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The Meaning of Dreams of Defecating in a River & Pants According to Islam

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Check out the meaning of the dream of defecating in your pants and in the bathroom below.

It seems that almost everyone has experienced a dream of defecating in their lifetime.

Dreams of defecating are usually associated with a sign of an accident.

So is this assumption true? Following Immaku.com present the information to you.

The Meaning of Dreams of Pooping According to Islam

1. Pooping in pants

It turns out that the assumption that pooping in your pants is a bad sign.

You are predicted to experience unpleasant events in the future.

This could be related to your romance, family, or business.

Although indeed, the focus is on the family.

Your family is predicted to face a pretty tough life test.

2. Defecate in the bathroom

In line with the previous interpretation, you will have some trials in the future.

The ordeal makes you and your family a little overwhelmed to finish it.

However, it is important to be able to remain calm and think clearly.

A clear mind will lead you to a more informed decision.

This also prevents you from making rash or sloppy decisions.

Just take it easy and live as best you can.

3. Poop and look at the poop

This one dream usually makes those who experience it quite disgusted.

The reason is, in a dream to see his own feces.

In fact, many avoid peeking at the form of poop in the real world.

But apparently, this dream contains a sign that there will be good luck for you.

You will get success related to the efforts that have been made.

This is a breath of fresh air for the good news you have been waiting for.

It can be about career, finance, business, and other good things.

4. Defecate in bed

The dream of defecating in bed has its own meaning.

That is, this dream is trying to tell you if sexual upheaval is burning.

You haven’t had the opportunity or channeled that desire properly and correctly.

Because of that, his desire becomes restrained and ends in a dream of defecating.

Apart from sex, this is also a sign that you will earn a lot of money in the future.

The money or fortune comes from a place you didn’t expect before.

The amount is relatively large and enough to meet your needs.

5. Defeat in a messy manner

Even though it looks disgusting, there is an implied meaning to this dream.

It is suspected that you have been experiencing a lot of life problems lately.

These problems make your life disturbed and stressful.

You feel like going and getting out of the trap, but you haven’t been able to.

Because of that, you end up dreaming of messy bowel movements.

So it is good to solve the problem that is being faced completely.

6. Defecate in public places

This dream is trying to convey a message for you to improve your quality of life.

You are asked to get rid of all negative traits and behaviors in everyday life.

All negative things are asked to be turned into positive things that can have a good effect in the future.

It never hurts to start trying from now on.

Step by step you can do as part of the process.

The process becomes something you can do for a better future.

It is important to see the whole process.

This is done so that the results obtained can be maximized and get a good attitude.

Disclaimer: Article meaning of dream of pooping is the result of the production of the editorial team, wisdom is needed in trusting information or news that is prepared.

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