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Tor Tor Dance – Definition, History, Origins, Types, Functions, and Uniqueness

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Tor Tor Dance – The uniqueness of this dance is its movement and sound. Including the reason why this dance is called the Tortor dance because it appears from the movement of the feet and the sound when the dance sounds Tor Tor.

The style in a dance originating from a Batak tribe on the island of Sumatra. Since about the 13th century, this dance has become a Batak culture.

In this discussion, we will convey in full and clear, namely regarding the Tor Tor Dance, its origins and characteristics. For a full review, come on… Check out the following explanation.

What is the Tor Tor Dance?

Tor Tor dance is an ancient dance performed by the Toba Batak, which originates from the North Sumatra region and includes the North Tapanuli, Toba Samosir, Humbang Hasundutan, and Samosir regions.


This dance is used not only for a sacred event, but as another event. Nowadays, the clothes used in the dance have become modern because sometimes they can be shown as a spectacle in front of many people.

The Origin of Dance

Tor Tor dance is a type of dance originating from a Batak tribe on the island of Sumatra. Since about the 13th century, the goal-to-goal dance has become part of the Batak culture. The estimate was provided by a former member of the North Sumatra Pavilion from 1973-2010 and a Tor Tor Dance expert.

In the past, in a tradition the gates only existed with Batak life in the Toba region, Samosir, and parts of the Humbang area. After Christianity entered Cylinders, this culture became known as modern dance and singing culture.


In the Pahae region, they have been known for dancing and singing, which are so very cheerful, they are called Pahae do mula ni tumba or Tumba.

In the past, this dance could usually be used in a ritual that was performed with several stone statues that the spirit could enter, then the stone statues “dance”.

Types of Tor Tor Dance

There are three types in this dance, including the following:

a. Tor Tor Pangurason

Tor Tor Pangarason, which is usually included in a dance that can be used to fill in those events. The place for this dance is first cleaned with kaffir lime. The use in a kaffir lime intended to avoid danger.

b. Tor Tor Panasulan

Tor Tor Panasulan is held when a disaster hits the village, but people cannot act carelessly in this type of dance. Because Tor Tor Panasulan, namely, has been made with a shaman to find clues about the disaster or problem facing the village.

c. Tor Tor Sipitu Grail

The Sipitu Cawan dance, which can be used at the inauguration of the king. As the name suggests, this type of dance originates from a story of 7 heavenly princesses who bathed on a mountain, Pusuk Buhit. When 7 celestial daughters take a bath, the seven sarongs come to the lake together with Piso Sapitu Sasarung or piso.

Tor Tor Dance function

The function in this type of dance is dynamic because it can follow a time. Initially, the existence of a traditional dance is the presence of a special requirement or dance in cleansing that can be performed as a step before the ceremony to keep it smooth and away from evil dangers.

It can be said that the function of this type of dance is sacred, which was once performed for a traditional ceremony by the Batak people, will slowly shift towards entertainment as well as official government events and weddings.

The uniqueness of the Tor Tor Dance

This dance does not only have a type, but is unique in its own way compared to other dances. The following are some unique features, including:

a. Every Tor Tor Dancer Wears Ulos

As in a traditional dance, in general, you can use a special dress. There is no exception for a Tor Tor dancer who can use ulos or clothes typical of the Batak tribe when dancing. Usually, the Ulos scarf that is used to dance in this dance is predominate in red, white and black.

b. Tor Tor Dance as a Communication Media

Dance which is one of the Batak culture is currently very popular because this dance can usually be used for ceremonial dances.

However, in this dance it can not only be used for ceremonial dances, in a dance it can be used as a medium of communication. The dance moves clearly show that this can lead to interaction with the audience.

c. Gondang old procession

Another special feature of this dance is the procession of Ni Gondang long before the destination to destination dance begins. Usually the host has a special request for the Gondang musicians before playing Gondang music. This old gondang is meant for the Dayak community as a blessing from a piece of music called Gondang.

d. Accompanied by Gondang Music

Another feature of this dance is that it can be accompanied by a Gondang-like musical instrument. In a dance movement that aims to become stronger with the rhythm of Gondang music. This instrument can usually be played first before this dance can begin.

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Thus the discussion that we have conveyed in full and clear, namely regarding the Tor Tor Dance, its origin, types, functions, and its uniqueness. Hopefully this review can be useful and useful for all of you.

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