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Prediction Malaysia vs Laos (AFF Cup) 24 December 2022

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Saturday 24 December 2022 The Malaysian National Team will welcome the Laos National Team as their opponent in group B of the AFF Cup. The venue for the match between the two teams is planned at the Bukit Jalil Stadium Kuala Lumpur, as follows Malaysia vs Laos prediction.

On the opening occasion the Malaysian national team managed to secure 3 points for their victory against the Myanmar national team. The match ended with a narrow score of 1-0 which was scored by Muhammad Faisal in 52 minutes. Based on their results yesterday’s victory, the national team was confident against Laos.

Head To Head Malaysia vs Laos

Prediction of Malaysia vs Laos Players
  • There have been 17 matches that have brought together the Malaysia vs Laos National Team, of the 17 occasions the Malaysian National Team won 11 matches, while Laos could only win 1 match in 1997 at the Southeast Asian Games.
  • The Malaysian national team managed to secure 5 consecutive wins in their 17 meetings with Laos.
  • In the AFF Cup itself, Malaysia and Laos have met 7 times, with Malaysia winning 5 times except for 2 matches.
  • In 2021, the Malaysian National Team succeeded in slaughtering Laos’ goal with a score of 4-0 in the ASEAN Tournament match.
  • In 2022, the Laos National Team has competed 7 times but has only been able to win 3 matches and the remaining 4 are defeats.
  • Malaysia is very superior by winning their last 6 matches. Their three matches were against Maldives, Cambodia and also Myanmar.

Malaysia vs Laos (AFF Cup) Prediction From Football Experts

Head To Head Malaysia vs Laos

In the last game, Malaysia was able to win over their opponents, namely Myanmar with a narrow score of 1-0 in the group stage of the AFF Cup on December 21 yesterday. This victory occurred because Muhamad Faisal managed to break into the Myanmar goal in the 52nd minute.

Securing 3 points, the Malaysian national team looks confident in defeating the Laos national team. What’s more, if they manage to win this match, it will strengthen them to be able to advance to the next round, namely the knockout phase.

Their confidence is also overflowing because this year they managed to win 6 matches and the last 3 wins in a row.

However, the Malaysian National Team is still not satisfied with proving themselves to the public, because in yesterday’s match they actually lost in terms of ball possession and also many shots at goal.

The Malaysian national team was actually able to win the match because the Myanmar team could not play objectively in front of Malaysia’s goal. Therefore, the match against Laos will also prove that they are a true superior.

Meanwhile, their opponent, the Lao National Team, has a different view, where in their last match against Vietnam, the Lao National Team had to fall with a fantastic score of 6-0.

Vietnam’s victory yesterday made the Malaysian National Team the 2nd team in the AFF Cup Group B preliminary round. However, many people believe that the Malaysian National Team will be able to appear confident and stunning against Laos.

While the Laos National Team itself must win this match if you don’t want to be eliminated in the Group stage. Although they must be huffing and puffing from their recent poor result.

Score Prediction Malaysia 3 – 0 Laos

If you look at the number of wins that the Malaysian national team has won in their matches in 2022, it is very possible that in the AFF Cup match against a team in their group, namely Laos, Malaysia can win.

Prediction of Malaysia vs Laos Players

Malaysia vs Laos prediction

Both teams seem to be showing Line Up their best at the competition on December 24, 2022, at the Bukit Jalil Stadium in Kuala Lumpur. Both teams also have their own interests in winning the competition, here is the estimate Line Up Malaysia vs Laos players.

Sharul Nazeem, Syihan Hazimi, Khuzaimi Pie, Dominic Tan, Ruventhiran, Azam Azmi, Stuart Wilkin, Brendan Gan, Sergio Aguero, Safawi Rasid, Faisal Halim and Coach (Kim Pan-gon).

Photthavong Sangvilay, Keo-Oudone Souvannasangso, Anantaza Siphongphan, Nalongsit Chanthalangsy, Chony Wenpaserth, At Viengkham, Chanthavixay Khounthoumphone, Soukaphone Vongchiengkham, Anousone Xaypanya, Soukphachan Lueanthala, Billy Ketkeophomphone dan Pelatih (Hans-Michael Weiss).

Now that’s the Malaysia vs Laos prediction that we took from football experts, the prediction above is almost 90 percent correct if you see Track Record from both teams that will compete. Thank you and greetings football..

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