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These are the 10 Best Films Starring Actress Tissa Biani

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Tissa Biani is not a new name in the Indonesian entertainment industry. This 2002-born actress has had a career since she was a child.

Through various children’s and youth soap operas, Tissa Biani is very experienced and his acting talent cannot be underestimated.

Stepping into adulthood, Tissa Biani focused more on building a career as an actress. It’s not surprising that Tissa Biani was lined up to become the youngest ambassador for FFI 2020, alongside Reza Rahadian and other celebrities.

In 2022, Tissa Biani made a splash by starring in a film called viral really titled KKN Di Desa Penari (2022).

This film, which has been watched by millions of Indonesians, is called Tissa Biani’s most popular and successful film.

Apart from KKN Di Desa Penari (2022), Bacaterus will share recommendations for the most popular films starring Tissa Biani. Want to know what movies there are? To get complete information, you must read it below.

1. KKN in the Dancer Village

KKN in the Dancer Village

KKN in the Dancer Village is indeed the most popular film starring Tissa Biani. Film adaptation of thread @SimpleMan on Twitter, succeeded in making many people go to the cinema in droves.

It is not surprising that this film directed by Awi Suryadi managed to occupy the top position as the film with the most viewers.

In this film produced by MD Picture and Pichouse Films, Tissa Biani plays the main character named Nur.

This girl often has the ability to see supernatural beings and has an invisible guard. Nur is said to have tried to save his friends from Badarawuhi, but it was too late.

2. Dear my Imam

Dear my Imam

Dear Imamku (2021) is a film played by Tissa Biani with her lover Dul Jaelani. This one film is really a hit among young people, because the chemistry between the two of them really hits it off.

Even so, the film directed by Dian W. Sasmita was considered unsatisfactory. The reason is, there are various things that do not make sense and the story is filled with plot hole.

The film tells the story of Alysa’s journey of hijrah and love, the character played by Tissa Biani. This girl, who is used to living freely, finally moved to move after her mother fell ill.

Since then, Alysa has been getting closer to Haris, so they are getting serious about getting married.

3. Marry First

Early Marriage

Nikah Duluan (2021) is an original RCTI film that has Tissa Biani and Kenny Austin as the main characters.

This film was directed by Danial Rifki and tells the story of Dara and Alif’s love affair. Playing the character of a girl named Dara, she is mentioned as the youngest sister of three siblings.

He was so cared for and loved by the whole family, until one day Dara’s lover came to his house with the intention of proposing.

In order to get married, Dara and Alif were ordered to find partners for their two older siblings, Anggi and Nina. Can Dara and Alif find a match for their two older siblings?

4. Sister Verses

Sister's Verses

Playing again in religious films, Ayat-Ayat Adinda (2015) is one of Tissa Biani’s films that should not be missed. This film was directed by Hestu Saputra and tells the story of Adinda who is blessed with a beautiful voice.

This made Adinda asked by her friends to represent the school in the qasidah competition. It’s a shame that Adinda’s dream has to be put on hold, because her father doesn’t allow her to take part in the race.

The father’s anger peaked when he found out that his daughter took part in the MTQ competition and won. Actually, what is the reason why Dinda’s father never supports his daughter?

5. Makmum


Makmum (2019) is Tissa Biani’s next most popular film that you shouldn’t miss. In this horror genre film, Tissa Biani will compete acting with Titi Kamal, Ali Syakieb to Jajang C. Noer.

This film, directed by Hadrah Daeng Ratu, also made it viral really, because many people claim to be intimidated by this film.

The reason is, the ghostly figure of the general public really makes many viewers afraid to move or worship alone.

In this film produced by Blue Water Films and Dee Company, Tissa Biani plays the character of a religious girl named Nurul. This girl is told as one of the boarding children, who often experiences mystical and frightening events.

6. Benjamin is the culprit 2

Benjamin the culprit 2

Benyamin Biang Kerok 2 (2020) may not be as popular as the films Tissa Biani has starred in. However, this film allows this Depok-born actress to compete acting with Reza Rahadian, Rano Karno to Lydia Kandou.

In addition, this film is proof that his acting talent is not inferior to the big names.

In this film by director Hanung Bramantyo, Tissa Biani only gets a supporting role. She is entrusted with playing the younger version of the character Nurlela, whose acting looks very stunning.

In fact, he received praise, because his character can synchronize with Lydia Kandou who plays the adult version of Nurlela.

7. The Way I Love You

The Way I Love You

Turning to youth films, this time Tissa Biani will play in a film called The Way I Love You (2019). The film, which also stars Syifa Hadju and Rizky Nazar, is really fun to watch.

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