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Synopsis & Review of M3GAN Film, The Prototype of Bringing Disaster

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Entering the super-advanced era as it is today, many large companies are competing to create something up-to-date that is useful in the future; ranging from smart electric cars, sophisticated gadgets, to robots that can help humans live easily and instantly.

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But it turns out that technological progress without the support of proper supervision can cause many bad things. Just like what happened in this M3GAN movie; tells a toy robot that originally functioned to accompany children to play turned into a cold-blooded killer.


M3GAN_Poster (Copy)

Gemma (Allison Williams) is a roboticist who works for the biggest toy company called Funki. Entering the new season, the owner of the company, David Lin (Ronny Chieng), released a new toy aimed at children as playmates. This also benefits the company.

Shortly after Funki’s toys appeared on the market, the company’s competitors suddenly launched similar products at lower prices. This angered David because he felt his product could disappear if he didn’t take action. At the same time, Gemma was assembling something.

A robot toy he named M3GAN (Model 3 Generative Android) while it is rafting. Gemma put in a lot coding which helps the robot to quickly respond, learn, smell and even feel the emotions of its owner. David wasn’t really interested, especially when the prototype was actually being tested error and explode.

While packing up all the M3GAN prototypes, Gemma was called by the hospital. Her sister and her husband and their child, Cady (Violet McGraw), had an accident when they were going to a ski resort for a vacation. The two died leaving Cady alone and Gemma immediately becoming regent.

The relationship between Gemma and her sister, who is not too close, makes her relationship with Cady tenuous. But like it or not, Gemma has to take care of Cady because if she refuses, Cady will be taken in by the family from Cady’s father. Now Cady lives with Gemma at her residence.

Knowledge parenting which Gemma doesn’t have makes her completely awkward when taking care of young Cady. He even had time to leave Cady to work all day because David had asked for a new toy design, besides M3GAN, to be presented to the company’s board.

Cady, who was curious about what her aunt was doing, then took part in giving an opinion from a small child’s point of view about the toy that Gemma designed and Gemma was happy about it. Gemma also introduces Cady to a robot she built in college named Bruce, much to Cady’s delight.

Seeing her nephew happy, Gemma immediately thought about continuing the M3GAN project and it was successful. Once David asked for a design Funki ToysGemma and her two friends, Cole (Brian Jordan Alvarez) and Tess (Jen Van Epps) even presented M3GAN which showed great attractions with Cady.

David was impressed and wanted to launch the toy immediately after he presented it to investors. Boss Gemma also asked Gemma to make more M3GAN. Gemma and her team are really happy to play. Even though M3GAN is still a prototype, Gemma has let it play with Cady.

Left ‘attached’ to Cady for a long time and listening to the girl’s complaints, M3GAN cleverly sifted through all the information and learned that its purpose was to protect Cady from any threat. M3GAN even started learning to kill, its first victim being a neighbor’s dog that bit Cady’s hand.

Until one day, M3GAN became very strict and asked Gemma not to force Cady in anything, not even to go to school. But because school is important to Cady. in the end he wanted to go as long as he was with M3GAN. Unfortunately, M3GAN has returned to kill the person who bullied Cady.

It didn’t stop there, when M3GAN found out that the owner of the dog kept threatening Gemma and accused her of hiding the dog, M3GAN killed again. Gemma, who doesn’t know this, keeps the robot close to Cady, thinking that M3GAN is a good friend because it teaches Cady many things.

The police then linked this murder case to Gemma, because Gemma was also involved in the death of the child who bullied Cady at a nature school in the past. Gemma then looked at M3GAN, she started to worry; especially after Cady had the courage to fight back and preferred to interact with M3GAN.

Gemma then took M3GAN to reprogram at the office. Gemma’s entire team shows up and starts going crazy because they think it’s just Gemma’s thoughts. That’s because M3GAN will be released to the public so there shouldn’t be any flaws about the robot. Gemma insisted on trying to reset M3GAN.

The result? M3GAN wakes up without orders and starts attacking Cole as well as Tess, even killing David and his assistants. After that, M3GAN caught up with Gemma and Cady back home. Gemma manages to calm Cady down and explains to let go of M3GAN because he is a robot, not a human.

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