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Social Assistance Check Application for BLT, BSU from the Ministry of Social Affairs 2023

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The Indonesian government is committed to helping people’s welfare by launching the Social Assistance Check Application. This application itself does not only function to check the assistance provided by the government whether it has been disbursed or not.

But it can also be used to register so that you can receive social assistance from the Government. Because so far, many have complained if they have difficulty being able to register themselves as beneficiaries of this assistance program.

That is why the government finally decided to release an application that citizens can use to get information about social assistance programs. And can also be used to register in order to get assistance from the Government.

What is the Social Assistance Check Application?

The Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia released an application that is not only useful for checking social assistance. However, it can also be used to check status and register as a beneficiary.

This application itself includes several social assistance such as BPNT, BST and PKH and the registration process can also be done in the application via online. So you don’t need to go to the local village office to register. Enough to register easily from home.

And if you pass the requirements as beneficiaries of assistance, then you will receive confirmation directly from the application. So that you can also use this application directly to check the status of the assistance whether it has been sent or not.

In addition, this application can not only be used to register or initiate oneself as a potential recipient. However, with this application, you can also submit an objection if you are deemed unfit for social assistance.

Even though you actually meet the requirements, with this application you can submit an objection to the Ministry of Social Affairs. So that they follow up on your status and provide a fair and best decision for you.

Because indeed the existence of this application is to provide benefits for the people of Indonesia.

Download the Latest Social Assistance Check Application

For its own size, this application is fairly light in size so it is more stable to use. In terms of appearance, it also carries technology with a friendly interface.

With navigation that is neatly arranged so you won’t have any difficulties when using this application.

Application Details

Application Name Social Assistance Check Application
OS Minimum Android 5.0+
Size 5.3MB
Link Download <>

How to Use the Social Assistance Check Application

In accordance with my previous explanation, this application was released specifically to help the community benefit from social assistance during the recent pandemic.

By using this application you can also register so that you can become beneficiaries of assistance from the Government. Apart from that, you can also nominate relatives or relatives as beneficiaries of assistance if they deserve it.

Here you can also provide a report regarding your status as a recipient of assistance that complies with the conditions if the previous registration was rejected. So that the Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia can follow up on the reports you made immediately.

After you have successfully registered as beneficiaries of social assistance, you can also use this application to check Social Assistance Checks 2022 without having to go to an ATM.

Anyway, the main function of this application is to make it easier for you. Moreover, registering yourself can also be done through an application that is much easier and concise. Because you can register online. So you don’t need to prepare files anymore.

How to use it

Because all files can be sent online, which is much easier and faster. And here’s how to use the Social Assistance Check Application:

  • First download and install the application on your cellphone.
  • Then open the app and allow location access.
  • Next select the menu Create New Account which is located at the bottom.
  • Fill in the registration form according to the correct instructions.
  • Enter a KPT photo and also a selfie photo along with the KTP.
  • Click options Create New Account to continue the process of getting an account.
  • Confirm the registration via the email you are using.
  • Well, it’s finished, now you can use the account.

But if you have already registered and registered me via the Ministry of Social Affairs’ website at bansos.kemensos.go.id. Then you don’t need to register or re-register.

Because you can directly log into the application using the user and password that you have.

How to Make Recipient Proposals

Even though you have successfully registered and have an account, you are not yet a beneficiary of assistance. So to be able to get the benefits of assistance, you must register and make a proposal as a recipient.

But of course do this if you fall into the category of beneficiaries, OK? Apart from being able to submit yourself, you can also propose relatives who are judged to need help and meet the criteria for assistance.

For how to propose yourself to get social assistance, you can do it in the following way:

  • Enter the Social Assistance Check application then look for the menu Add Suggestions to register themselves or register relatives.
  • Fill in the personal data again as the proposer.
  • Then enter information about the person you are proposing, be it yourself or someone else.
  • Enter complementary data, for example KTP and a photo of the front of the house that you have.
  • Next click Add Suggestions.

After completing your proposal, it is not certain that you are already included in the beneficiaries, which means you have to wait for the process to determine whether you meet the requirements or not.

How to Check for Assistance in the Social Assistance Check Application

If you have been registered as beneficiaries of Social Assistance BPNT and layoffs, you can check the results in the application. The method is also fairly easy, and here are ways you can check social assistance through the application:

  • Open the Social Assistance Check application on the cellphone that you have.
  • Select the Social Assistance Check menu.
  • Then fill in your personal data correctly.
  • Continue by clicking the Check Data menu to perform a search.
  • Select the data you want to search for, then click.
  • And information on receipt of Social Assistance funds will be immediately displayed in the application.
  • If the funds have been disbursed, you can immediately visit the nearest ATM to make a withdrawal.

How to Submit Rebuttal Recipients of Assistance

Sometimes even though you have registered yourself, the registration is rejected because it is deemed not to meet the terms and conditions. But don’t worry because you can object if you actually meet the requirements for assistance.

Here’s how to submit an objection to a rejected beneficiary:

  • Open the Social Assistance Check application then look for the Assistance Recipient menu to make a rebuttal.
  • Enter the recipient’s identity or your identity.
  • Click the Eligibility Responses menu.
  • Select the eligibility icon in the form of a like and dislike icon.
  • Fill in the response you want to give.
  • Click submit to send a response.

From here you just need to wait for a review.


From here you can see if the Social Assistance Check application can not only be used to check whether assistance has arrived or not. But you can also register yourself as a beneficiary of assistance to give a rebuttal.

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