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The meaning of the word Combi is, don’t say it carelessly!

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Immaku.com – What does the word combi mean? For those of you who don’t know the meaning of combi yet, you are reminded not to say it carelessly. Why? Check out the review below.

Combi words are now widely discussed and viral on TikTok. The appearance of this word started from a song called Sayunk I Love You.

The singer of the song has a name similar to the Bugis language, namely Chombi. Chombi is a singer from Malaysia.

The word combi has also become viral and is excitedly discussed by netizens. This is because the meaning of the word combi has a negative connotation in the local language.

https://www.ayovaksindinkeskdi.id/arti-kata-combi-/(opens in a new tab)

Yes, nowadays there are lots of viral terms popping up on social media. The term was also milling about in the posts and comments column. Starting from abbreviations and words from English or Indonesian, to regional languages ​​such as the word combi.

You need to know the meaning of the terms that are currently viral. This is intended so that you are not confused and fail to understand the posts and comments from netizens.

In addition, so that you also don’t use the slang wrongly. Because not all slang or viral terms have a good connotation, like the word combi.

So what exactly does the word combi mean? Check out the explanation provided by Immaku.com below.

What Does Combi Mean

The word chombi has similarities with the Bugis language, combi. In the Bugis language, combi is a word that cannot be said carelessly.

This is because the word combi has an inappropriate meaning or has a negative connotation. Many TikTok netizens mention the word combi, which has the meaning of referring to one part of a woman’s body.

This combi word is usually used to curse or swear. Combi has an impolite meaning to say. Therefore, be careful about using it on social media or daily life.

Apart from the word combi, there are several other viral slang words that have meanings with negative connotations. So that the slang below should not be spoken carelessly. Check out the explanation below.

Another Slang with Negative Connotations

Meaning of Kiw Kiw

Kiw kiw has the same meaning as cie cie, which is usually used to tease someone or joke around.

The meaning of kiw kiw is a joke or tease which, if thrown at a stranger or an unknown person, is like saying cat calling or harassment. Therefore, care must be taken not to say it to strangers.

Meaning of Sasimo

The word sasimo viral comes from the code number 2421m4 which means Sasima. The number 2 means the letter s, the number 1 is the letter I and the number 4 is the letter a.

The meaning of 2421m4 is here and there want. And sasimo has the same meaning, which is an abbreviation of the term Sana Sini Mao which means cheap.

This term refers to people who are in contact with anyone, regardless of the reason. For example, if you want to be invited by anyone, without choosing someone.

Here and there want to refer to someone who has a deviant attitude and behavior. Someone wants to relate to anyone, both women and men.

Meaning of Prot Prot

The word prot prot is a play on crot crot. The meaning of crot crot itself is a term for a spray of water or sperm when ejaculating.

This word is usually a person’s signal to his partner to have physical contact.

The meaning of Sagapung

The word sagapung turns out to be an abbreviation of the word ‘Sang3 Not Accommodated’.

This word is used to express the feeling of someone’s lust that is peaking.

Another word that is easy to understand is someone’s desire to have sex or sexual activity.

The word is still considered taboo in society, especially parents. Therefore, the term sagapung should not be uttered carelessly in public.

The word sagapung is popular on social media and is often used as a joke. An example of using the word sagapung is:

‘I see his face is already floating’

‘Lo sagapung huh? Run away, there are people running around’

This is an explanation of the meaning of combi and several other slang words that have negative meanings. Hope it helps.

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