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The Worst & Free Most Hot Bars (HOT) Live APK Japan is Great

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Watch the full video of The Worst & Free Most Hot Bars (HOT) Live APK Japan is Great

Immaku.com – APK Live Japan is a live show apk for live streaming broadcasts with many beautiful hosts from Japan who dare to appear. This is also an anti-banned free live application with many interesting and complete features to just watch the live bars that you are looking for.

There are many categories of live bar bar apk, live vietnam apk, live china app, and live free apk with lots of beautiful barbarian girls from Japan. But this Japanese live application is different, where the users have cute and adorable oriental faces.

So, for those of you who want to find Japanese girl friends, this bad live apk is the right choice for you to try. Unlike the Indo live apk, here you will be presented with the most severe and entertaining barbaric live broadcasts. So, here’s a collection of live apks from Japan that you can download for free.

The Most Severe & Free Japanese Live App

Japanese live bar bar application

1. Elelive mod apk

Elelive is one of the biggest Japanese live apk in Southeast Asia, and also this application is the TOP 1 most popular live apk in Malaysia and Singapore. With this live application, you can find new friends in Asian countries besides Indonesia.

So, for those of you who want to expand your friendship, you can use the elelive application as a means of making friends. Also watch live barbarians who will entertain you all the time.

2. Goda live app

The next Japanese live apk is GODA LIVE which is committed to creating a healthy and harmonious overseas interactive dating platform. By providing HD quality interactive live video service, many smooth and beautiful girls to users.

With high-quality live video you will witness beautiful views of beautiful oriental hosts with amazingly cool talents. You will definitely feel at home with the beautiful scenery that unites the nation. Unlimited friends, this live apk will create happiness with sincerity.

3. 95live app

95 Live is a popular Japanese apk live entertainment platform in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore. In more than four years, this live application has more than 1 million users and thousands of webcasters.

This live apk continues to provide fun and new live streaming functions and interactive content, which will keep you entertained.

4. LANG Live Streaming

Lang LIVE is Asia’s largest live apk entertainment platform in Asia serving the most unexpected bar live shows. You will be entertained with live broadcasts from beautiful hosts who will conquer your heart.

There is also a live cosplay show from a cute and adorable host, which will make you fantasize while watching to relieve stress. Apart from that, you can also play games, predict, and chat together in live streaming rooms. This Japanese live application also has a lot of the most complete nation unifying entertainment content. With just one click to log in and register, you can watch it for free.

5. Maoyin Streaming

The new generation of Japanese Maoyin live streaming apk artifact (MoreinLive) will bring a new experience to. Live broadcast management with room features, magic beauty, showing extraordinary beautiful oriental beauty.

With the VIP feature, the account will get anti-kick benefits. And there is also a room where handsome gods and beautiful goddesses gather that present so much more than just appearances and talents. Lots of local tyrant entertainment that makes you watch it for no reason. Or make the live broadcast more barbaric to attract as many fans as you dare.

6. LiveMe Pro

For you lovers of free live apk and severe Chinese live apk, then you must try the Japanese live apk LiveMe APK Pro mod. This is one of the most attractive japanese bar live apk with all the features embedded in it.

One of the most interesting features is the pro premium feature. Where with this feature you can freely enjoy everything that is provided by the application. Send gifts, enter locked rooms, and watch live shows from the beautiful hosts.

7. Boom Live

Boom Live MOD APK is a Japanese live apk that is right for those of you who want to get premium features for watching live streaming. The superior feature of this live application is unlimited coins and you are free to enter any locked room for free.

Boom Live offers you live streaming from a beautiful host who is brutally barbaric which will keep you entertained. So, for those of you who want to enjoy various premium features of this live mod apk, please download the latest version of Boom Live APK MOD below.

8. BIGO Live

The next Japanese live apk is Bigo Live which is the best live streaming application and easy to use. Here, you can chat via voice and video calls with Japanese people and other users around the world.

Thanks to its unique features and qualities, this application is already used by millions of active users globally. This live application has millions of users in just a short time, because it is different from all other live streaming applications.

The users of this application are increasing rapidly because of its myriad features and fantastic user interface. This severe live apk is the best streaming application because of its matchless features.

9. GOGO Live

If you are looking for a free live application from Japan, you should try this GOGO Live Mod Apk Unlock Room. The reason is, in this free live apk mod version you can enjoy premium features for free without conditions.

In addition, what’s interesting about this severe live show application is that the hosts are mostly beautiful Asian women. You must know that Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Korean girls have cute and adorable faces with smooth white skin.

So, you will feel at home with this live bars apk without any limits. So, here we will share this live apk which you can download for free. Please click the gogo live mod apk below.

12. MGlobal Live

This live japan apk is produced by MGlobal, this app provides a platform for streaming users to watch interesting content. This application is the same as many other streaming platforms that you can find on the Google Play Store.

But there is a difference here, which is that you can watch more barbaric content from various users around the world including Japan. Apart from live shows, you can also enjoy random chat and video call features.

10. Mango Live

One of the Japanese live apk that is still popular today is Mango Live Mod APK. This live application can provide interactive live streaming features to chat with other users in Japan and other Asian countries. Apart from that, Mango is also a live china apk with a myriad of interesting features embedded.

You can get this free live application for free on the Google PlayStore. But, this free version of bar bar live apk has limited features. Because you can’t use all the features in this application, so to be able to try all the features you have to become a paid member.

However, you can try the Mod version with all the premium features for free and unlimited. There are two versions of Mango Live, namely the yellow and purple versions which you can check below.

11. MLive MOD Apk

MLive Mod Apk is a Japanese live application that can also be a source of income by live streaming in live rooms. For those of you who want to get pocket money, just broadcast your talent, get fans, and receive virtual gifts that can be exchanged for money in this live application. Enough with the live application, you can become a famous influencer among Apk Live Barbarian users.

What are the Best Japanese Live Apps?

apk live korea

So, after reading the review of the live Japan application collection above, have you found which is the best Live Japan apk that you will use? Based on the list above, if you want to just look for Japanese friends then choice number 1, namely 95Live apk, is the right choice.

However, if you want a live application that offers complete features, then we recommend that you try the MLive application. Because Mlive is already well-known in Asian countries, which with its popularity, they continue to develop applications to be better.

However, it all comes back to yourself, you know better which application is right for you. So, our advice is to try all the applications first and then make your choice.


So, that’s a list of Japanese live apk options that you can try to use to become your favorite live streaming application. If you have other recommendations, please contact us via the contact page so we can add them to the list above.

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