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Provider with the cheapest 24-hour internet quota package, newest 2023

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Provider with the cheapest 24-hour internet quota package – In the Republic of Indonesia, there are quite a number of internet providers competing with each other to offer cheap internet packages.

This cheap internet package comes in a variety of offers, ranging from a matter of hours to a full 24 hours. This method is expected to maintain service quality.

Because each provider provides their own choice of the cheapest internet package, it is quite difficult to judge which provider offers the cheapest internet package between one provider and another.

However, if grouped by certain types of internet packages, for example, 24-hour internet packages, we will be able to see the order.

Cheap Internet Package Options

Cheapest Internet Quota Package

Well… this time we will provide a list of providers with the cheapest 24-hour internet packages, sorted from cheapest to most expensive.

So, what we are going to compare here is specifically only the 24-hour package, not other packages so that it is clear which provider is the most superior among all of them.

1. Telkomsel providers

Telkomsel is the most expensive provider for 24-hour internet package products. The widest network provider in Indonesia has several product choices, including simPATI, KARTU As, Loop, and Kartu HALO.

However, among Telkomsel’s product choices, the cheapest 24-hour internet package is obtained by Loop with a 1GB/hr internet package at a price of IDR 14,000.

Loop 1GB internet package full 24 hours without sharing quota across Telkomsel networks (2G/3G/4G). Purchases can be made through the MyTelkomsel application

2. Provider AXIS

In second place, there is the AXIS provider with the cheapest 24 hour internet package option. The cheapest AXIS internet package is BRONET 500MB/hr for only IDR 4,000

Valid for all networks (2G/3G/4G). This package is only valid for AXIS Postpaid customers with a maximum access speed of up to 7.2Mbps.

To be able to activate this package, make sure you are not registered with another AXIS internet package. If still registered,

Please deactivate the package on *123*7# and then activate the 500MB BRONET package on *123#.

3. Provider 3 (Tri)

Provider 3 (Tri) appears as the provider with the first cheapest 24-hour internet package. Tri’s cheapest internet package is 2.5GB with a 24-hour quota of 750MB for IDR 2,000.

For such a large quota, Rp. 2,000 is a very cheap price. However, you need to check periodically again whether this quota package is still available or not.

Based on our personal experience, cheap quota offers per day may experience rate increases from time to time.

It could be that, after experiencing the price hike, Tri is no longer the provider with the cheapest 24-hour internet package.

The way to activate the package is through the SMS service to 234 with the following format:

MAU 2.5GB1HAR has an active period of 24 hours.

4. Indosat providers

Indosat’s provider has the cheapest 24-hour internet package, namely the IM3 Yellow Package with the cheapest price of IDR 2,000 – IDR 10,000.

The active period of the Yellow Package also varies, starting from daily, 3 days and 7 days. Package details for each Yellow Package, namely:

  • 1GB, IDR 2,000/hr with 1GB 24 hour quota
  • 2GB, Rp2.500/hr with a 24 hour quota of 500MB
  • 2GB, Rp4.000/3hr with a 24 hour quota of 500MB
  • 3GB, IDR 10,000/7hr with 1GB 24 hour quota

To be able to activate the IM3 Yellow Package, you can go through:

Dial UMB *123*111#

5. Provider XL

Especially for XL Prepaid customers, XL presents the SUPER NGEBUT package with a quota of 220MB/hr at a price of IDR 5,000. The distribution details are 200MB at 00:00 – 11:59 and 20MB at 12:00 – 23:59.

If you look at the price, you can say that the SUPER NGEBUT XL Package is cheap, but if you look at the number of quotas, that price is considered expensive.

To be able to activate the XL SUPER NGEBUT 220MB/hr IDR 5,000 package, you can use the MyXL application or via *123#.

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What starter pack is the cheapest?

After you have seen the list of 24-hour internet packages from each provider above, now you have an idea of ​​which provider offers the cheapest 24-hour internet package and is right for you.

Of the providers that offer a 1GB/hr quota, there are Indosat and Telkomsel. Indosat also offers a 1GB quota at a price of IDR 2,500 while Telkomsel Loop IDR 14,000. Indosat is ahead for now.

Meanwhile, for providers offering quota packages below 1GB, there are 3 (Tri), AXIS, and XL.

For Tri (3) Internet Packages, 750MB/hr costs IDR 2,000, while AXIS and XL respectively 500MB/hr, IDR 4,000 and 220MB/hr, IDR 5,000. If sorted again, the rankings are Tri (3), AXIS, and XL.


If we look at the 24-hour internet packages for each provider, we can divide them into 2, namely the 1GB quota package and those below 1GB.

The provider with the cheapest 24-hour internet package for a 1GB quota is occupied by Indosat while those below 1GB are occupied by AXIS.

This ranking is only temporary considering that each provider’s internet tariff always changes from time to time.

It is possible that at a later time, the XL provider, which previously had the lowest ranking, could appear at the top with the latest internet package.

This is the discussion that we can convey in this discussion regarding the provider with the cheapest internet package with the type of 24-hour internet package. Hopefully this information can be useful, thank you.

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