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The final stages of the drawing process are

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The final stages of the drawing process are – What is meant by scale is the comparison of one part with another part when drawing. Drawing is an activity that many people enjoy. We have known the work of drawing since childhood.

Drawing is an activity that can train the imagination. In addition, drawing can train motor skills and have a positive effect on growth and development. That’s why we are taught to be happy from a young age.

The final stages of the drawing process are

When we are small, we can be withdrawn with initiative. However, the older we can draw the better. However, it turns out that drawing has its own process. For example when drawing people, we need to know their dimensions.

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What are the parts in the picture? And how to draw a human character’s body according to its dimensions? Check out the discussion in the article below!

Before we discuss about size, do you know the meaning of an image? Referring to the book Drawing Elements & Principles by Gumelar (2015: 10), drawing is a simulation of everything, such as humans, animals, plants, various ideas and solutions that exist or not in the real world that you can do using a tool. make lines (patterns) on traditional media and new media.

In order for the image to look more realistic, we need to know its dimensions. By size is meant a perfect comparison between anatomical structures. So how do you make a character with the right proportions?

The first thing you need to do when drawing a character is make a line or outline. The trick is to make a vertical line. Then mark the lines for the head, body and legs.

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After creating the instructions, the next thing to do is draw a sketch. Sketches can be drawn by making silhouettes.

After making a sketch, next you have to mark the position of the members. The position of the feet must match the dimensions to make it look more real and beautiful.

Note that when drawing men and women the characters are different. This is because the body size of men and women is very different. Therefore, before drawing, you need to understand the proportions of the human body.

Well, that’s what is meant by classification and how to draw characters. If you want to draw well, you have to practice a lot and do research. Enjoy drawing and keep developing your imagination! (FAR) Method 1 – Preparation of tools and materials – Determination of drawing techniques – Sketching – Completion of images with dark and light – Final method 2 – Determination of objects – Determination of light – Determination of application of tools and objects – Making sketches – Acquisition of basic colors – Materialization of elements light and dark – Creating light effects – Final 1. Shading Process 2. Cold Process (Watercolor) 3. Dussel Process 4. Silhouette (Block) Process 5. Pointillist Technique

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In the world of drawing, sometimes people need something as inspiration for their drawings. This can be called a model image. To draw a model, you must take a series of steps.

Quoted from source.belajar.kemdikbud.go.id, drawing a model is a drawing activity that involves or requires a model to be drawn into an image. Drawing a model is the same as looking directly at the drawing object to study the design system and drawing environment.

The conditions for drawing are the accuracy or completeness of the shape and character of the object being drawn. To make it easier to observe the details of the object being drawn, the object is placed not far from the artist’s view. The essence of drawing a model is a picture that is more real and what it is, without changing certain elements of the object.

To draw a model, you need a drawing surface such as paper or canvas. Therefore, a number of tools and materials used can be in the form of pencils, charcoal, colored pencils, pencils, watercolors, acrylic paints, to oil paints.

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The P and K Office of Wonogiri Regency explained, the method or stages of drawing the model are divided into five stages, namely:

The first thing to do when drawing a model is to prepare tools and materials. At this stage, designers can prepare the tools and materials they choose before starting to draw, such as canvas, oil paint, and the type of pencil used.

The next step is to define the drawing process. Imaging techniques are important because each technique will produce a different object image.

After preparing the tools, materials and determining the drawing technique to be used, the artist can continue drawing. The embodiment of this sketch is carried out using tools and materials that have been developed together with the application of the process.

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Savers can complete the previously made sketch by providing black and light colors. This defines or softens the shadows to give the image more dimension.

The first step in drawing a model is deciding which object or model to use. The object or model can be an object, flower or even a combination of both. It is important to pay attention to the background of the article. Use walls with bright colors and textures to make what you choose stand out.

Setting the exposure on the default model is one of the most important things because exposure helps create black and light images. Adding light and dark elements is important for value and a sense of depth and space. You can use lamps or natural light as lighting items.

The next stage is to determine the tools and materials to be used for drawing. The selection of tools and materials will affect the intended drawing process, so the selection of tools and materials must be considered carefully.

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After determining the material, light, tools and materials, you can continue with the process of drawing a sketch of the selected object. Use a pencil with soft strokes.

The next step is to first give the basic color to each part of the object. For example, if you are drawing a flower with a stem and leaves, you should first color it bright red, then color the stem and leaves green.

After that, you can create light and dark elements on the given base color. To make something darker, use a darker color than the base color above.

The seventh step in drawing a model is creating a light effect. This is important to provide a more realistic view of what we are drawing. Lightening can be done with white lesions.

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The final stage in drawing the model is finishing which is done by spraying water evenly on the image. Fixing spray is important so that the artwork or works can last a long time and avoid corrosion, acids and moisture. However, before you do that, first put up a sign to show where the work came from.

When drawing a model, you can choose from a variety of techniques to use. This technique is divided into two, namely direct and indirect. Here are five examples of drawing techniques:

The shadow technique is a drawing technique by drawing with pencil, marker, ink or other tools to make repeated lines that create exposure to dark light, gradations and one-dimensional impressions.

Watercolor techniques are done by mixing water on paper, cloth or other surfaces. If the drawing area used is paper, this process can be done using watercolors, poster paint, or ink wash.

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Next is the dussel process. This technique is made by swiping pens, pencils or arrows to create a black or thick impression.

The stages of drawing the model vary, starting from determining objects, light, tools and materials, sketches, basic colors, light and dark elements, lighting, to finishing. Drawing your own model is a drawing activity that involves dividing objects into pictures. If you like drawing, you’ll want to know the general steps in the drawing process. The final stage of the drawing process is complete. Check out the reviews in the article below.

Even though there are no standard rules for drawing in fine art, we want to know the stages and techniques of drawing in general. This knowledge can be useful to add to the knowledge and drawing skills we have. By knowing the correct steps and procedures, drawing errors can also be reduced.

Each image will have its own style and character even if you use the same layer. The final stage of the drawing process is the final touch made to perfect the image. The final stage is generally called finishing, although the details of the process vary depending on the type of drawing being created.

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Compiled from the book Drawing Magic compiled by AR Studio (2011: 7), here are the steps for drawing a sketch.

Determining the basic design or initial design will help us determine the desired design. You do this by arranging several lines and points such as circles, squares, triangles and others.

This stage involves drawing the object or part of the object clearly and revealing the object as the main shadow.

The next step is to colorize the final image or shadow layer. Combining good shading techniques with the character of the pencil used will help us control the thickness and thinness of the shading needed in the image.

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In the final stage, more detailed shading will be carried out on the parts of the object being drawn. This includes text information, drop shadows, audio composition, desired effect, desired part to highlight, natural effects and more.

If in pencil drawings the final settlement is done in a shading manner, then it is different from the final process in comic drawings. Quoted from the book Easy Ways to Draw Manga compiled by Wahyu (2011: 43), the goal in drawing comics is to add text, speech bubbles, text comments and so on.

The final stage of the drawing process is the stage that takes the longest compared to the other stages. In addition to adding details to enhance the image, we must also be able to give energy and soul to the image. This of course requires experience and high flying hours. (DK)

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