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The steps taken by the local government to protect its sustainability

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The steps taken by the local government to protect its sustainability – One of the reasons for the scarcity of animals is damage to the environment or their natural habitat. Environmental damage is caused by nature itself and human behavior.

For example, forest fires in Riau threaten sun bears, forest fires in Kalimantan have killed several orangutans, dolphins have become endangered because they die in fishing nets, and many more.

The steps taken by the local government to protect its sustainability

Therefore, it is very important for the public to be aware of and participate in the conservation of endangered species in Indonesia so that they do not become extinct.

Saving Bornean Orangutans Must Protect Their Habitat

In accordance with the provisions of paragraph (1) Article 5 Regulation No. 7 of 1999 concerning the Preservation of Plant and Animal Species. Animal species can be classified as protected animals if they meet three criteria, namely:

Socialization is still being carried out for all levels of society, but the main targets are places that often experience environmental damage and wildlife poaching, such as; coastal communities and surrounding forests.

Communities must support the efforts of the government and related institutions that care about environmental and animal conservation.

The public who are educated and support these conservation efforts must put up prohibition and warning signs. It also helps promote government efforts to preserve the environment and animals.

Article Preserving Regional Languages ​​Through the Role of Central Sulawesi Language Ambassadors

Communities can make signs that prohibit hunting, cutting down trees, and the smallest things such as not littering (for example on hiking trails).

If the community sees someone damaging the environment, or sees someone carrying out activities that have the potential to damage the environment, the community must warn and inform the authorities to impose sanctions according to their actions.

In addition to damaging the environment, people must report when they see people hunting, killing or caring for endangered wildlife.

This is meant to be a deterrent to those who hunt and to warn others who wish to do the same.

Man-eating tigers in India: The Dilemma of Wildlife Conservation

In Indonesia, there have been cases where operations have been carried out with endangered species. They trade birds of paradise, clouded leopards, gibbons and many others for personal use.

Not only in Indonesia, these people also transact with people outside Indonesia at different prices.

Therefore, regardless of the form of the agreement and regardless of the results of the sale, the public must avoid this behavior. People should also be aware of their actions, which may threaten the lives of other living beings.

Society can imprison people who are capable and committed to environmental and animal preservation.

History of Conservation in Indonesia, Methods and Examples of Conservation Areas

Captive breeding can protect animals from irresponsible human threats and provide opportunities for animals to reproduce. The development of captive breeding is of course very important for endangered species.

Based on the provisions of letters a and b part 2 of article 21 of Law Number 5 of 1990 concerning Conservation of Living Natural Resources and their Ecosystems, which states that every person is prohibited from:

Violators who violate the provisions above are threatened with imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years and a fine of up to Rp. 100,000,000.00 in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (2) of Article 40 of Law no. 5 of 1990 concerning the preservation of natural resources and their ecosystems. Help!!! this is the third question, the other answers are not serious… explanation: I was asked to look for animals and mention their special characteristics… the benefits of these animals… the current population… what is the reason for the scarcity of animals… what are the steps of the local government to preserve them… and our steps as students to support their resilience. Serious answer help ;-;

1. The eagle has a large body, wide wings, strong legs, and a loud voice. Meanwhile, the eagle’s natural habitat is temperate forest.

How to Protect Endangered Animals in Indonesia So They Are Not Extinct

4. The causes of the absence of eagles are species that are constantly being hunted by humans, narrow habitats, reduced food supplies, etc.

6. My step as a student is to support its sustainability, not by hunting and raising eagles and inviting others to do the same.

Stop the habit of throwing garbage into the river. Throwing garbage into rivers can contaminate river water that flows into the sea and ultimately pollute seawater and coastal ecosystems.

Don’t waste water. We must use water wisely even in the environment where we live with a lot of clean water.

Help!!! this is the 3rd time the other question is the answer is not serious…explanation

Do not throw hazardous waste into rivers. Every industry must practice proper waste management so that the waste that is disposed of does not damage the natural environment…

New Problems in Social Sciences 18. The natural resource used to make pencils is a.grafitb.sulfurc.marmerd.bauxite​​ 2. An example of a relationship between living things that forms a commensalism relationship is… ..A . butterflies and flowering plants B. ticks and oxen… C. aphids and trees D. areca nut and kapok Dams are used for ….. a. plant b. dry fish c. arum jars d. 1.barter irrigation is easy to do at first because a. life is still simple b. there are different subjects c. agricultural products … many d. there is mutual trust Answer : 2. Barter operations can be carried out to reach an agreement if …. a. goods exchanged are not comparable b. there is a loss on one side c. Find people who share the same passion. difficult to find questions to exchange answers:?​ Negative consequences and efforts that can be taken as a result of the interaction of livestock waste disposal into rivers​

In measuring the 12 volt battery voltage using a multimeter the first step that must be taken, explain the efforts made by the government in upholding human rights in Indonesia, examples of monetary policies carried out by the government, steps the government has taken to overcome unemployment, explain the efforts made by the government in upholding human rights in Indonesia, the efforts made carried out by the government in enforcing human rights in Indonesia, monetary policies carried out by the government, personal protective equipment used to protect breathing namely, in compiling a program the first steps that must be taken are economic activities carried out by the government, steps that need to be taken to maintain bone health and muscles, a good handbody to protect the skin from the sun

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