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Samsung Supply Exynos Processors for Google

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SA report from South Korea reports that Samsung is currently working on a specially designed Exynos processor for Google. This news is certainly very surprising considering that Google has been loyal to using chipsets Qualcommespecially for their smartphone products.

As a partner manufacturer appointed by Google, Samsung itself is currently in a difficult time regarding the performance of their SoC. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung has received a lot of criticism regarding the performance of the Exynos chipset. This problem arose because of the several types of Exynos released this year, none of them were able to match the performance of artificial chipsets Qualcomm.

Even though it has drawn a lot of criticism, it seems that Samsung will continue to use Exynos in the future. This can be seen from the start of a cooperation contract between Samsung and search engine giant Google recently, especially since Samsung is currently the third largest mobile chipset manufacturer in the world. It feels difficult to suddenly stop Exynos production and then switch to a competitor’s brand.

Chipset ‘order’ This Google will be manufactured using Samsung’s 5nm LPE process. The chipset will feature an octa-core CPU consisting of two Cortex-A78 cores, two Cortex-A76 cores, and four Cortex-A55 cores. For graphic processing, Samsung relies on the Mali MP20 GPU. Finally, this custom Exynos SoC will include Google’s Visual Core ISP and NPU instead of Samsung.

It is unknown which devices will use this particular Exynos chipset first. Could Google use this processor for use on their server systems, or even for the new Pixel?

Since last year, Google itself has reportedly been looking for chip designers from Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, and NVIDIA to build their own chipsets for smartphones and servers. Samsung itself is known to have partnered with AMD to bring Radeon GPUs to its chipsets since last year. However, until now there is no further news regarding this collaboration.

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