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Tourist Attractions in Lampung Hidden Gems Must Be Visited

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Immaku.com – Christmas and New Year holidays can be spent going to tourist attractions with family, one of which is visiting tourist attractions in Lampung.

Indonesia’s natural wealth is never ending. Not only Bali and Lombok, Lampung also has many hidden gem tourist attractions that must be visited.

Tourists can explore the beauty of tourist attractions in Lampung because not many people have explored its pristine nature.

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Illustration. Pahawang Island and Shark Tooth Beach. (Twitter/@notetravel)

If you travel to Lampung, there are many activities you can do with your family.

Starting from going to the beach, snorkeling, hiking, camping, or just taking a walk.

Lampung can be a tourist destination with family.

Moreover, the existence of the Trans Sumatra Toll Road facilitates the mobility of tourists from outside the region, to come and vacation in Lampung.

Tourists from Jabodetabek or Java Island can easily and quickly get to Lampung, simply by crossing by boat from the Port of Merak-Banten to the Port of Bakauheni-South Lampung.

For Lampung residents themselves, you can also take a vacation to tourist attractions in Lampung, you know, to spend the holidays with your family.

The following are recommendations for tourist attractions in Lampung hidden gems that are a pity to miss:

1. Shark Tooth Beach Tour

Shark Teeth Beach is located in Kelumbayan Village, Kec. Kemubayan, Kab. Tanggamus, Lampung.

This beach is very beautiful, along the coast there are many high rock formations that are called shark teeth.

These rocks make Gigi Hiu Beach different from other beaches.

The beauty of Gigi Hiu Beach with its coral rocks attracts the attention of tourists to come.

And make the coral rocks a spot for taking pictures of tourists.

Clusters of rock on this beach can reach 10 meters high.

To get to Gigi Hiu Beach, you have to pass through several roads that are still not paved.

But the trip can be paid off after arriving at the beach and seeing the beautiful scenery at Shark Tooth Beach.

2. Journalist Beach Tour

At Wartawan Beach, there is a hot spring that continues to emit hot water vapor which is on the beach side.

The hot water comes from Mount Anak Krakatau which is located not too far from this beach.

This phenomenon can be enjoyed by tourists when the sea water is receding, namely in the morning or evening.

In addition to the hot springs, this beach has a very beautiful natural scenery.

The view directly towards the cluster of Mount Krakatau and the blue sea water is a special charm when visiting Wartawan Beach.

Tourists can swim at this beach because the sea water is calm and safe.

In addition, tourists can enjoy the natural scenery at sunset.

There is another spot that you can try in the Wartawan Beach area, namely Botak Hill.

The location of Botak Hill is not far from a hot spring which has a height of 50 meters.

On this hill you can see the natural beauty of the Journalist Beach.

This Journalist Beach is located in Way Muli, Kec. Rajabasa, Kab. South Lampung, Lampung.

Access to the beach is not difficult, because of its location close to Bakauheni Harbor.

3. Kiluan Bay

Another tourist spot in Lampung with hidden gems is Kiluan Bay.

Kiluan Bay is one of the marine tourism which has amazing natural beauty.

In Kiluan Bay you will witness hundreds of dolphins surfacing and performing beautiful jumps.

To see a collection of dolphins, you need to rent a small boat to get to Kiluan Bay.

In addition, you can see the underwater beauty by doing snorkeling and diving.

Kiluan Bay is located in Kiluan Negeri Village, Kec. Kemubayan, Kab. Tanggamus, Lampung.

4. Pahawang Island

Pahawang Island is one of the tourist attractions in Lampung which has attracted the attention of local residents to people outside Lampung, especially from Jakarta.

Pahawang Island is the best place for snorkeling.

This island is rich in coral reefs and marine fish resources that are still very natural and clean.

When you snorkel you will see the beauty of various kinds of marine life.

Other facilities such as lodging above the sea make tourists increasingly not want to return from this island.

You can visit several islands, such as Pulau Pahawang Kecil, Pahawang Besar, Kelagian Besar, and Kelagian Kecil.

This island is located in Kec. Punduh Pidada, Kab. Pesawaran, Lampung or right in Lampung Bay.

5. Sakura Hill

This tourist spot carries a Japanese-themed concept.

In this place, there are many Instagram-style photo spots in the land of Sakura, Japan.

You only pay IDR 25,000, you can take pictures and rent kimonos.

Apart from that, there are sky bridges, bamboo swings, cherry trees, and hot air balloons that you can try when you go to Sakura Hill.

That is, recommendations for tourist attractions in Lampung which are hidden gems and must be visited.

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