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Safe and Free Interbank Transfer Application (OJK Official)!

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Watch the full video of Safe and Free Interbank Transfer Application (OJK Official)!

Interbank Transfer ApplicationCurrently the transfer fee between banks is around Rp. 6,500 per transaction. If in just a week you transfer up to 10 times, the balance will be lost Rp. 65,000 for admin fees. What a shame, isn’t it? lucky now there are many free interbank transfer applications.

So, you don’t need to worry about admin fees when sending money to your e-wallet or bank account. All of them are completely free, although some are without a monthly quota.

The application that we will discuss later is very safe because it has been registered with the OJK as a supervisory company or start-up in the financial sector.

So, what are the free money transfer applications to various banks? it is mandatory to read this review to the end.

List of Interbank Transfer Applications

Safe and Free Interbank Transfer Application (OJK Official)!

1. Flip Interbank Transfer Application

Flip Interbank Transfer Application

Flip is one of the best money transfer apps. Without having to connect or connect a debit card, Flip is reliable for many people who want to send money without worrying about admin fees.

On Google Play alone, the Flip app has been downloaded more than 5 million times with very good ratings and very positive reviews.

Flip’s interbank money transfer feature works by adding a unique code followed by the beneficiary’s account number. Apart from sending and receiving money, Flip also serves credit purchases and data packages directly from the application.

However, to enjoy transfers without admin fees, you must verify your identity through the application.

Application Link: Download Here

2. The OY! Interbank Transfer Application Indonesia

  OY!  Indonesia

Android money transfer app is OY! Indonesia. This is an all-in-one financial application that has many excellent features, such as e-wallet balance top-ups, interbank money transfers, and financial records.

OY! Indonesia has 3 payment methods namely Manual Transfer, Debit Card, and Virtual Account. But to enjoy it, you must first connect a bank account service to OY! Indonesia.

Because you work as an intermediary, in making transactions you must include a predetermined unique code. For example, you want to transfer money worth Rp. 100,000, later the nominal that must be sent + a unique code of Rp. 100,141

Application Link: Download Here

3. Neobank Interbank Transfer Application


Neobank or Neo+ is a NeoCommerceBank application that focuses on digital banking services. Recently, the application has become viral because it offers many attractive promotions such as free transfers to accounts and e-wallet top-ups.

Of course, as one of the free remittance applications that Phonesable.com recommends for admins, Neobank’s quality cannot be doubted. You can freely send money anywhere without worrying about extra fees.

Application Link: Download Here

4. Alikasi Transfer Neu


Developed by PT Neu Financial Inclusion, you can try the Neu app if you are tired of admin fees every time you send money. This application has received official permission from BI and Kominfo as a safe financial service.

Even though it’s new, Neu deserves to be included in the list of free interbank money transfer applications because it has features that are no less interesting than Flip and OY! Indonesia.

In addition to bank transfers and e-wallets, Neu also features NeuPoints, buying credit, electricity tokens and paying bills.

Application Link: Download Here

5. Transfer


Different from the previous list, Transfez is a free cross-border transfer application that allows users to send money to more than 47 countries with an estimated time of only 10 minutes per transaction.

Apart from that, Transfez also serves bill payments for money transfers between local banks with easy steps and of course free of admin fees.

Although Flip is still not popular, Transfez is quite good in several sectors, such as friendly CS, fast delivery, and easy account registration.

Application Link: Download Here

6. Payfazz

  Payfazz Interbank Transfer Application

Payfazz is a money transfer application without an account that offers various benefits. Transfer facilities in Payfazz are not inferior to other applications, you are free to send money to all bank accounts and top up e-wallets without fees.

Like Neu, Payfazz also has features to top up pulses, pay bills, and top up electricity tokens. Apart from that, Payfazz also has an Agent feature that allows you to earn additional income.

Application Link: Download Here

7. LinkAja

Just link the Interbank Transfer Application

Following the BUMN digital wallet, LinkAja is equipped with various features to support all types of transactions. One of the highlights is withdrawing cash at ATMs, paying transportation costs, and paying bills.

Interestingly, with LinkAja, users can make free transfers to all bank accounts and other digital wallets.

However, you must first upgrade your account to Full Service by verifying your personal data in the form of an e-KTP.

Application Link: Download Here

8. Application Transfer Between Bank NETZME

Aplikasi Transfer Antar Bank Netzme

Labeling itself as Unique Social Payment, NETZME offers several advantages that other free interbank transfer applications do not have. One of them is a transfer limit of up to IDR 5,000,000 in one transaction.

NETZME has received permission from Bank Indonesia, so this application is very reliable and always guarantees user data with a layered security system and a PIN feature for every transaction.

NETZME may not be as popular as other applications, but it can be an alternative for those of you who like hunting for free.

Application Link: Download Here


Interbank Fund Transfer Application

OVO’s main competitor, DANA, doesn’t want to be left behind by presenting beneficial features and services. However, to enjoy it, you also have to verify that the account type changes to DANA Premium.

Not only bank accounts, with DANA you can send money to all e-wallets for free with a nominal value above IDR 50,000. If IDR 10,000 or IDR 20,000, DANA sets an admin fee of around IDR 2,500.

In addition, the free DANA transfer feature can only be used for 10 transfers per month. After the quota runs out, an admin fee will be charged.

Application Link: Download Here

10. OVO

OVO Interbank Transfer Application

The name OVO is definitely familiar to our ears, especially for people who frequently use Grab and Tokopedia. Yep, OVO is also included in the list of easy and fast free money transfer applications.

However, to enjoy all services at OVO, you must first upgrade to OVO Premier with an e-KTP and fill in your personal data. After that, you can transfer or receive money from all bank accounts.

Application Link: Download Here

11. GoPay

Gopay Interbank Transfer Application

On the last list is GoPay. Even though it doesn’t focus on free interbank transfer applications, GoPay provides services and features to send money to bank accounts or top up other e-wallet balances.

Because it is part of Gojek, GoPay always pampers users with promo vouchers and discounts when ordering motorcycle taxis online or paying for food.

Just like OVO and DANA, to enjoy all of these features, users must verify with a selfie photo and e-KTP.

Application Link: Download Here


If previously we had to pay admin fees every time we made a transfer to a bank account, now everything feels easier and more efficient thanks to the presence of digital financial applications.

How about you, have you decided which free interbank transfer application you want to use for your daily transactions? To be more satisfied, we recommend using several applications because each one definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages.

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