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Types and Tips for Choosing Short Hairstyles for Men

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If you are looking for this article, chances are that your hair is long and you are confused about what style to shave. Don’t worry, because you will find many recommendations for short hairstyles that of course match your character. Read more here!

Short Hairstyle Recommendations for Men

The many growing trends are related barber shop and grooming for men, of course, make a hairstyle that you can choose a lot. Therefore, don’t be afraid that there is no model for short hair that describes you. Here are some recommendations for short hairstyles that you can try:

1. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut is a men’s haircut that often has another name, namely crew cut. You can usually see this hairstyle on soldiers or men whose jobs require discipline.

This one hairstyle can indeed be said to be very short, which only leaves 1-2 centimeters of hair on top of the head. Although impressed general, however buzz cut apparently has many types.

One that was a trend was chestnut buzz cut which you can see in the character Park Sae-ro-yi in the TV series Itaewon Class. Apart from that, what you probably see most often is buzz cut with fadenamely the side of the hair that is thinner than the top.

But if you don’t really like short cuts, you can try using one outgrown buzz cut so that it can adjust to your hair texture specifically.

2. Faux Hawk

The next Hotelier.id short hair model recommendation that you can apply is faux hawk. Different from buzz cut who have relatively the same hair length between the top of the hair and the side.

Faux hawk is a haircut that slightly adapts the hairstyle with the name pompadour in the 17th century.

However, you don’t need to let the top hair be too long to produce a tuft. Enough with short hair at the top and using pomade, you will look fashionable and of course classy.

Well, a variation of faux hawk it also varies. Whether you want to throw the piece to the side or backwards, make sure the short hairstyle you choose matches the impression you want to give.

Of course, you can also provide variations on fade this haircut. Either you want to give fade thin or even the length is not too different from your head, it all depends on preference.

3. French Crop

Hairdo by another name short crop cut this is actually not much different from buzz cut with type chestnut. It is just, french crop impressed like a short hairstyle that resembles a shell. In fact, not infrequently, this hairstyle is often associated with the Middle Ages.

However, that doesn’t mean that this hairstyle seems old school, quite the opposite. Someone who has a hairstyle french crop can combine her hair style with facial hair aka beard and mustache.

Not just making an impression manlysuch an approach can strike a balance between professional and playful. French crop also have models comb overwhere you can still give an accent on the top of the head so it doesn’t look like a shell.

4. Undercut

As one of the short hairstyles that is always relevant, undercut You can choose if you don’t want to think about a certain hairstyle.

Like the hairstyle you have seen before, undercut separates the top of the head from the left, back and right sides. However, undercut it is quite free on the top of the head.

Faux Hawk is one kind of piece undercuthowever undercut actually more flexible. Either want spikylong bangs, or just neat, you can do it all with a hairstyle undercut.

However, the drawback of this hairstyle is that you have to take care of your hair regularly. Alias, you will be more often to barbershop.

5. Two Block

The all-round Korean trend is making hairstyles two block also the target of many people. Especially for those who want a short to medium hairstyle.

Equal to undercut, two block carries the principle of distinguishing head hair into three parts, namely the top, back, and sides. Even so, there are striking differences between these two hairstyles.

When bangs are classified as optional in men’s haircut models undercutOf two block bangs actually become a must. As a result of this rule, the hairstyle two block You can also separate yourself from other haircuts that you have seen.

Because it’s related to the Kpop trend, it’s no wonder the hairdo two block always take advantage of the split bangs which had become a trend in the 90s too. Not only look cool, model two block like this does give a neater impression without having to appear too stiff.

However, apart from the split bangs model, two block also has other variations which of course you can explore according to taste.

6. 4 On The Sides

This short hairstyle for men is perfect for those of you who like male characters in western TV series. Especially superheroes like The Flash. The reason is, you often see the main character, namely Barry Allen, using a hairstyle 4 on the sides.

Term “4 on the sides” itself appears from the numbers on the type of comb clipper. Number 4 is usually about 13mm long, so your hair won’t be too short. “Sides” itself means the sides and back of your hair.

So as usual, you can mix the top of the hair according to your preferences and face shape.

Tips for Choosing Short Hairstyles for Men

If you already know the various types of short hairstyles for men, you can be sure to choose a hairstyle right away, right? Ideally like that, but some of you may still doubt what hair you want to choose.

Because of that, there are some short tips on how to make sure you don’t regret it after coming home from barbershop. When choosing a short hairstyle, make sure your face shape is ideal and not too “collision”.

Usually, an oval face shape will have advantages in this aspect. Because whatever hair model will still fit. The point is that your hairstyle should make your face shape not too long or too wide.

Hair type should also be a consideration. If your hair is straight, then two block is a very wise choice. However, if you have curly or curly hair, then buzz cut and undercut is the best model for you.

Which Short Hair Model Choice Do You Like?

Those are some types of short men’s hairstyles that can be your reference. It is hoped that with this guide you can appear more fashionable, so that it can increase your self-confidence. Want to get recommendations for women’s short hairstyles? Find out more at

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