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Privileges That Vocs Have Called

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Privileges That Vocs Have Called – Legend : The success of the Van Neck group selling spices encouraged other Dutch people to come to Indonesia. As a result, there was competition among the Dutch traders themselves. In addition, they also have to compete with Portugal, Spain and England. Seeing this trend, Olden Barneveld decided to form a trade union that would control trade in the East Indies. Time and place : 1602 with the VOC headquarters in Banten Leaders : 1. Francois Wittert 2. Governor General Pieter Vose ( ) 3. Governor General JP Coen (&) Under the leadership of JP Coen in 1619, the VOC managed to seize Jayakarta which became the mother VOC city. JP Coen changed the name Jayakarta to Batavia.

A. To avoid bad competition between Dutch retailers to get the highest possible profit. b. Strengthen Jordan’s position to compete with European countries and other Asian countries. c. To help financially the Dutch government struggled to deal with the Spaniards who still lived in the Netherlands.

Privileges That Vocs Have Called

1. Rights trading rights. 2. The right to have an army. 3. Right to expand to Asia, Africa and Australia. 4. The right to make war, make peace, and make treaties with the kings under his authority. 5. The right to print money. 6. The right to build cities.

Definition of Voc, Purpose, Background and History of its Establishment

§ Verprichte Leverantie, namely the availability of agricultural products at prices determined by the VOC. § Last Right is the right to grow aromatic plants in violation of VOC regulations. § Actually the obligation of society is to pay taxes in the form of agricultural products. § Hongi Cruise is a co-kola (cruise) trip that aims to explore the application of commercial law.

6 VOC BUREAUCRATIC SYSTEM To manage areas in Indonesia that were already under control, the VOC appointed a Governor General who was assisted by four members called Raad Van Indie (Council of India). Under the Governor-General, governors are appointed to lead the regions. Under the Governor many Residents are assisted by Assistant Residents. While the government under it is also given to customary governments such as kings and princes. This type of government is called Indirect Rule.

7 VOC decline and bankruptcy since the early 1800s This was due to the following: 1. There was a lot of corruption by VOC workers 2. There was too much money for the workers due to the expansion of the VOC community 3. . Cost 4. Competition with foreign partners, such as Portuguese trading companies (Compagnie des Indies) and British trading companies (East India Company). 5. VOC’s heavy debt 6. Distribution of shares to shareholders even though their business was in trouble 7. Increased freedom, thus making trade controls imposed by the VOC continue 8. Dutch presence The Netherlands decided in 2009 that a body like the VOC could not be expected before the arrival of the British, so that the VOC had to be dissolved.

8 USE OF VOC VOC was eliminated for the following reasons: a. Financial problems due to corruption, the amount of money to pay workers, payment of salaries, affects conflicts in various regions b. Competition from foreign trade companies c. The establishment of the Bataaf Republic required free trade and not democracy

Chapter I Introduction

In order for this website to work properly, we record user data and share it with editors. In order to use this website, you must accept our Privacy Policy, including our cookie policy. What was the purpose of the VOC in Holland? – VOC or Vereenigde Oost Indiche Compagnie is a trade organization founded by the Dutch on March 20, 1602, this trade conglomerate based in Amsterdam.

The result of the formation of the VOC was due to fierce competition between Dutch traders. How did it happen?

When European trade routes in the Mediterranean were cut off by the move of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire, Europeans had to look for other sources of spices. Finally, they went to eastern India and other eastern regions. Discover islands rich in spices and natural resources.

Because of our wealth, we are called “bear from the east”. News of the discovery of the source of this great spice spread to the ears of other European countries. That’s why many people flocked to look for spices on the island.

Indonesia During the Colonial Period

Initially their goal was just to trade, so that the Bangka Belitung people would be happy when the Europeans came. But along the way, when competition between parties began to increase, many countries such as England and the Netherlands formed trade unions.

This trade organization is known as the VOC as a country that seizes and exploits the island’s natural resources.

The formation of the VOC by the Dutch was caused by strong competition between the country’s traders, so to strengthen the network (association) of Dutch traders, traders were created.

Moreover, at that time not only between traders from various countries who competed with each other, but also between other Dutch traders who competed fiercely and fiercely.

Mention the Voc’s Oktroi/privileges? 2. What is Trade Monopoly? 3. Mention the Figures

To make the VOC stronger than the rest of the traders, the Dutch gave them powers and privileges, including wars and wars.

This autonomy was greater than the right to associate or associate, so that the VOC was considered a government within a government.

As mentioned above, in the formation of the VOC one of the things was strengthening the position of Dutch traders and the power of change.

For this reason, the Netherlands has given special rights and privileges. VOC rights and powers are as follows: VOC Power in the World

Corruption And The Collapse Of VOC’s Glory In The Archipelago

The VOC above were considered octroi rights, because the above was a trade and exclusive relationship.

Control is usually exercised by the state, so these trade relations are akin to countries within countries. The VOC had the right to form troops and wage war, and the VOC often abused this power to abuse and exploit the resources of the Indonesian Archipelago.

Advertising, SEO and Digital Marketing. Love words and love actions. It should contribute to the development and education of the country through various forms of education about the East India Company. The VOC was financed by the Dutch government.

. This trade association was founded in 1602 on the initiative of two Dutchmen, Prince Maurits and Johan van Oldenbarnevelt. The proposal to merge trading companies has been considered since 1598 by the Dutch Parliament.

Historical Voc Organization

This trading company aims to maintain Dutch trade between Dutch traders and other countries in Europe and Asia. In addition, the VOC also wanted to finance a war against Spain, who was occupying the Netherlands at that time.

The Governor General led the VOC. At its founding, Pieter Both was the first Governor-General. He was the leader of the VOC colony.

In the early 17th and 18th centuries all Dutch colonial activities on this island were carried out through the VOC. The Dutch parliament also granted trading powers to the benefit of the VOC. The following are VOC rights and other octrooi rights granted by the Dutch Parliament taken from the book History of Indonesia by Abdurakhman and Arif Pradono:

The trade then went to the Moluccas. The VOC formed an alliance with the local Maluku rulers to fight the Portuguese-Spanish troops in Ambon. The VOC also felt it was not profitable for its trading post. Then the VOC moved to Jayakarta. Later the name Jayakarta was changed by VOC Governor General Jan Pieterszoon Coen to Batavia.

The Purpose of Forming Voc in Indonesia Along with History and Background

During that time the VOC managed to become a wealthy trading power. It has more than 150 merchant ships, 40 warships, 50,000 workers and 10,000 soldiers. However, the glory of the VOC began to fade due to internal problems and troubles.

It is known that many corrupt practices were carried out by VOC officials which led to the growth of debt. In addition, VOC management was in decline due to a lack of leadership and expertise in the field. Finally in 1799 the VOC was dissolved. In the past, I have covered the story of how the VOC started. To refresh the reader’s memory of the VOC, let us repeat that the composition of the VOC is:

1. to avoid unfair competition between the Dutch traders themselves. It was known that many Dutch traders who came to Indonesia were competing with each other, so the VOC was established to combine visions and marketing plans to increase profits.

2. ability to compete with foreign distributors, such as EIC (English) and Compagnie des Indies (Portugal). The Netherlands isn’t the only country to go for spices. in other countries such as Portugal, Spain, and England. VOC production really helped the Netherlands from competition with traders from other countries.

Why the Voc Disbanded

4. They helped finance the Dutch government, which at that time was at war with Spain. As is known the creation of the VOC allowed the Dutch to control the perfume trade in the country. Much interest was received and paid to the Dutch state, one of the benefits of which was to obtain money for the war against Spain. The VOC did not hesitate to expel other traders who tried to control and interfere with the sale of frankincense in Indonesia.

VOC stands for verenigde oost indische compagnie, a Dutch royal company to manage the spice trade. The VOC received special privileges from the Dutch monarchy known as the Octrooi power. The Kingdom of the Netherlands gave the VOC complete control over its trade. VOC control includes:

1. Trading powers 2. Printing and distributing money 3. Appointing and dismissing workers 4. Making treaties with kings 5. Armies 6. Founding cities 7. Declaring war and peace 8. Appointing and dismissing local authorities.

1. control; Monopoly is a marketing activity aimed at controlling trade sources, in this case spices. He said that people should only buy and sell incense to the VOC. They did not hesitate to take action and punish people who were considered disobedient, because this was in accordance with VOC rules.

Describe the special rights granted to VOCs in carrying out their duties

2. printing and distribution of money; with this right they do not want to use the country’s money where they come from and

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