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The Enchanted Fish – Immaku.com

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The Enchanted Fish

A shop on the corner of a busy street has a large aquarium filled with all kinds of fish. Every day, passers-by stop by and admire the beautiful and colorful fish swimming in the aquarium.

Answers to The Enchanted Fish Post Reading Activity Questions in English for Grade 11 Senior High School

One day, a lonely old man stood by the sea and looked at the fish swimming in the aquarium. He is fascinated by a fish that seems to have a smile that follows him wherever he goes. He visited the aquarium several times and became close to the fish. Classics Illustrated Junior 539 Gilberton 1957 VG Enchanted Fish HRN 562 Classics Illustrated Junior 539 Gilberton 1957 VG Enchanted Fish HRN 562

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Small Fish Planter

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Surigao Del Sur’s Enchanted River: Unravel The Mysteries From A Safe Place

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See return policy for more information opens in new tab or window. You have a Money Back Guarantee that opens in a new tab or window if you receive a product that is not described in the description. English11 Answers to SMA Class 11 SMA Question Answers Post Reading Activity Enchanted Fish English SMA Grade 11

Bahasa Inggris Kelas 11 Halaman 120, ‘the Enchanted Fish’, Post Reading Activity Discussion Questions

Answers to the English Post Reading Activity Questions for Class 11 SMA – The narrative story entitled “The Enchanted Fish” is a winning story full of meaning that can inspire a kitambo. For those of you who have read Kali Kali this story but still can’t explain the power of Post Reading Activity, please be calm, because I will write the answer here, especially for you. Here’s the babana.

1. Does the fisherman want to catch the fish he wants? How did he hear it? Do you think he would have done anything other than go back to fishing?

2. The story does not reveal how the prince became a fish. What do you think might have happened?

I think parents can do Prince wrong. So his parents cursed the prince and became a fish.

Classic Illustrated Junior #539

At the end of the story, the fisherman’s wife wants to be the queen of the sun and moon. Embarrassed, the fisherman asked the fish to accept his wife’s catch. The feeling was terrible, the fish made them poor people again.

6. What do you think about fisherman’s wife? Have you ever felt sorry for him? Or are you mad at him? Debate!

I thought the fisherman’s wife was greedy and I was angry with her because she always asked for everything that was impossible.

7. If you could rewrite the story, how would it end? Write the end of the story?

Enchanted Folk Fish Catalogue

The fisherman’s wife wants to be the master of the sun and moon. So she asked her husband to go back to fishing. However, her husband firmly refused her request. “You should see, we have been given a lot of fish. You should thank him and thank him.” said the fisherman. Finally his wife found out and apologized to her husband.

8. Imagine that you are the fish in the story. Can you tell the story from his perspective?

Once upon a time there was a fisherman. He caught me. I told him I wasn’t a real fish, but Prince let me go.

Arriving home, he told his wife what had happened. His wife wanted him to ask me something. He asked the fisherman to ask me for a cabin. The fisherman came up to me, called me and told me what his wife wanted. I gave it to him.


Djeco Enchanted Fishing

The fisherman’s wife always asks me something

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