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Things Men Notice At First Sight

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What Men Notice at First Sight – The first glance does determine the next direction of your relationship. Men are indeed created as visual creatures who are good at judging women’s appearance.

Men often judge a woman’s physical appearance when they first meet her. Knowing what are the first things men pay attention to is very necessary for women.

Because with this women will pay more attention to the body parts that are often seen for the first time. Women will care for and maintain the beauty of that part so that it has its own value in the eyes of men.

Indeed, most of these first glances are at the appearance of a woman’s face. because the face is the most front of the human. Not that a beautiful face is the thing that attracts men’s attention.

Because with well-maintained body and facial parts, it is enough to display a positive image in front of men. for those of you who are going to meet a man or get to know him, know what things men pay attention to from women at the following first glance.

Things Men Notice At First Sight

Watch Men At First Sight

1. Smile

A smile does bring positive energy to those who see it. So do not be surprised if the smile is also the first time men often pay attention. A sincere smile without pretense will make it easier for positive energy to spread.

A charming smile will add value to you in the eyes of a man. Make sure nothing gets stuck between your teeth when you smile.

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2. Hair

Hair is indeed the crown of a woman. actually do not need to show off various models of hair on a man to attract his attention. Men will assess the condition of your hair whether it is well-organized and well-maintained.

If you wear a hijab, your hijab style will also be the first point that men often see after smiling.

3. Dress up

Make-up makes a woman’s appearance more attractive. But if it’s too much it makes it look the other way around. Most men prefer a natural make-up style. This will provide its own value in front of men.

The more natural the make-up will make a man’s heart happy to see it. Men secretly assess a woman’s makeup to determine whether she is the type she is looking for or not.

4. Lips

Still around the face this time the lips. The lips are the big attraction that many men pay attention to first. No need to bother doing various treatments that conjure up the shape of your lips.

Just do enough treatment so that the lips look healthy and well cared for. Usually, naturally bright colored lips are preferred by men and add to the attractiveness of a woman in front of men.

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5. Skin

Skin as a whole is also the first thing that is often seen by a man. A man will pay attention to a woman’s skin color first. Not all men like smooth white women.

Olive, even exotic black if cared for properly will make a plus in front of a man. Because healthy skin will make men judge that you are a person who is good at taking care of your body.

Most of it is from the face because the face is the front part of someone when they first meet. May be useful.

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