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The Meaning of Ngeteh in Children’s Slang Twitter & TikTok

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What does Ngeh mean? The term “Ngeteh” is now viral and widely used by netizens on social media, especially Twitter and TikTok.

The term viral never ends and is used by the public, on social media or in everyday life. The term is viral because it often appears in posts or comments by netizens.

One of the viral terms that is being widely discussed is Ngeteh. Yes, said Ngeteh, it is being widely inserted in the interactions or conversations of today’s children, both millennials and gen Z.


Even though it is viral and often circulates on social media, it turns out that there are still many other netizens who still don’t know what Ngeteh means. Ordinary people might think that Ngeteh is a drink. But in fact, this term has absolutely nothing to do with drinks.

In order not to get confused and fail to understand the word Ngeteh, Immaku.com will provide an explanation of the meaning of Ngeteh in slang below.

The Meaning of Ngeteh in Children’s Slang on Twitter and TikTok

If you think the meaning of this viral Ngetea has something to do with drinking, you are wrong. Ngeteh in slang is not about drinking tea, which is a favorite drink for many people to accompany food.

And the word Ngeteh also does not mean an invitation to drink coffee at a coffee shop. Drinking tea has absolutely nothing to do with any drink. So what does Ngeh really mean?

Have Twitter fans seen or heard a tweet saying, ‘Let’s have some tea’ or ‘Just spill the tea’? Yes, news regarding this sentence appeared when there was a hot conversation that was being discussed.

And usually the word ‘Ngeteh’ appears when a person or group of people talks about other people.

Ngeteh can also be interpreted as gossip. Quoted from Quora, the meaning of Ngeteh refers to the viral term from English, namely ‘Spill the tea’. ‘Spill the tea’ can be interpreted as ‘come on to reveal the secret or gossip to us’.

After that, other netizens will say the phrase ‘let’s have tea’, to ask the user to tell the story that actually happened in a discussion.

This term is similar to the sentence ‘spill dong’, which asks the user to reveal the secret or the intent of the satire.

The term Ngeteh is often used by Twitter users to provide satire in their tweets. This often happens when there are celebrity or other accounts, which make tweets with ambiguous sentences, which tend to satirize someone.

It is certain that the comments column in the tweet must have asked for ‘tea’ in response to the tweet.

Arti Pardon Me Who Tf Are You

The meaning of ardon me and Who tf are you are different from the meaning of Ngeteh where these words are being used heavily in TikTok video content.

The word pardon me is generally used to describe the condition of responding to someone else’s affection, which is felt to be disturbing or strange.

Pardon me is an English word that means ‘forgive me’ or ‘sorry’. Reporting from the Cambridge Dictionary, the word pardon me can be used in several conditions.

One example is in the condition when asking permission to state or express disagreement. Here’s an example sentence, ‘pardon me, but I think you’ve that wrong’ or it means ‘Sorry, but I think you are wrong’.

The meaning of pardon me on TikTok is the same as exemplified in the Cambridge Dictionary. The meaning of pardon me in Indonesian is to express disagreement.

Or it could mean correcting something and asking someone to repeat what they said politely.

The meaning of pardon me who tf are you is an abbreviation of ‘who the fuck are you’, which, if translated into Indonesian, means ‘who are you?’ in crude language.

The phrase ‘who are you?’ in viral terms it is used which can cause outrage. This sentence is to ask who they are and what they do.

The person using this phrase is trying to offend others and is being rude.

An example of TikTok video content that uses this sentence is as follows:

‘Hopefully in the future you can get someone better than me. I’m sorry I hurt you.’ ‘Pardon me? Who tf are you? Haha.’

‘I make sure you won’t find a guy like me again.’Pardon me? Who tf are you?’

This lively trend on TikTok is mostly aimed at ex-boyfriends whose relationship is not going well. Pardon me said this wanted to show if their ex-boyfriend’s statement was wrong.

This is an explanation of the meaning of Ngeteh and other viral terms. Hope it helps.

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