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The meaning of the word gaslighting is, the term love and examples

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Listen carefully to the explanation of the meaning of the word gaslighting, a term in romance that is currently widely used.

We often hear the word gaslighting when there is a discussion about romance between two human children.

Unfortunately, gaslighting is synonymous with negative things for people who experience it.

It’s just that, not many fully understand the new term gaslighting.

This is because the word gaslighting was not as well-known as it is now, before it was widely used on social media.

Now there are many social media that have made him famous and are finally starting to become familiar to the public.

Even though it comes from English, slowly the word gaslighting can become close to Indonesian people.

This is related to how often a person is exposed to hearing and saying the word gaslighting.

It is possible if you are one of those who often hear the word gaslighting in everyday life.

It could be that the word gaslighting is said by peers or even from social media.

These sources are indeed the most widely used and popularized the word gaslighting.

This is because before gaslighting was not as popular as it is today without these sources.

Now the word that comes from the English language gaslighting has become more popular and is often heard even though not many know what it means.

This is also an interesting concern because actually there are still many people who do not understand the meaning of gaslighting.

Even though gaslighting is very often heard in everyday life.

Meaning of the word Gaslighting


The word gaslighting is certain to come from English.

It turns out that gaslighting refers to acts of manipulation in a romantic relationship.

Usually one party gaslights and manipulates their partner in the relationship.

Unfortunately, gaslighting is a problem that most people often take for granted.

This is because gaslighting makes a person trampled on by their emotional feelings.

This makes it seem as if they are not given the space to feel an emotion as ordinary humans who naturally experience certain feelings.

Gaslighting or manipulation is very dangerous because it will have a negative impact on mental health if done for a long time.

Example of gaslighting

There are several behaviors that indicate someone is gaslighting or not.

This is evident from the way they respond to situations and conditions.

Usually, if he makes a mistake, then he will blame you for everything that happened and don’t want to introspect.

He will turn the situation around so that you are the one who looks wrong in his eyes and becomes the one who bears all the consequences of what he does.

In addition, usually he will belittle all your feelings.

He will generally assume that you are an exaggerated person in responding to circumstances.

You also become agitated and start blaming yourself for the responses and actions that you have done before.

Impact of Gaslighting

If you experience gaslighting, you can be sure that you will experience certain effects.

Usually people who experience gaslighting will not consider themselves worthy.

He seems to be incited by his manipulative partner if he is worthless.

Apart from that, you will always feel inferior and insecure about all the efforts you make.

Starting from opinions, behavior, and thoughts, everything seems to be controlled by him.

Get off Gaslighting

There are several ways you can escape gaslighting.

You should start keeping boundaries and a little distance from people who are manipulative for some time.

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