tennis sports organization is the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF), founded in 1926. Currently, the ITTF has 226 table tennis associations/federations worldwide.

Lantamal Vi Personnel Do Table Tennis and Badminton in Rainy Weather

In various parties and categories. From 1988 to 2004, there were men’s singles, women’s singles, and men’s and women’s doubles. Since 2008, the team system is played not in pairs.

Table tennis originated in England around the 19th century, where it was played by the upper class as an after-dinner game indoors. Table tennis has several names, one of which is “vhiff vhaff”, and it is thought that this game was first developed by British soldiers in India or South Africa, from where they brought it back to England. A row of books is placed in the center of the table as a grid, where two books are used to hit the golf ball. The name “ping-pong” was previously used in almost all countries

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