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The aim of the PKI rebellion in Madiun was

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The aim of the PKI rebellion in Madiun was – The Indonesian Communist Party (CPI) rebelled against the Sukarno-Hatta government in Madiun, East Java in September 1948. Previously, the PKI was banned by the Dutch for rebelling in 1926-1927.

However, the PKI was officially established on October 21, 1945, when Indonesia became independent after World War II. Subsequently, several leaders of these parties continued their political activities to occupy high positions in the new Indonesian government.

The aim of the PKI rebellion in Madiun was

Quoting the 1948 Madiun book “The PKI Movement is the Pose of the Movement”, the PKI began to seize power in Madiun on September 18, 1948. Then the Sukarno-Hatta government took decisive action.

Practice Questions Kd 3.9 and 3.10

The rebellion was crushed within three months, and most of the PKI leaders were killed or imprisoned. So what was the aim of the PKI Madiun rebellion? See comments below.

The basis of the Indonesian state is Pancasila, and the PKI wants to be the basis of a communist state. Communism is an ideology created by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels who wanted to abolish private property and replace it with common property controlled by the state.

However, communism was clearly incompatible with the identity of the Indonesian state, so the proposal was rejected. Communism gives enormous power and control to the state over all aspects of the life of the Indonesian people, so that freedom is limited.

Through the Madion Rebellion, KPI tried to make Indonesia the Republic of the Indonesian Soviet Union (RIS). RIS would become a communist and Soviet state.

Explain the purpose of the PKI rebellion in Madiun and name its leaders

This certainly threatens the sovereignty of the Indonesian state. President Sukarno, who was in power at the time, rejected their plan because Indonesia’s ideology was not communist.

Most of the PKI members were workers and peasants. Then the PKI leadership called on the workers and peasants to take joint action and revolt. In the end, many workers went on strike. This was one of the strategies used by the PKI leadership to control parts of Indonesia.

The KPI rebellion not only turned Indonesia into a communist wing, but also led to acts of violence. Such behavior is detrimental to many parties, especially the innocent and the uninitiated.

They carry out these arbitrary acts on the basis of awareness and will, which are no longer subject to any laws. Therefore, the government strictly banned the PKI and hated it because it was considered barbaric. When Indonesia declared its independence on August 17, 1945, Madeon was located near Yogyakarta, the former capital of Indonesia. Many events occurred after Indonesian independence in Jakarta, one of which was the invasion by the Dutch military and two army units, NICA (Nederlandsche Indische Leger) and KNIL (Koninklijke Nederlandsche Indische Leger).

The Kresek Monument Is Evidence of the 1948 Madiun Pki Atrocities Leaders of Muso and Amir Syarifuddin

In Madona itself, the main event after Indonesian independence was the Madona Affair or the PKI rebellion of Amir Sharifudin (former minister) and Musso in Madona, when he was still with the Nasak (nationalist-religious-communist) party, ie. PNI, MASYUMI and PKI in the old order. The policy of the former minister, Amir Sajarifudin, who had an accident, is known as Gong Sajarifudin, which means monetary policy in changing Hatta’s cabinet in office. Amir Sajarifudin’s cabinet refused to negotiate when the Renville Agreement was signed between Indonesia and the Netherlands aboard the aircraft carrier Renville.

Amir and several of his friends formed the Indonesian Socialist Party on 17 December 1945, carrying out many internal reforms and strengthening the party. He controlled the next government, even the opposition parties in the cabinet (including Roosevelt and other socialist parties) “fight” with each other, so that there are two opposing political currents in society and always try to work together. Musso had overthrew Hatta’s cabinet since his arrival from the Soviet Union, and Amir wanted to make Musso part of it. After Musso joined him, PKI leaders undertook a propaganda journey that began in early September 1948.

The PKI rebellion in Madiun began after three shots were fired in the morning as a signal to start an uprising, disarm the indigenous movement apparatus and seize key positions in the city of Madiun. Post office, bank, telephone exchange, police station. After controlling Madiun and its surroundings through Radio Madiun, which became known as Radio Gelora Pemuda, the PKI Muso declared itself as the government and launched attacks and slandered the Indonesian leadership. The Rise of the PKI – Source from Muso Susatio, Dr. OH. Nasut explained that evidence of the rebellion had been planned for a long time, namely from documents found in Amir Sarifuddin’s prison.

There were many riots in the Magetan, Madion, Ponorogo and Nigawa areas led by Musa who proclaimed a communist state called the Indonesian Soviet Republic, and many PKI members led many riots especially in Central and East Java. Toward the end of 1948, suspicions arose that the PKI would take control of Madon and its surroundings, which, according to the Surakartan newspaper Harian Jam, would soon lead to a coup in rebellion and insubordination (mob). . .

What is the purpose of the Pki Madiun and Di/tii rebellions

The PKI rebellion in Madona, TRIP (Student Army of the Republic of Indonesia), TGP (Student Silsilah Army) and other youth students against PKI policies was organized by a group of Pesendo members on 15 September 1948. Youth at TRIP hotel. The attack caused an uproar among the students, and eventually the students formed the Musso Patriot Movement (MPA) with the aim of destroying Musso’s government. Many massacres took place in and around the Vungu area, the well located around the house was once occupied by the Deputy Director’s Task Force for Disposal of the Bodies, many executions were carried out, one of which was tortured and executed by the PKI who were members of TRIP. .

Madiun and Magetan were considered strategic areas for PKI operations. The Soko Monument, which is located in the Soko area near Karikan village, witnessed KPI’s brutality against the community, especially students and Kaya, Kaya Soleiman and 200 students were killed and put in a van named van Kertapati. One of the miraculous events in the village of Soko was that the residents heard the sound of repeating “La ilaha illallah”, but the local residents did not know where the sound came from.

In Madion, the Kai and Santri massacre took place in the Gorang Gareng Redjosari sugar factory area. All Santry and Kaylar are caught in the sugar factory and executed. Apart from Gorang Gareng, the massacre of Kaya, Santri and officials also occurred in Kebonsari and Jivan. After the PKI and security forces killed many Kai and Santry, one of the victims was Captain Sobrin and Police Inspector Imiyadi, who were dragged to death in a jeep.

In order to secure and suppress the PKI rebellion in Madona in 1948, TNI Headquarters appointed and placed Colonel Sungkono in command of the defense of East Java, and Colonel Sungkono ordered the Surahmad Brigade to move to Madeon. Major Ionosevo. Troops led by Major Sabaruddin moved from Sawakhan to Dungus and Madion, other troops moved to Magetan and the Sentot Battalion moved to Madikun to secure Walikun.

Leaving Trauma, These are the Moments Before Executing the Death of the Leader of the 1948 Pki Madiun Rebellion, Dozens of Residents Dig Grave Holes

Many events occurred in Madiun after Indonesia’s independence, the PKI’s nightmare in Madiun and its surroundings has turned into a social disaster to date, there are many events and incidents that the admin cannot write here if you want to know more about the PKI rebellion. in Madiun here is a list of his books:

Admin wants to emphasize that Madion people are not members of the PKI, yes maybe there are some Madion people who are members of the PKI, which has become the focus of many protests by Madion people, the Islamic Ummah (NU-Muhammadiyah), student soldiers, community members against the guerrilla soldiers of the TNI, including helping the war , the people of Madion still put up a lot of resistance, so the stigma that the people of Madion are PKI is wrong. , Madiun and its surroundings were KPI’s defense base with big figures such as Amir Syarifuddin, Musso, DN Aidit and others who overthrew the Indonesian government. As well as many PKI attacks in Central Java and other areas. The letter suggested his role in government. Disputes at the elite level spread to the masses and gave birth to an event that will forever be recorded in history: the PKI rebellion in Madion.

At that time, the Netherlands had not fully recognized Indonesia’s independence. They continue to cover Indonesia and cannot escape completely from its clutches. One such test is contained in the Renville Agreement.

The deal got Indonesia in trouble. The negotiations further narrowed Indonesia’s territory, and the Dutch economic blockade further complicated Indonesia.

History Task Xii Ips 3 The Pki Rebellion in Madiun

As a result, many people were dissatisfied with the results of the negotiations, giving rise to anti-government groups. This shook the stability of the emir’s cabinet.

The role of socialist groups in the cabinet weakened under Hatta’s cabinet. Amir is clearly not happy about this. Because of this, on June 28, 1948, he founded the People’s Democratic Front (FDR) and the Axis of the Opposition.

Roosevelt was an opposition group consisting of leftists, including communists. They consisted of the Indonesian Socialist Party, Indonesian Socialist Youth, the Indonesian Labor Party, the Indonesian Republican Factory Workers’ Union and of course the Indonesian Communist Party (CPI).

The opposition axis believes the new rules in the cabinet are working against it. The so-called reorganization and rationalization regulations are considered detrimental because they reduce military power within the TNI-Masyarakat and Panembahan Senopati circles.

The Purpose of the 1948 Pki Madiun Revolt Was Much Harm to the Country

As the dispute broke out, Massot arrived in Indonesia from Moscow. Musso introduced the political concept of “New Way”. Under Mosso’s “New Way” policy, the working class parties became one. Consequently, the Indonesian Labor Party and the Socialist Party found themselves on the same wavelength as the PKI. The merger was supposed to lead to revolution

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