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The correct position of the two arms in the long jump is

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The correct position of the two arms in the long jump is – The definition of long jump in general is an athletic sport which is characterized by jumping forward and up, flying in the air as far as possible, and landing movements. The long jump starts with pushing off with one leg and building strength to get as far as possible on landing.

This sport is not only popular in Indonesia, but has also become one of the world-class competency championships, including the international Olympics. When I was in school, of course

The correct position of the two arms in the long jump is

For those who want to know more about long jump, here are more details regarding the meaning of long jump according to experts, types of styles, rules, etc. Come on, give your opinion.

Class 07 Physical Education Sports & Student Health 2016

Long jump, according to Djumidar, is a vertical move that departs from the fulcrum to reach horizontal velocity.

Meanwhile, according to Aip Syarifudin, the long jump is defined as a pushing movement with one leg, with the body’s center of gravity floating in the air as much as possible, then landing. The aim of this movement is to reach the farthest distance from the fulcrum.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary, the concept of long jump is the movement of jumping forward to reach a distance that can be reached. The resulting jump is measured from the ground to the first landing in the sand pit.

In addition to discussing the meaning of long jump, let’s discuss the origin of one of these sports. The long jump was first introduced by name at the Olympics in ancient Greece

Basic Long Jump Technique And Its Early History

The long jump first appeared as a sport at the Olympics, 13 centuries ago, in the year 708. Before that, they had only competed in the long jump. In historical records, Sparta participants made a long jump of 7.05 meters.

The appearance of this sport is believed to be able to train the agility of the warriors to avoid obstacles such as ditches or cliffs. Long jump participants may only use the short sprint start in the Olympics. At that time, jumpers were also asked to carry weights weighing 1-4.5 kg in each hand, or commonly called dumbbells.

Historically, one of the most famous ancient Olympic long jumpers was Chionis, who could jump over 7 meters 5 cm. The long jump became increasingly popular, and since 1896 has been included in Olympic competition.

The long jump was first held in Indonesia at the Olympics in 776 BC. However, the development of long jump competition only started around 1869. Because this year, athletics became part of the modern Olympics. Then, in 1928, the long jump Olympics began to be followed by female athletes.

Grade 8 corner questions

The front jump is a movement in the long jump which is done by running as fast as possible to reach the highest speed before doing a push off. This initial distance starts from 40-45 m on the running track. Here are a few things to watch out for:

The fulcrum technique is a very important movement in the long jump athletics branch, because it determines the perfect long jump result. Balancing is accomplished by pushing the board back with your strongest leg and changing speed from horizontal to vertical to stay in the air as much as possible. Some elements that need to be considered from this stacking technique are:

The flying strategy is the posture during flight, which is carried out after the athlete leaves the pedestal. There are two methods of this floating technique, including:

The athletic long jump landing technique must be kept as clean as possible and the body or arms should not fall. Landing begins with the position of the heel and toe joints, this movement must be done with two feet. In this method, it is important that the feet go down together, then the hips move forward, so that the body does not fall and this will not be fatal to the athlete.

Jump Infect [lengkap]: Definition, Technique, History, Field, And Regulations

This type of style is the easiest because when flying in the air, the athlete only needs to move both legs until they bend and look squat. This style must be done precisely and firmly. When the body is floating, position it like a squatting person, with the body slightly tilted. Then the position of the hands jump behind the body while setting the landing correctly.

After discussing the meaning of the long jump, the differences in technique and style in this athletic sport, let’s also look at some of the rules you need to know. Here are some of them:

The length of the long jump track is at least 40 meters, or it can be adjusted according to the athlete’s tactics. The average is done at a distance of 13-45 meters. Track width 1.22 m – 1.25 m. Then the prefix line must be limited to the left and right with a white line 5 cm wide.

The starting board in athletics is usually rectangular in shape and made of wood. Or you can use another equivalent material, such as plasticine painted white. The size of this repelling board is usually 1.21m long, 19.8cm wide and 10cm high. Boarding boards are installed at least 1 m from the landing site. Meanwhile, the distance between the landing boards is at least 10 m on the far side of the landing box.

Long Jump: History, Stages, Techniques, Definitions And Styles

The landing area for the long jump must be at least 2.75 m wide and 9 m-10 m long from the start line to the end of the jump area. In addition, the landing tanks must be filled with good quality sand and no sharp gravel. The surface is flat or parallel to the pusher board.

If more than 8 people participate in the long jump competition, each participant gets three jumps. Then recruited 8 participants with the highest jump results. If the jump occurs at 8th position with the same result, each jumper has three more chances to jump. However, if the competition consists of up to 8 participants, each of them can jump up to 6 times.

In the long jump athletics competition, the winner is not only determined by the result of the furthest jump, but also by the method of the participants in each sport. If there are participants with the same result or number, the winner will be determined by giving a second chance to all participants with the same amount.

In the sport of long jump, in addition to the general rules as discussed above, there are usually specific rules that differ slightly from one competition to another. Here are the long jump rules for the Olympics:

Lkpd Long Jump Worksheet

Usually there are 12 Olympians who qualify to enter the competition. Each contestant performed three jumps and the 8 highest ranking contestants were drawn. 8 contestants again performed a 3-second jump, based on which the longest jump was measured to determine the winner. If there are jumpers with the same score, the winner will be determined by who made the best jump on the second jump.

The long jump is not just about taking off, taking off and landing. Participants must make jumps with the procedures and conditions according to the rules. Here are some long jump violations:

Athletes who refuse or jump over the line will be counted as a violation. The jump should be done right behind the boundary line, but try to be as close to the line as possible to get the longest long jump results. This error usually occurs because participants only focus on running speed without paying attention to the jump limit.

The match committee usually makes 3 calls to the athletes before their turn. However, if the o doesn’t appear after a certain number of uses, it will be considered as disqualification, as it is deemed to belittle the competition.

Kinds Of Basic Techniques To Do In The Long Jump

The length and width of the base of the box is usually 1.22 m x 20.22 cm. So if an athlete refuses to go beyond the box or jumps out of the box, it is considered a violation.

It is also an offense to take a 2-foot pedestal in the long jump. Participants must push off with only one leg. Errors like this are often made by participants who are not concentrating or do not understand the supporting rules of the long jump.

A long jumper that lands outside the sand also commits a foul and will not score a point. As before, mistakes like this are made by players who lack focus or lack mastery of the long jump technique.

In long jumps, you can rely not only on strength and speed, but also on the accuracy of the technique. Even if a competitor jumps the farthest distance from the other competitor, he or she may be considered a failure if he commits an infraction, such as touching an object outside the sandbox while landing. Even touching with a finger is already a violation and the jump is declared invalid.

Long Jump Learning Canva Pages 1 8

The most important factor in the success of long jump contestants is that they must execute the technique correctly. If you do the technique properly, you can jump far without committing a foul. Conversely, even if the participant jumps the longest distance, it is considered invalid if he commits a violation or does not follow the long jump procedure.

Speed ​​and strength are also important factors in the long jump because they affect the forward thrust that is very strong for an athlete. Speed ​​and strength, both must go hand in hand as both are needed to fly longer and jump.

In the sport of long jump, track conditions are not so important. Because of the length of the track, good repulsion and the direction of wind speed can affect the distance of the jumps made by the participants.

Therefore, in long jump competitions, it is often necessary to calculate the speed of the wind that blows first. The maximum wind speed allowed in the long jump event is 20 meters per second. If it exceeds these conditions, the competition may be canceled or postponed first.

How to do a long jump from the initial stages to a good and correct landing

Another thing that is no less important and also affects the long jump is the physical condition of the participants themselves. Mandatory for participants

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