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The Latest 2023 Full Strobe Bussid Car, Truck and Bus Mod

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Watch the full video of The Latest 2023 Full Strobe Bussid Car, Truck and Bus Mod

Download Mod Buss – If you are a person who likes games or game simulator then you must already know game Bus Simulator, which is currently viral and is loved by many players.

Now there are also lots of Bussid Mods that have very cool bus looks to play. If you have been playing for a long time Bus Simulator and bored with the bus that’s all the appearance and type.

Then you can use a variety of Bussid Mods which will give you lots of cool bus models. Many buses from brands or AFTER famous bus in Indonesia.

If you are interested in using the Bussid Mod then you can see the reviews Immaku.com below this.

Explanation About Bussid Mod Apk

Mod Buses

The bussid mod is file Mod which can be used in conjunction with game Bus Simulator. Where you can play this bus simulator with a cool bus appearance.

With file Mod this then you can play this game by using Kramadjati Buses, Haryanto Buses, Oleng Busesand many AFTER other buses.

By playing brand bus different then you can be even more fun and exciting when playing Bus Simulator. There are also many advantages from bus – bus the.

In one of them are various animations such as door opening animations, trunk opening animations, driver window opening animations, bus modification light animations and many others.

This bussid mod has file types with format .bus vehicle or .bus mod which is very compatible with game Bus Simulator. There are many people who create and share Mod Bussid files.

Among them are Angga Saputro, Faridh Madyawan, MD Creation, Budesign, and also Ade Iskandar, they are very well-known Mod Bus developers.

Oh yes, there are not only various buses that you can use, but there are also various types of trucks that you can use with the Bussid Mod. The appearance of the truck is no less cool.

Among them are oil palm trucks, fuso trucks, tarpaulin trucks to trucks lifting heavy equipment. Now, with this, you will definitely be more enthusiastic about downloading the Bussid Mod on your device.

So, if you are interested in the Bussid Mod, here we have provided many choices Towards Bus which you can download to play inside game Bus Simulator.

And also all the Mods that we have provided here fully animated or full anim so please choose yourself.

For the first Bus Mod, it has a cool bus appearance with a very flat bus level. Which is the same as many original PO buses in Indonesia.

Among them are Sudiro Tungga Jaya Buses, Haryanto Buses, ALS Buses, Rosalia Indah Buses, NPM Buses, and other PO Buses. In this Bussid Buss JB3 Mod list, we have summarized many Mod options.

Which in our opinion is the best and we like. Because there are many choices, you can choose freely which bus you want to download and play on it game Bus Simulator.

Here is a list that you can choose from.

Nama Mod Bussid + Included Livery Link Download
Microbus Isuzu ELF Full Anim HERE
Avante Sinar Jaya Double Decker Bus + Full Accessories “HERE”
Rosalia Indah Double Decker Bus “HERE”
Bus JB3+ Sudiro Tungga Jaya Tronton “HERE”
Bus ALS Full Anim Scania “HERE”
BUS JB3 Full Strobe PO Haryanto 3D “HERE”

Now, it’s not just the Bussid bus mod, but you can also use the look of a truck that has a really cool design. You can use tilt trucks, flat trucks, palm trucks and many others.

So you can choose which mod you like to download.

1. Canter Truck

So if you are a person who really likes various types of cool trucks originating from Indonesia. So you can download it from the list of Bussid Mods which we summarize and provide below.

The name of the bussid truck mod Canter + Livery Link Download
Young Oppa Truck Canter “HERE”
Truck Canter NMR71 Mbois Full Strobe “HERE”
Truck Canter New Calista “HERE”
Triangle Tarpaulin Wahyu Abadi Truck Canter “HERE”
Palm Loaded Canter Truck “HERE”

That’s the list of Canter Trucks, you need to know if this type of truck is an idol truck and you have legend inside game Bus Simulator. Almost all players like the look of this one truck to use and use.

2. Hino trucks

Here there is also a link to download the Bussid Mod from world-famous truck brands or brands, namely Hino. Where you can see this truck almost every day on the streets in all regions of Indonesia.

Here is the list we share.

The name of the bussid truck mod Hino + Livery Link Download
Truck Hino Siba Surya Tarpaulin 3D “HERE”
Long Box Container Hino Trucks “HERE”
Car Loading Hino Truck “HERE”

3. Fuso Trucks

If you like trucks that are very large then the Bussid Mod Fuso Truck is a very suitable choice for you to choose.

You can download the Mod file from Fuso Truck this is from the list we have given below.

Nama Mod Bussid + Included Livery Link Download
Car Loading Hino Truck “HERE”
Truck Fuso 3D Load Heavy Equipment Bulldozer “HERE”
Hitachi Excavator Loading Trailer Fuso Truck “HERE”
Truck Fuso Long Chasis Full Load “HERE”
Fuso Isuzu Long Loaded Heavy Equipment Truck “HERE”
Truck Hino Siba Surya Tarpaulin 3D “HERE”
Long Box Container Hino Trucks “HERE”

Besides the bus you can also play Bus Simulator This uses a Mod Bussid motorbike type vehicle drag.

If you are confused or wondering how to reverse this motorbike, don’t worry.

Because inside game This motor can also reverse. Okay, just select the list below.

Nama Mod Bussid Motor Drag + Livery Link Download
Engine Drag Honda CBR “HERE”
Motor Drag RX King “HERE”
Motor Drag Beat “HERE”

Besides buses and motorbikes, there is one more type of vehicle that you can play inside game this is the Private Car Bussid Mod and also the Racing Car.

If you are curious about any type then you can download file Mod it below.

Nama Mod Bussid Mobil + Livery Link Download
Mobile Bugatti Divo “HERE”
Raffi Ahmad’s Lamborghini Aventador “HERE”
Mobil Nissan GTR Racing Full Anim “HERE”
Mobil Lykan White “HERE”


Now that’s a wide selection of Bussid Mods that you can choose and download for use in the game game Bus Simulator.

The selection above is a compilation of the many Mods available on the internet and which we think are the best.

Please download The Latest 2023 Full Strobe Bussid Car, Truck and Bus Mod and see you soon.

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Originally posted 2022-11-03 19:03:16.

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